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-The truth behind my transition from shit to sunshine -How to transition from shit to sunshine in your life  -How to double-stuff and face-f**k resistance gremlins with your arsenal of secret weapons -How to build your freedom empire
I wanted to share my story on The BHM Show (Big Healthy Me) w/ my friend Bryan Teare. He teaches personal optimization and health, and we dissected the success and battles throughout my path to creating freedom and health. Visit for a chance to win a copy of my book where I dissect 100+ interviews with creative entrepreneurs and the habits that make them the happiest people in the world. Check out the BHM blog:
I am taking a hiatus from social media to solidify my dreams. This is how you can become one with your dreams as well. My book: On Happiness! How to Retire Your Job, Retire Your Mind, and Fist Pump to the Life You Love.
It is no secret that I am a HUGE fanboy of Honoree Corder. And I should be, right? Her principles and strategies have allowed me to envision my future, set smart and measurable goals to work towards, and ultimately track and accomplish my those goals to bring my vision to reality. What I once thought was impossible is now REAL. I’ve put my notice in at my ‘career job.’ I’m selling my house and moving to the beautiful Northwest. I’m starting my journey of a 24/7 location independent freedom lifestyle. It’s surreal. I’m not any smarter than you, and I don’t have any skills or talents that I didn’t work my ass off to achieve. The point is, it’s all attainable if you BELIEVE it is. Once you believe, it is just a matter of taking action on a consistent basis. Honoree Corder understands this because she started from the bottom JUST LIKE US. She doesn’t have a college degree or divine superpowers (although I’d argue the second), but she has mastered the principals required to become the happiest, healthiest, and most prosperous writer possible. In this episode, we discuss these core principals and how they not only work for writers, but for everyone. We also discuss the topic of her newest book “Prosperity for Writers,” and how these principals can be used to create massive abundance in your career. Put your sarcasm hat on, cause Honoree is wildddddd. Highlights  10:30: Honoree talks about her reasons for writing the kind of books she writes. 15:00: How writing to an avatar can be an effective method in writing a book. 20:01: The fate of her first published book in 2004 sans title as it was a self-published and self- edited book and how the book had a rebirth with a competent editor. 22:15: How the right keywords propel sales to rocket highs. She shares what happened to one of her books as soon as the right keywords were found. That book was languishing around for 6 years until they got the category spot on. With the right keywords, that book sold out immediately. 27:23: The “starving artist” is not a rule. Honoree believes that knowing the right people, knowing your craft and knowing things can make a prosperous writer come out of any writer. 30:33: Her mindset about money and abundance when she was still in networking. One’s checkbook balance is a good indicator of where one is in the scheme of things. However, Honoree totally believes that we have it in us to pause and assess where we are, what’s important, then we can empower ourselves and change ourselves for success. 36:31: Honoree shares B.O.L.O. and how doing this can change anyone’s life for the better. She also shares how B.O.L.O. can turn around one’s perspective. She has another one – F.A.M.E. with F for Focus. Listen how she blends the idealistic affirmation with the practicality of focus. 46:23: Why the dirty first draft is not an issue. She advises to just get the words out. She promises that you will be amazed at the thoughts in that draft and the pride it brings to you in being productive. 49:50: Honoree’s method for writing ideas. She has a logical and convincing approach to imparting ideas. 56:00: Honoree explains tithing as a spiritual practice that works on the principle of giving away something so it can comeback at least double or tenfold. Honoree talks about an incredible experience of how tithing worked for her and shares how “Miracle Morning” came to be because of tithing. Creative Influences The 8-minute Writing Habit by Monica Leonelle To help Godzilla create a successful writing business… Step 1: Decide what you want to give back, Godzilla. Advice from the show… Sometimes, only a juicy swear word will do. Write about what you know, and write like you are talking to a friend. Use what works for you, and discard the rest. Every single aspect of success starts with the mind first. Honoree’s Links… Prosperity for Writers on Amazon Prosperity for Writers Journal on Amazon Honoree’s Website Honoree’s Twitter Honoree’s LinkedIn    
