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On this American Veterans Podcast, we discuss the continuation of the Joined Forces initiative, COVID Community Corps, and host AMVETS National Junior President Abigial Lewis.
On this AVP, we talk with AMVETS Past National Commander JP Brown about Commander Jan Brown's testimony last week, AMVETS' upcoming National Convention and Rolling to Remember, leading a nationally-recognized veteran service organization, & more.
On this episode of the American Veterans Podcast, we dive further into mass COVID-19 vaccination and how it pertains to veterans and caregivers. We also discuss the upcoming full VA Committee and dive into our legislative priorities for the 117th Congress.
On this AVP we discuss the confirmation of former White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough to VA Secretary (0:00-8:20), the House VA Committee's first meeting of the 117th Congress (8:20-16:40) and the White House's decision to halt veteran debt collection (20:48-22:55)
On this AVP, we discuss the Senate confirmation hearing VA Secretary nominee Denis McDonough, current and incoming VA leadership, and community care.
On this AVP we react to rioters descending on our nation's Capitol Building, some of the organization's 2020 highlights, and what's in store for 2021.
On this AVP, we discuss a recent meeting between AMVETS and the Biden/Harris VA transition team, developments from VA officials regarding vaccine implementation (6:52), and new details provided by former VA Deputy Secretary James Byrne regarding resurfaced VA sexual assault and mishandling allegations (22:32)
On this AVP we discuss the veterans elected into office or re-claimed their seat.. and the fact that the number of veterans in office is decreasing. We also discuss allegations regarding a 2018 mental health Executive Order and why it concerns us for PREVENTS as well as the missing 2018 Annual VA Suicide Report and why the proposed answer for why it hasn't been released makes no sense.
On this AVP, we talk about a presidential candidate veteran-focused forum conducted by 12 veteran organizations and hosted by Military Times. We also discuss allegations made against VA Secretary Robert Wilkie and speak with AMVETS Department of Pennsylvania Commander Paul Shipley about a veteran mental healthcare roundtable he attended hosted by Second Lady Karen Pence.
On this AVP we discuss the first 2020 Presidential Debate and what it means to the veteran community, as well as an upcoming veteran town hall between VSOs and the candidates. We also talk about a recent VA GAO report regarding wait times under the Mission Act and speak with Bunmi Moses, AMVETS' recently-promoted Programs Director.
Who's At The Table? - Season 1 Reunion by AMVETS
Dr. Antonio Webb is an Author, Motivational Speaker, and fellowship trained Spine Surgeon located in San Antonio, Texas. After spending eight years in the US Air Force as a medic/LVN including a deployment north of Baghdad, Iraq in 2005, Dr Webb began his eleven-year journey of becoming an Orthopedic Spine Surgeon. After separating from the military in 2007, it would take Dr. Webb three years of applying to medical school before he received an acceptance. Each year, rejection letter after rejection letter came in, causing him to resort back to the drawing board each year. Dr. Webb went on to complete medical school at Georgetown University followed by a rigorous 5-year Orthopedic Surgery residency at UT San Antonio where he completed more than 2,000 surgeries. He then completed a combined Neurosurgery and Orthopedic Spine Surgery Fellowship at the Texas Back Institute in Plano, Texas. Dr. Webb’s medical training also afforded him the opportunity to operate and do surgery in Liberia, West Africa, Bangkok, Thailand, and Port Au Prince Haiti on two separate occasions. One of his most rewarding activities, however, is serving as a mentor for underprivileged middle and high school students interested in a career in medicine. He volunteers to help because he says it is important for students to know “If I can do it, they can also.” Webb says his proudest moment would be when he encounters a student in later years who says, “I am in medical school because of you.” For more information about Dr. Webb or to purchase his book Overcoming the Odds, please visit or
Jeremy R. Williams is a retired United States Marine and decorated combat veteran of three tours in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Jeremy’s twenty-year career includes military and public service, private sector professions, and a successful small business. While at Student Veterans of America, Jeremy built statewide networks that support veterans transitioning into higher education. During his time as the Director of Houston Veterans Behavioral Healthcare Initiative, Jeremy built collaborative relationships to finance the prevention of veteran suicides and the reduction of veteran homelessness. In 2007, while working towards a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science, Jeremy was named a National Military Scholar by the Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans. In 2017, Jeremy graduated as a Merit Scholar with a Master’s in Public Service and Administration from the George H.W. Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University. Currently, Jeremy is the Government & Veterans Service Organization Liaison at Electronic Waveform Lab, Inc., where their goal is to provide Veterans suffering from chronic pain with the option of a drug-free, non-opioid pain management treatment across the Veterans Health Administration.
