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#72: 6 Rituals That Make My Life EPIC!

Released Thursday, 16th June 2016
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imageHello, we are still in season 2 where we talk about habits and rituals! And I know it wouldn’t be complete without me sharing with you all my own epic habits and rituals, would it?

I do these things every day to energize me, to calm me, to open my mind, to become a better person. Here are the 6 rituals I do every day that make my life EPIC! Listen in!

Listen and be inspired:

Here are a few of my favorite parts:

  • Every morning I wake up and drink a glass of warm lemon water. I usually drink mine out of a glass mason jar with glass straws. Learn more of what doing this can do for you on this episode!

  • I use a Breville glass kettle or stainless steel kettle for my lemon water ritual.

  • Practice gratitude every day with a five-minute journal! More on the details of this practice by listening to this solo show!

  • Feed your mind! The fuel I use to make it run? Brian Johnson’s Philosopher’s Notes! Check it out in the resources below! Learn what it has done for me on this ep!

  • Meditation! Yes! Many people have sworn by this, and I bet you will too. Try out the Headspace app to jumpstart your meditation ritual today! Best to use a MUSE headband for your meditation exercises too! You can get them here.

  • Celebrate life! Yup! That’s super, super important! Acknowledge yourself and your achievements. Download Win Streak on your smartphone to track your wins! Yay! Celebrate further with a That Was Easy button! So fun!

  • I’ve been working out for 14 days straight now! YAAAY! Try this seven-minute workout with me!

  • Re-energize by going back to nature! I’ve interviewed so many people and they’ve always said that in order for them to get back on track or to deal with overwhelm, all they do is stop, breathe, and reconnect with nature! Bring along an earthing map! Truly helps!

  • Do breathing yoga to calm down your nerves! Here’s one you can do for just 60 seconds!


Glass mason jars available on Amazon: http://bit.ly/32ozMASONS

Get glass straws for your morning cleanse here: http://bit.ly/glassSTRAWS

Breville Stainless Steel Electric Kettle: http://bit.ly/StainlessTEAPOT

Breville Glass Teapot: http://bit.ly/GlassTEAPOT

The Five-Minute Journal: http://bit.ly/5Min_JOURNAL

Sign up for Brian Johnson’s Philosopher Notes here: http://bit.ly/25XONnX

Headspace is available at the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

MUSE Headband available on Amazon: http://bit.ly/Epic_MUSE

Get WinStreak from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

That Was Easy! button available here: http://bit.ly/ThatWasEASY

60 Second Breathing Yoga: http://bit.ly/BreathingYOGA

My favorite seven-minute workout: http://bit.ly/MyFav_7Min or you can try jumping for JOY and celebration on this epic trampoline: http://bit.ly/Epic_ReBOUND

Get your own earthing mat here: http://bit.ly/EarthingMAT

The EPIC Earthing book that I promised is here: http://bit.ly/EarthingBOOK

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