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Episode 166: Primordial Perception

Released Friday, 12th November 2021
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This is the source of all dysfunction and suffering in the world: the mind is the illegitimate king. To reach your Alpha state, you must become the master of your mind. Brothers, the mind is not evil. It is not the source of the suffering. On the contrary, the mind is a gift from the source. It provides us with a link to our true self in an unconscious way. It allows us to experience the blessing of the human experience consciously. 
Since we live in an experience of duality, there must be contrast. But the comparisons we make using the mind are an illusion. There is only oneness. And that is what we have to train the brain to perceive. It is impossible to be in isolation. As humans, we are always in relation to something. That is to say that we exist in relationship to things, people, and ideas. 
Brothers, to experience that oneness, we have to detach from our conditioning. There are three ways to do that. Primordial perception, visual perception, and spiritual and vibrational perception. What do all of these have in common? They all require us to let the mind go free and to truly align with the present. The mind wants to be free. But it doesn't know how to be free! Once you have done the work and detached yourself from all the things that limit your freedom, there is the potential for continued conditioning at all times and in all places. 
We are luminous beings, and the body is a vehicle we use to experience the world around us. All the matter, all the stuff that we experience is a function of the mind. We are beings of pure light in relationship to the one. Once you learn to let go of all the conditioning, you can start to observe the mind from a distance. This has to be done through relationships because differentiation is the human journey.
Now, primordial perception is best-experienced one-on-one, in small groups, or alone in the sounds of nature. It involves tapping into the perception that existed before the human mind differentiated from the rest of the natural world. It is the thing we share with the rest of the world around us. It is based on instinct and intuition. We are disconnected from that ability, but we can regain it through training our brains in relationship to others. The purpose of it is to let your mind become a passenger of consciousness so you can live the life you're meant to, instead of the life your mind is dictating to you based on your conditioning. 
Through your experimentation, you will learn the power of living in your Alpha state, through a deeper truth in the world. The bottom line? As always, elevate your alpha! 

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