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Today’s episode marks the first in my series on simplicity. The opening installment of which will be focusing on the subject of money and the essential relationship it has with abundance. While money is something that almost all of us need to e
Brothers, we humans tend to make things complex and in our complexity, we get caught up in worry, self-doubt, and rumination. We worry so much that we begin to drown our inner voice, which makes us doubt our intuition or ignore our inner voice
Enlightenment is a state that can be reached by everybody on the planet. Yes, brothers, every single one of you has the capacity to unlock the codes that exist within you and become full of light. And I’ll let you in on another secret; you don’
Brothers, let’s talk about doubt. Rather, let’s have a discussion about using manifestation, unwavering belief, and the conviction of knowing to eliminate all possibilities of doubt. You see, like all of you, I too am a doubter. I am also half-
Everything is. And that’s the end of the sentence, brothers. Everything is love, everything is source, everything is perfect, and everything just is. Understanding exactly what this means will help you in your spiritual journey and allow you to
Desire is everywhere. We desire money, wealth, women, fame, notoriety, power control, relationships, and leadership. Then, as you age, it starts to shift. We desire stability, security, safety, groundedness, and assertiveness. But every seeker
Everything is love. From solar flares to the first cry of a newborn baby, everything is everything and that “everything” is love. We are called, brothers, to live a life of purpose in accordance with love, chosen to serve humanity with our spir
Life is all about making decisions. Whether we make small decisions or big decisions, we must stay true to the outcomes of the choices we make in the present moment. But the truth is, my brothers, we don’t know where our decisions are going to
Over the course of my life, I have had many different job titles. I have been a student and an athlete, a soldier and a teammate. I have been a bodyguard, fitness instructor, business owner, cognitive mastery coach, and spiritual guide, but non
We are all on a journey, brothers, alone yet together. I have personally completed a huge upgrade in my personal journey, and it was by no means devoid of challenges. Today I’m going to share with you the Mountain of Life analogy to help you al
Welcome back, brothers! Today I'm continuing our exploration of the concepts of love and freedom and unpacking their relationship to each other and the idea of unconditionality. I will be exploring how these polarities are accessed through your
Today, I will continue the discourse and explanation on love and freedom. In past episodes, I have explained and provided insight into the various concepts of love and freedom, but in this episode, I will go into detail about the science behind
In my previous episode, I went into detail about the concept of love and freedom as energetic opposites, what it has to do with awareness, and how this differs from the other dualities I have spoken about in past episodes. Before I get into the
In this episode, I am going to explain a significant facet of what it means to walk the alpha path. Today, what I want to talk to you about is the balancing of duality. Balancing duality is something that every religion has taught in some form
Embodying the nature of the alpha requires practice and discipline and for us to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. In today's episode, I will be carrying on what I began the last time, and this second part builds on the ideas through
Today's episode is a deeper, esoteric one, brothers. I have broken up this subject into two parts because this lesson goes way beyond half an hour of talking. We are getting into the nature of alpha, the new possibilities for your journey, lett
I will be talking about a simple choice that each of you needs to make, and it is a choice that will determine how you perceive and experience the world around you. This will tie into what I have been talking about previously, which is the dual
Today we are exploring the third duality: power and shame. We have already talked about scarcity versus abundance, and pleasure versus pain, and this piece of the puzzle is all about action, brothers. As I mentioned before we can split these du
Last week I talked to you about the first duality, scarcity, and abundance. The first duality only exists on the mental plane; it is entirely within the mind. It helps paint a picture of your external reality, ultimately determining how you see
I want to talk to you today about dualities, which can manifest in many ways. For my example, consider a glass of water on a table. How you view the glass is determined by you; it is subjective. You can choose to view the glass as half-empty or
Hello again, my brothers! Welcome to another episode of The Alpha Male Coach. Today, I'm zooming out to look at the big picture, talking about general concepts associated with an alpha male lifestyle. Now, you already know the universal truth a
Today’s episode is about how to form incredible and romantic relationships. Connection is vital and is a part of the reason we are here. This episode is not just for brothers that are seeking relationships; it is also for those who are committe
The mindsets we have around scarcity and abundance determine so much of how we experience and act in the world. Today, brothers, I want to unpack these themes a little bit and approach each of them individually, focusing first on why scarcity a
Welcome back to the second half of my morning routine series! Last week I gave an introduction on why it’s important to design a morning routine that matches your energy along with a breakdown of the elements that we need to awaken within us to
I have done over 200 episodes and, in all of those, I don’t think I have ever covered a topic like this before. In this episode, I will tell you about my morning routine. Some of you might already have a conscious morning routine, while others
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