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Episode 152: Selfishness vs. Selflessness

Released Friday, 6th August 2021
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It’s hard to escape your conditioning, but that is the only way to see the truth. Today, I need you to let go of everything you’ve been taught to believe about selfishness and selflessness. At the core of this episode is a question: Are we, as individuals, the means of society, or are we the ends of society? What I mean by that, brothers, is, should we be sacrificing ourselves for the greater good of society, or does society exist so that we can achieve fulfillment? This question is such an important one because whichever one we believe to be true will give us an entirely different idea about how the world should be structured compared to someone who believes the opposite to be true. 
Tune in today to hear why I think the commonly used definitions for selfishness and selflessness are problematic. In this episode I share how we can reframe these concepts, and how doing so will allow us to shed our beta conditioning and truly embrace our alpha state. 
Brothers, what you are, the world is; the truth is within you and only within you, you will not find it by looking outside of yourself. That is why I cannot give you an answer to the question I have posed and I encourage you to look deeply within yourselves to find what resonates with you. I implore you to rid yourself of the opinions and influences of those around you, and decide how you want your life to look. Life is a puzzle, and every journey of discovery is necessary and important.

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