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#46: Helping the Visionaries of the World Amplify Their Epic Work with the Conscious Webpreneur Devin Slavin

Released Tuesday, 20th October 2015
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imageHello, epic wells and beauties! It’s Movement Maker week once again. And today, I have a very special guest – who I bet is familiar because I’ve had him on the show before, but we reversed roles. He interviewed me! He’s one of those people that I completely resonate with, given that we have the same visions and goal, which is to create a healthy community where the members thrive to live an epic life! He has helped me in so many ways, including how to create an effective framework and creating a system for my passion for promoting health and wellness.

Ladies and gents, I’m so excited to have Devin Slavin – the Conscious Webpreneur, as he is known – on my show! Devin takes us back to when he first started to realize what he wanted to happen in his life. He takes us through his journey, beginning when he was still in high school. At present, Devin helps visionaries like myself maximize their potential and be at the top of their game through his systems and processes, which is a sure-fire hit!

Devin is passionate about living life to the fullest, being surrounded by naturally growing fruits and vegetables and being able to eventually see the world as a place where people are tapping into their energy to create a healthy life. During the interview, he tells me about how we all should believe in the power of our gifts, fight for your passions without holding back, and ask yourself what you’re grateful for.

It’s an amazing interview, and I admit to learning a ton of value plus getting a load of inspiration from Devin. Check it out!

Listen and be inspired:

Here are a few of my favorite parts:

  • When Devin shared the time when he was in a place of extreme negativity, and how he used that same negativity to break out of his shell and become epic!

  • Devin talks about permaculture design and regenerative design! Say what?! Listen and learn!

  • The time when he and his buddies threw garden parties – AND it’s not the kind where you just hang out in a garden. What did they do, really? Check it out!

  • He talks about his job as the Conscious Webpreneur. What exactly does he do to help others create their epic life!

  • He asks me and the listeners, “What are you grateful for?” Makes you think!

  • His awesome answers (plus super inspiring too) to the Epic 8 questions! You shouldn’t miss it!


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