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Top stories that were trending today including a creepy moment when Anna became a little too obsessed with an Emmy winner. She thinks his hot factor has gone up since his fiance left him...Do you agree or does she sound insane?
Have you ever had an ex who did something completely insane? You won’t believe what Raven’s ex-wife did to his car!
The name Karen has gotten a bad rep.  Acting like a Karen isn’t cool, but that doesn’t mean that everyone named Karen acts that way!  Does it….?  (:30) Are you up to date on all the news from last nights Emmy’s?  Anna and Raven will get you
Is there an accessory that you always have with you and feel completely naked without it?  Raven has lost a small but essential part of his daily wardrobe and he’s worried about the consequences of not finding it!  (:30) Every Friday, Raven’
Anna says that she thought she failed as a parent when her tween daughter didn't know who one of her favorite artists was. There are some things that they just don't teach in your kid's history books at school and you need to educate them! What
On Fridays, Raven’s wife, Alicia, gives Raven a grade based on how he behaved as a husband that week. Raven & Alicia went on a great vacation last week but will Raven misplacing a very important item cost him a decent grade? Find out what he lo
Anna's daughter, Dakota, has her third birthday coming up November 14th, so Anna wants to combine her annual Halloween party and the birthday party. But the big question is, is that tacky? Is two weeks too long in between the events to combine?
46% of men admit they have flirted with one of their wife's friends! Raven is not surprised after he heard about what his wife's cousin did to her! Catch up with the podcast. 
Anna gives Raven three trending news headlines, but he can only pick one to learn what it's about. The problem today? The one he didn't choose will get you money!
When you go through a break up, do you get rid of all photos of your ex on social media?  Anna noticed that two celebrities have purged all trace of their equally famous exes from their account!  (:30) Anna’s got three crazy news stories and
What are you obsessed with? Are you obsessed enough to attempt something as crazy (and genius) like this Disney fanatic tried? He may not have gotten away with it, but kudos to his idea
There are plenty of health benefits to onions. So many that the National Onion Association calls them “Natures Ninja”! Turns out there is another way to get all the benefits of onions without eating them, and you won’t believe the method they a
Everyone has to pay bills, but what if those monthly mandatory payments could be making you money? Juan Ruiz is an expert on credit cards and he has some tips on how you can earn money by spending money!
What’s the best Halloween candy to give out?  One salad dressing company has decided to start selling Halloween sized packets of their products, and Anna thinks they may be able to compete!  (:30) Everyone has to pay bills, but what if those
Anna realized one major issue with last night's Met Gala and it all had to do with one phrase that kept being used. Catch up with the podcast!
Ever slip up and say a bad word around your child, and now you can't get them to stop repeating it? Child psychologist Dr. Joe Schippa explains how to get your kids to stop swearing... or whether you should just let them!
Raven has returned from his vacation at the new Disney World Star Wars park.  He had fun, but he definitely made a few key mistakes that impacted his trip!  (:30) The Met Gala was last night, which is basically a big costume party for rich a
After a coworker of Anna’s spent some time at the ER because of what her son had shoved into his ear, we were curious about what you or your child stuck into their nose or ear that didn’t belong there! Image Source: Getty Images
What word or phrase have you been using wrong for a long time? You will be surprised to hear what these people have been using the wrong way and for how long!
Not getting the job you interview for is tough, but not knowing why you didn’t get the job makes it much worse! Catch up with the stories of times people didn’t get the job, including one that someone thinks it had to do with their hair style!
Anna was curious about how the celebrity judges on American Idol smell. Luckily, Nick Fradiani has answers for her! (:30) Nick Fradiani once tried out for a tv musical but didn’t get the gig. When did you not get the job you wanted? (2:49) To
Did you ever get lost as a kid? Anna got lost TWICE as a child and oddly both were on her first day of school- and you’ll never believe where she was hiding! Image Source: Getty Images
It has been twenty years since the Twin Towers fell. Anna & Nick Fradiani discuss where they were and what happened when they heard the news... Image Source: Getty Images
What was it like for the first responders on 9/11? Ed Smith, a Port Authority officer, shares his story of not only what it was like to work in the pit after the collapse but how he helped build the towers years earlier. Image Source: Getty Ima
What is Nick’s “go to” song to get the crowd amped? Also, what song is Nick getting tired of playing? (:30) If you do THIS to open an English muffin, that is all I need to know about you! (2:19) Anna got lost on her first day of school when s
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