Master Sergeant Cedric King entered the United States Army in 1995. During his 20 year career, Master Sergeant King proved himself to be an exemplary soldier graduating from several distinguishing schools in the Army, including but not limited to: the United States Army Jumpmaster Course, United States Army Pathfinder course, Air Assault course, and The United States Army Ranger Course. He is the recipient of the Bronze Star, the Purple Heart, the Meritorious Service Medal and the Legion of Merit. On July 25, 2012 during his second tour in Afghanistan, Cedric was severely injured by an Improvised Explosive Device. The explosion caused internal injuries, permanent damage to his right arm and hand and the amputation of both of his legs. Cedric now refers to that moment as his finest hour. While recovering from his injuries Cedric found time to complete his bachelors degree and begin to cultivate his speaking voice. Since becoming an amputee, Cedric has shared his story of perseverance and endurance with audiences such as the US Naval Academy and the United States Military Academy at West Point, professional sports teams of the NFL, NBA, and MLB. Fortune 500 companies from Home Depot to Facebook. In February of 2019 his story was published into print when he released his book called, “The Making Point”. In his book he shares mindsets, philosophies, and stories that include how 21 months after losing both of his legs, Cedric completed the 2014 Boston Marathon. He has been featured on Networks such as CBS, NBC, ABC, HBO and the NFL Network. He has gone on to compete in a number of physically taxing events including a 70.3 mile half Ironman Triathlon, He is a two New York City Marathon Finisher, a five time Boston Marathon finisher, numerous half marathons, and a three time 48.6 mile Disney Marathon series finisher. Cedric has been married to his lovely wife, Khieda King, since October of 2000 and the couple have two beautiful daughters, Amari and Khayma King.
On this AVP we discuss recent CDC findings with AMVETS' National Executive Director Joe Chenelly. We also talk about the USPS/VA medications situation unfolding with AMVETS' Chief Advocacy Officer Sherman Gillums Jr, and the wrapping of 'Who's at the Table?' season one and the upcoming second season with the host and AMVETS' Chief Medical Executive Cherissa Jackson.
Jillian Bullock is the CEO/President of Jillian Bullock Enterprises, LLC, an entertainment and film production company based in Pennsylvania. While Jillian attended college, she worked as a reporter for “The Wall Street Journal” newspaper. After graduation with a degree in Communications from La Salle University, Jillian got her start in filmmaking as an intern on Spike Lee’s movie “Malcolm X.” From there, she has worked on her own, and other people’s movies as an actor, writer, producer, director, and fight choreographer. Jillian got that last title due to her extensive background in boxing and martial arts. Jillian took off from filmmaking for a number of years in order to focus on writing her memoir, “HERE I STAND,” which was published in 2012. The story tells of Jillian’s upbringing with her African-American mother and her white stepfather, who was a member of the Philadelphia Italian Mafia. Jillian’s life story is in development as a feature film. Jillian wrote and directed the documentary “A Filmmaker’s Personal Journey.” She went on to write, direct and produce the drama “Spirit.” Jillian recently completed “A Sense of Purpose: Fighting For Our Lives,” a feature film that focuses on veterans, PTSD and military sexual assault. She has won several awards for the movie and the film will be available on Amazon Video on Demand starting in August 2020. Jillian, along with award winning DP, Lamont Fountain, also co-wrote and directed “Fight of Your Life,” a PSA music video to bring more awareness to military sexual assault and PTSD. In the summer of 2019, Jillian wrote, directed and produced the short film “Touch With Your Eyes.” The film is currently making the film festival rounds. She was recently hired by Orenda Entertainment in LA to direct a film entitled “22,” written by Steven Paul Taylor and Bradley Melson. Production begins early 2021. As the writer and director, Jillian is also in pre-production on the movie “A Cup Full of Crazy,” a psychological thriller. Production will begin in April 2021. Over the years, Jillian has continued her education by taking Master courses in screenwriting, acting and directing. As a screenwriter, Jillian has sold two scripts in her career so far – “The Champion Inside” and “Scar Across My Heart.” Since 2007, Jillian has been a screenwriting judge for the Set In Philadelphia Screenwriting Contest, which is sponsored by the Greater Philadelphia Film Office. She also teaches screenwriting classes in Philadelphia and works as a script consultant.
Lakeydra Houston is a US Air Force member who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and the Chief Executive Officer of KEY Fit, Knowledge, Empowerment and You-nity, which mentors groups on fitness, wellness and suicide awareness to increase life productivity. She earned her Associates degree in Criminal Justice, Human Resources and currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Leadership from Trident International University. She is a certified resiliency trainer with over 7+ years of experience within domestic violence programs, youth empowerment organizations, sexual assault prevention and mental health. Her community outreach includes working with high school students to provide educational tools, mentoring, and counseling. She is currently a member of Air Force Sergeants Association, Security Forces Association, Air Force Resiliency Team and Military Fresh Network to name a few. She is looking to make impact within the military community, bridge the gap of knowledge between our civilian counterparts while continuing to serve others.
On this AVP, we talk about two suicide prevention bills supported by AMVETS that were recently marked up in Congress (S. 785 | S. 3235)and discuss the story of a disabled veteran who was robbed while on a bus traveling home and how AMVETS was able to help rectify the situation: We also speak with AMVETS' National Women's Committee Chair Lisa Wilken about legislation and events happening in Indiana.
