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Episode 154: The Nature Of Purpose

Released Friday, 20th August 2021
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Today’s topic comes from a question posed by one of our brothers on Slack. It centers around how we think about the word ‘purpose’ and what changes when we define it as a noun or as a verb. I take you way beyond mind and cognitive mastery to let you know that within each human being is a framework that allows for an identity to form within a human lifetime. You’ll hear all about reliable and unreliable energy sources, how they differ from mentally constructed identity, and how each one works with the physical constructs of DNA.
I unpack our primary identity in the oneness of everything and talk about what we are here for as humans: to participate, filter, and synthesize the energy of love as we float along a trajectory of personal and unique direction. If you have a reliable source of energy, you’re a teacher, and if you have an unreliable energy source, you’re a student. I unpack what this means, and outline what kind of guidance and awareness is necessary to determine your energy type. Perfection exists on either side of the binary. We have no choice in our direction, but we do have a choice in our cognition. You have to understand that love is the reason we’re here, my brothers, and that it has only one direction and no opposite, like gravity.
I’ll touch on the questions that plague the minds of those with an unreliable energy source, and why, in order to know yourself, you must know your environment. I urge you to pursue a process of deconditioning to help you to see your energy source with clarity and emphasizes the role of teachers as love, reminding you that your purpose to be love and develop mental awareness. The barrier to you seeing, knowing, living your purpose is simply a lack of self-knowing. Join me today, my brothers.

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