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Episode 151: Certainty vs. Uncertainty

Released Friday, 30th July 2021
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Today we're going to talk about certainty. It's almost the great human condition to seek certainty or some fixed reality that can be relied on. The illusion that the moment is unsafe and uncertain creeps into the back of our minds and creates fear. The now is transient, the now is in flux, and that's dangerous. This is an illusion for most humans because, of course, the moment is certain. Today, brothers, we are going to talk about how the moment is what we have and the moment is where we find truth, but the mind rejects the moment and seeks certainty in the future or the past. This ties into the primary principle that everything is a story. Since our desire is to create certainty, we create a story in our minds that we bring into reality. We repeat that story so often and teach it to other generations and eventually, the story becomes a reality. We know that the more certain we are of our stories internally and collectively, the more we develop our rigid structure of the external world.
Join me today as we examine certainty and what we can truly be certain of. We question if we can really be certain of the written past, or even our own direct experience when all we know is the stories we tell ourselves about the past and not the past itself. We talk about how uncertainty develops because there is a reliance on the certainty of that which is fundamentally uncertain, resulting in an underlying vibration of anxiety, doubt, and fear.  We also discuss how by thinking that we can be certain of the future, this becomes another illusion that draws us into suffering. 
While certainty is not a necessity, nor even a possibility, brothers, today I want to offer that there is a place where we can find certainty. Tune in to find out how you can always be certain of where, when, and who you are. At every moment of time, you have a core or an anchor that you can be certain about. This is your inner authority and truth. This is your energy mechanics and alpha state. Listen in today to find out how you can be certain of yourself, live in the joy, love, peace, and freedom of the now, and rejoice in the perfection of what is being offered.   

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