Denetra Hampton has built an educational empire that includes an Ed-tech Startup, Nursing Education and Study Center, Culture & Science Initiative, For Nurses By Nurses and a Digital Magazine. Denetra's work is focused on the development of future nurse leaders through a template of diversity, cultural competence, and nursing science. She is a 22-year Navy Veteran, and a former United States Naval Nurse Corps Officer. Her professional background consists of a Bachelors of Science in Nursing, and a Masters in Health Services Administration. An global strategist, Denetra has committed her work to the development of a forward-thinking, diverse and business-minded nurse leader. Having studied diversity abroad, Denetra attended a mission trip to Chile and Argentina that allowed her to participate in group think tanks with diverse nursing and medical executives as well as speak on panels to nursing students at the Universidad Finis Terrae and Hospital San Jose, in Santiago Chile. A Producer of Film, Denetra released her debut film, The Black Angels: A Nurse’s Story, in 2019, a hidden gem about African American nurses who risked their lives to care for patients with tuberculosis when there was no cure and white nurses refused. The story gives homage to the life of Black Angel, Marjorie Tucker Reed. Her latest release, Year of the Nurse and Midwife, will premiere online August, 2020. Denetra has been married for 24 years to retired Chief Warrant Officer, Shawn H
Vanessa “Siren” Mahan is a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force Reserve with 20+ years of military leadership experience and a combat veteran with over 100 combat missions in the F-15E Strike Eagle supporting Operation ENDURING FREEDOM. As a Distinguished Graduate from AFROTC at Purdue University, she attended Joint Strike Navigator Training at Naval Air Station Pensacola, where a Military Sexual Trauma (MST) nearly destroyed her before her career could even takeoff. But reaching her goal of protecting troops and civilians by flying in combat in a post 9/11 world, helped her overcome the MST and other obstacles. She is a champion of diversity and inclusion, on a mission to inspire people and businesses by sharing her story with conviction, humor, and sincerity.
Retired Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant Ja’nelle E. Lampkin joined the Marine Corps in January 2003. After graduating boot camp from Perris Island, South Carolina, she reported to her first duty station in Camp Pendleton, CA. In 2005 after having served a few years she gave birth to her daughter Gabrielle Mya and before being assigned to Okinawa, Japan. Ja’nelle became a single mother early in her daughter’s life and dedicated her motherhood to teaching her daughter the value of understanding cultural differences, showing her what success could look like as a single black woman and creating an overwhelming environment full of love and compassion. Ja’nelle became the ultimate “soccer mom”. From coaching all Gabrielle’s sports, volunteering for position that was an influence on her daughter, being an active member on several community and school boards, Ja’nelle made an impactful breakthrough in her community. In 2010 she was assigned to 12th Marine Corps Recruiting District. Her time as a Recruiter quickly progressed. Winning Rookie Recruiter of the Year and taking over her own Recruiting sub-station in less than 1 1/2 years on tour, Ja’nelle decided to start a developmental mentorship program for school students as a Youth Ambassador. From building community relationships and teaming with the Fontana City Mayor to promote community student success Ja’nelle became a mogul in the recruiting world in building relationships. Making the hard decision to leave recruiting to dedicate more time to her daughter, excelling in her career did not stop. Ja’nelle became a local Realtor while serving as the Distribution Management Passenger Travel Chief at Camp Pendleton. After having a fast excelling career Ja’nelle abruptly made the decision along with her daughter to submit for early retire. Ja’nelle retired her career at Camp, Pendleton CA where she first started, in great expectation of being a full-time soccer mom seeing her daughter threw high school and college. The unbreakable bound ended tragically when her daughter committed suicide in March of 2020. Losing her entire world and impacted by COVID-19 restrictions, Ja’nelle has shown unsurmountable resilience in being self-aware and using life experiences, her education background and living just one more day.
On this 'Who's at the Table?', AMVETS Chief Medical Executive Cherissa Jackson hosts Kim Bailey, social worker, mental health advocate, and Army veteran. Kim served her country for 4 years active duty as a combat medic overseas during the earlier stages of the Afghan and Iraqi wars. During this time, she helped support the mission by stabilizing and triaging the severely wounded who were airvac’d directly from the battle field, earning her two army achievement medals for saving lives. A social worker and military mental health advocate, Kim has firsthand experience of Military Sexual Trauma, Mild TBI, suicidality, and the pressures of military culture that led her to Homelessness, struggles with PTSD, and even a period of Incarceration after transitioning out of the service. After hitting rock bottom, Kim began her healing journey through education and helping others. She finished her masters in social work, started her PhD, volunteers in the veterans treatment court, and runs a supportive mini blog, a podcast, and support groups for her sister veterans and first responders through Invisible Combat™️ and the Shero Hotline podcast.
AMVETS' Past National Commander John "JP" Brown holding a discussion with AMVETS' National Commander Jan Brown.
On this AVP, AMVETS National Executive Director Joe Chenelly and Chief Advocacy Officer Sherman Gillums Jr. give us the rundown on the PREVENTS Act and we touch on Independence Day coming up this weekend.
On this AVP - We wrap up Memorial Day Weekend and Rolling To Remember, talk about state-wide reopenings and their impact on AMVETS, VA's potential PPE shortage if a second wave of COVID-19 hits, and read a letter from AMVETS National Executive Director Joe Chenelly.
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