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Episode 162: Confusion Is A By-Product Of Conditioning

Released Friday, 15th October 2021
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This episode serves as the foundation for the next six episodes of the show, broken up into two, three-part series! The first of these series focuses on developing cognitive mastery, which is essentially an overview of the 1.0 curriculum of the Academy. The second series will center on the emerging awareness configurations of the human being, so make sure to stay on track with all of this upcoming content. Today, as we enter into these topics, we build the basis of an explanation for why things are the way they are for you, and for the whole world. There is so much confusion in the world currently and this is mostly as a result of the transition we are making from a state of mental awareness to one of emotional awareness. 
Now, brothers, you have often heard me speaking about transcending our conditioning, but I am not here to tell you that your beta condition is bad. Let's be clear about that. It is the combination of the alpha and beta states that make up your life and experience. In order to really unpack this, we have to understand why the mind creates stories and false knowledge as a way to understand the external world. This is a method of protection, and this becomes your identity! And, most importantly, this is the seed of our confusion.
It takes courage to confront this reality, and there are many traps that the mind sets in order to keep us in the state of confusion and conditioning that it governs. Remember, external conditions are not the remedy for our conditioning, and this is why when we turn outwards to fix what is inside, we come up short. We see this happening on many levels around us, and our leaders and gurus are just as confused as we are. We need to stop our mental movement and consider and enquire about our confusion, this is what it really means to wake up. So join me for this part of the journey brothers, to hear it all!

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