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Having an opening routine in your music class is a surefire way to get students primed and ready to go when they first walk into your classroom. It's no secret that I think having an intentional beginning sequence to your lessons is important--
Aside from the ordering of concepts and skills we teach in our music classrooms, there’s this whole other side of “stuff” that we need to figure out in order to teach our children music effectively. How children learn music best is one of those
Kindergarten is one of those very very polarizing topics. It’s either that it’s completely your jam (raise your hand if you’re with me there!) or something that you completely dread. Odds are, the reason it feels either anxiety inducing or the
The first week of school is tricky. Alongside opening routines, we’re also trying to figure out, quite literally, what to do with our kids for the rest of the year. What do they know? What can they demonstrate? And how are we going to continue
Back to school season is in FULL swing. Whether you've gone back to your classroom or are just prepping to do so, I'm willing to bet that you've been thinking a LOT about rules, procedures, and routines that you'd like to get rocking and rollin
Ready to finally streamline and simplify your lesson planning? Sign up for my upcoming FREE workshop here: annemileski.com/workshopRiddle me this: have you ever had a conversation with another teacher and tried to explain what you really do in
We’ve already talked about the benefits to using transitions in your music classroom: how it keeps things flowing, provides opportunities for quick assessments, and genuinely just makes everything about your music classroom more intentional and
Transitions are one of those things that (1) seems awfully intimidating at the beginning, and (2) turns into an absolutely essential part of your music teaching once you see the magic they can create.So if you’ve ever wanted to know more about
In this episode, we’re going to piggyback off of TAP 126 and talk about all things closing routines.. Now admittedly, this will be a little bit more freeform than our opening routines and rely completely on how your lesson went and what your ki
An opening routine is one of those game changers in your music teacher life. It’s one of those not so little things that make a huge difference for both you and your kids and the ultimate flow of your music lesson. If you’ve never thought about
Way back in the day, I made a pretty embarrassing life choice. I took a picture (2 actually) with literal labels stuck to my head with different pedagogical approaches on them. The second picture just said “music teacher.”The pictures… definite
I was having a conversation with my good friend, Victoria Boler about the conversations we have with other music teachers we’re working with in our programs or chatting to on instagram. And THIS is the one that comes back again and again. I’m s
Today on the podcast, we’re taking the next step towards the best way to teach a singing game in your classroom. Last week was all about the things you think about before kids ever come into your classroom: the planning, their experience, and h
You don’t really think about it until you’re in it. It’s like teaching a song to your students. Since you know how it goes, and can sing, say and play upside down with your eyes closed… it seems almost inherent.But just like teaching a song, te
It’s seriously one of the most frustrating experiences you can have as a teacher. You feel like you’re hitting your head against the whiteboard, saying things as many different ways as you possibly can, and the kids just aren’t getting it.We’ve
What is your earliest memory of music making?  I have these memories of really organic, joyful music making with my family. We were always singing, my dad was always creating, and my mom was always there to dance and smile and sing along with u
I'm not okay.I hit a MAJOR wall this week. We had a massive home improvement project finally wrap up after six months (YES, seriously), and half of our house is boxed up... yes with two toddlers running around.I started a new collaborative proj
Assessment is one of those things that I really really struggled with when I first started teaching. I think I mostly didn’t have a lot of knowledge about how assessment in the music room relates to assessment in other subjects, whether it shou
I don't know how to start.If you've ever thought this to yourself, you're not alone. As a matter of fact, it's one of the first places we go, our default, if you will, when it comes to trying new ideas and incorporating new approaches to our te
If I could count the number of times I've been influenced on Instagram... oh boy. There's a reason that influencer marketing is so effective. We can see the change in people's lives, see how they can be transformed... whether we're talking abou
Okay, real talk... do you feel like you have this lesson planning thing completely mastered? There's no doubt that whether you just started teaching this year, or you've been doing this for what feels like a thousand, I'll bet you're looking fo
Truth be told, even in the midst of pandemic teaching, I am not the most tech savvy person on the block. As a matter of fact, I have really resisted implementing it in my classroom, because I was under the false assumption that if I was using t
It's a word that strikes fear into the heart of teachers everywhere. Okay, maybe just me.... assessment.Yes, assessment. This is a word that used to totally send me running for the hills. I thought it was a trap for music teachers. Like, how on
I know I talked last episode about how resolutions aren't my jam... but I'm  fan of the idea of resolutions. It's like, taking out a clean sheet of paper to rewrite your list because the first one wasn't clean enough... and if there was ever a
It felt tricky to figure out exactly what to say for this episode. It's one that I've done each year in some shape or form since I've started this podcast.I've thought about different titles like, "reflecting on the past year" or "my goals for
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