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Episode 164: 102 - Detachment

Released Friday, 29th October 2021
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What is meant to be always comes along. It’s often the case that the longer you wait, the better the opportunities are that come your way. It’s easy to be blinded by the story we tell ourselves when we don’t have a mindset of abundant opportunity. Brothers, we’re all blinded by the wants and desires of the mind, when in reality, the universe wants to give us everything we need. The next level of cognitive mastery you will reach is detachment. Now, detachment is about letting go. It’s about detaching from your thoughts, beliefs, stories, expectations, and conditioning. Awareness is the first step, and detachment comes next. Brothers, most humans are comfortable in their suffering. They are either a victim of their own mind, or become a victim of addiction. The source of all suffering is the denial of the true self. When you detach from the truth of who you are and engage with stories of who you are not, you begin to suffer.

We’ve all heard the platitude, discomfort is the price of growth. It’s often understood to mean that we should stay in our suffering in order to evolve. What if there was a different interpretation? What if you could lean into the discomfort of stepping into the unknown? Most people have settled into a heavily conditioned life. So much so that we no longer identify the conditions as what they are, and when we do, we consider them to be simply insurmountable. Once you leave the truths you once believed behind, you experience true discomfort which leads to growth. The path of self-discovery is not for everyone. But you wouldn’t be listening to this podcast if some part of you wasn’t seeking the truth. In the future, perhaps we will become a species that all live in harmony and freedom with one another. Until then, only a few will go on this particular journey. It’s not about religion, but rather, the path of enlightenment is about finding yourself within you. The alpha male is spiritual, but not religious.

Moving between the realm of density and the realm of vibration can be exceptionally hard, especially as we age. Conditioning builds up over time and experience and disconnects one from the other, trapping you on either side. But finding harmony between these realms is so important to deliver the message from your vibrational self to your physical self. The first step is awareness, to realize that what you think is not who you are. Only once you’ve fostered awareness can you begin the process of detachment. You will be opposed. You will lose friends. You will lose your identity. But none of this will matter because you will be enlightened.

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