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Episode 163: 101 - Awareness

Released Friday, 22nd October 2021
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The word 'awareness' is often used in the popular lexicon, but how much do we really understand about what it means? These ideas of being awake or 'woke', trendy terms that are thrown around, are different from being truly aware. In order to be properly aware, we need to understand the purpose and function of the mind, and today, brothers, we are starting this journey, as we unpack how we experience truth!
Our conditioning lives in the mind and is determined by our experiences. The mind's conditioning thus blocks our access to the unfiltered truth, and becoming aware is then the pathway to discovery. We want to be able to set ourselves free from these confines through self-knowledge. Awareness is understanding how this conditioning blocks our access. This is a simple process, brothers, but it is not easy.
What I am talking about here, is transcending the judgments of the mind, escaping the wheel of approval and condemnation. When we find this kind of awareness, it leads to learning and loving in all of our relationships. We are less concerned with comparisons and can begin to access the universal truth. So listen in with me, brothers, as we start this journey with the first step: awareness!

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