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Fan Mail Friday #33 | Contrariwise Bedroom Superheroes

Released Friday, 23rd October 2015
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Welcome to Fan Mail Friday #33! No jibber-jabber, just a short show where we answer Art of Charm listener mail and give out mini-lessons for the weekend!
In this episode:

Sometimes your partner will complain just to vent about something that's bothering them, and other times they want legitimate solutions to their problems. How do you tell one from the other?
Emotional conditioning can be a powerful force. A listener with a PhD in psychology chimes in about some advice we gave in Fan Mail Friday #31.
Is tragedy a prerequisite for success and wealth, or can normality ever hope to compete?
What happens when you can talk the talk to find a partner, but your skills lack in the sack?
Immigrant insecurity is a real thing -- and it comes with a whole tapestry of negative feelings about self and society that can be hard to overcome.
Contrariwise is a real word, and lack of vulnerability might be what makes your attempts at a long-term relationship so...vulnerable.
True success needs no comparisons.
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