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Episode 167: 02 – Visual Perception

Released Friday, 19th November 2021
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Welcome back, brothers, to part two of our three-part series on perception. Right now, we are living through a phase in our evolution where the mind has interrupted our ability to truly see the world around us and, therefore, our ability to exist in the Alpha state. The path toward the Alpha is clear though; we have to learn how to see with our heart, exist in the present, and stop allowing the mind to cloud our perception with its expectations and judgments. 
There are three ways to engage in the moment, to stay in the now, and to relate with yourself and other beings at the spiritual level through the realm of vibration from your Alpha state: primordial perception, visual perception, and spiritual perception. Last week, we spoke about how to activate our primordial awareness by working on our intuition and instincts. This week, we will be focusing on how to unleash ourselves from the shackles of the mind and engage at the moment through visual perception. 
We start with an overview of the journey we have come on as a species, starting out in a primordial phase before the mind where we existed in a natural Alpha state. We look at the birth of the mind and the gifts it has brought humanity, gifts which have also come at a cost, as they have injected humanity with the judgments and expectations of the beta state. We must learn how to evolve past this phase, and using our visual perception can help. Join me today, brothers, as we walk through a method for opening your eyes to see in a way that you saw before the mind was conceived!

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