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The truth is, whether you’re 20 years old, or 40 years old, the volume of conditioning that you have is the same. That’s because you are really only physiologically conditioned once every seven years, and psychologically in significantly less t
Welcome back, brothers, to part two of our three-part series on perception. Right now, we are living through a phase in our evolution where the mind has interrupted our ability to truly see the world around us and, therefore, our ability to exi
This is the source of all dysfunction and suffering in the world: the mind is the illegitimate king. To reach your Alpha state, you must become the master of your mind. Brothers, the mind is not evil. It is not the source of the suffering. On t
Today, my brothers, we complete the third phase of our journey in the 1.0 Cognitive Mastery Curriculum by talking about observation; how the mind is meant to operate in its current function. If you haven’t listened to the previous episodes on a
What is meant to be always comes along. It’s often the case that the longer you wait, the better the opportunities are that come your way. It’s easy to be blinded by the story we tell ourselves when we don’t have a mindset of abundant opportuni
The word 'awareness' is often used in the popular lexicon, but how much do we really understand about what it means? These ideas of being awake or 'woke', trendy terms that are thrown around, are different from being truly aware. In order to be
This episode serves as the foundation for the next six episodes of the show, broken up into two, three-part series! The first of these series focuses on developing cognitive mastery, which is essentially an overview of the 1.0 curriculum of the
Today we are going to be doing a breakdown of the truth of abundance, and how your relationship to money is like your relationship to everything: solely dependent on your relationship to yourself! Brothers, this episode is for anyone who might
Hello brothers! Today I am doing something slightly different and sharing a personal story that I think is relatable and useful in important ways. Even if the particulars of the circumstances are not something you have experienced, the basics m
If you’re a regular listener, you’ll know that I’ve spent the last few months exploring energy mechanics. During today’s conversation, I want to revisit some of the basics of what I teach to lay the foundations for the truth. When you’re ready
As we all know, suffering is a part of life. But, brothers, today I’m going to tell you something that you may not know; this is not the way it has to be, we didn’t come here to suffer and we’re not meant to suffer. Suffering is a beta state, a
Welcome back all my amazing brothers! Today we are finishing up the three-part series on energy mechanics, and stepping deeper into what comes after the first layer of cognitive mastery. Where do we find ourselves when we go beyond the surface-
Having just returned from the jungles of Mexico, where I feel closer to life itself than anywhere else, I feel more inspired than ever to dive back into energy mechanics. Picking up where I left off last episode, today, I continue talking about
Brothers, don’t let the title of this episode put you off. This is not going to be a physics lecture about the energy measurements of moving and stable objects. Instead, I’m going to teach you about a lesser-known type of energy mechanics. Be p
Today’s topic comes from a question posed by one of our brothers on Slack. It centers around how we think about the word ‘purpose’ and what changes when we define it as a noun or as a verb. I take you way beyond mind and cognitive mastery to le
Today’s episode is about expectation versus intention, and how society has done us a disservice by conflating the meaning of these two words to the point where even Google has the definition wrong. Expectation has become such a powerful force t
It’s hard to escape your conditioning, but that is the only way to see the truth. Today, I need you to let go of everything you’ve been taught to believe about selfishness and selflessness. At the core of this episode is a question: Are we, as
Today we're going to talk about certainty. It's almost the great human condition to seek certainty or some fixed reality that can be relied on. The illusion that the moment is unsafe and uncertain creeps into the back of our minds and creates f
Today on The Alpha Male Coach Podcast we're going to talk about the importance of presence and being in the ‘now’. For many people, the past is a limiting force in their lives. Many humans are living a life where they are unconscious of how muc
Welcome back, brothers, to The Alpha Male Coach podcast. In today’s episode, I’m going to be delving into the concept of transformation and the process of inner self-discovery. I will be sharing the concept of the momentous leap and how it appl
Welcome back to The Alpha Male Podcast! In today's episode, I cover two primary principles, thus completing the primary principle series. Two weeks ago, I created a foundation by establishing the fact that everything is a story. Everything begi
In today’s episode, we’re going to talk about perfection. This past week, I've been driving from Florida to Oregon. As I was driving through New Mexico, the car just blows. It stops. There's nothing I can do. I got it towed and now I'm here doi
In today’s episode, we wrap up the June theme of Indomitable Self-Confidence by returning to some fundamentals. I would like to remind you, brothers, of the most basic truth, which goes even deeper than the universal truth. When students approa
Today we finish our series on the three pillars of indomitable self-confidence! Even before starting these three episodes, we have explored this subject a lot on the podcast, but it is important to understand exactly what we are referring to he
Welcome back brothers, today we continue our month-long exploration of indomitable self-confidence. Last week I introduced you to the three pillars of indomitable self-confidence and discussed the first of these pillars, the cognition pillar. I
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