Life is a massive journey of creation. We are all products of creation, and we are all living for creation. However, there is seldom a clear path that paints the way for our dreams, our happiness, and the meaning our existence. We all get lost. It is the root that allow us to create ourselves just as we please. After all, we cannot find ourselves unless we lose ourselves. Mike Brennan was absorbed in the magic of arts as a child, and he loved making others smile. By creating, he was able to bring out more smiles in those around him, and it brought him peace. He always had a vision and drive for working in the arts the rest of his life, but life takes unexpected twists that bring mass confusion. In this chat, Mike and I discuss the struggle and confusion of growing up as an artist, and all of the blindside magic that life throws at us. He also gets into his creative techniques and his campaign to create a new piece every single day. Highlights  09:29: Mike reminisces about his childhood and how his talent for drawing, already very much in evidence then, shaped his decision to seriously pursue art – much to the initial dismay of his Dad. 18:30: About how the book “The Creative License” gave him a different perspective of his art and how it had spurned him to a different level of creativity. 20:21: About the start of Mike’s social drawings with line art through an iPhone app and how he had used this momentum to keep on going with other art projects. 24:00: How it feels doing live paintings during a concert when all eyes are on him. 27:30: How it is to be a graphic designer and surviving the nitty gritty details of living.  The constant conflict between being true to his art and the practical concerns of career questions. 32:54: About how knowing yourself and investing time to get to know yourself can help with goals and tracking progress. 36:30: Shares how small goals can be important in the battle to be on track, how he keeps 5 small things to be tagged as “Done” on his whiteboard on a weekly basis and also to remember to celebrate the ticking off of each of these little milestones. 41:20: Shares his definition of success and how it is achieved by staying on course no matter how difficult. 45:01: Talks about how it is to lose a passion and a dream and how his faith showed him another path. Certainly, it was not graphic design nor art but God’s design because suddenly Mike finds himself in full-time ministry work and loving it. Listen as he talks about how he started a church. 51:18: Listen as Mike shares how it was for him to go back to the design world after ten years of doing ministry work. The crazy polarity of these two interests was just too much in one resume. Amazingly, all turned out for the best and now Mike is the graphic designer of a church! Mike attributes this astonishing twist of fate as the hand of God in his life. 56:10: Mike shares his thoughts about how to put the true value on a piece of work that is also almost a piece of himself. Creative Influences Danny Gregory – author of “The Creative License” One hour to create something, with anyone… “My immediate go-to would be Van Gogh. His passion… and his creating from heart. I would love to be a fly on the wall. The opportunity to collaborate would be like – tremendous. I would not even know how that would look, but it would be something incredible. To defeat Godzilla with his talents… “I will do a painting for the wanted poster of Godzilla. Then I will make Godzilla watch the last two Godzilla movies that were made and he would probably just pack it in himself.” Advice from the show… It has been part of my journey to embrace, ‘You know what? I am a mess and I love it! There is no such thing as an overnight success. Would you do what you love to do, even if no other person gets to know about it?  Mike’s Links… Mike’s Twitter Mike’s Website Mike’s Instagram
Colin Gray is full BEAST MODE when it comes to podcasting. He has been deeply involved in it since the mid-2000’s, and he’s a huge influence and resource for how I started this podcast. Colin is superior at creating valuable content with ZERO fluff, and he is a humble and sincere teacher for anyone looking to start or grow a podcast as a hobby or career. He’s one of the few who have figured out how to make money from podcasting, and he does an incredible job teaching others how to reach this point and sustain it. He’s the founder of and the PodCraft Podcast, where he covers a wide variety of valuable topics ranging from selecting podcast equipment to building a website for podcasting. In this episode, we talk the ropes of podcasting 101 for beginners, the power of creating your podcast and the effect it can have on your life, and tips, tricks, and resources from the mastermind Colin himself. Word!   Highlights  06:20 : A brief background on how Colin took his educational and technical background to teach web design and development in a university then moving from that to podcasting, 10:49 : How podcasts can be beneficial to people’s lives and Colin’s very helpful strategies in setting up and maintaining a podcast, 15:52 : A run-through in the process of how to start a podcast for beginners, 22:20 : Colin shares his key points during his talk in Manchester about breaking the rules of podcasting, 29:34 : About hosting in different feeds and his best practices in managing multiple podcasts, 33:19 : His tips and approach for someone who doesn’t have the knowledge of recording software, and 38:21 : Colin’s advice for podcasters to grow their audience.   To defeat Godzilla with his talents… “Being a podcast and audio producer, I am surrounded by a thousand meters of cable in my office, so I’d make some sort of net made out of those able, catch him and trap him down.” Advice from the show… People claim sometimes that all you need to do is have passion, but that’s not true in this case. The approach that I always teach is strategy. It’s making plans. It’s sitting down before you set up your podcast and working out what you want to go over. Podcasting is difficult. It takes time to create, it takes time to build the audience that you need to be able to make a living out of it or even just to get the reward that you want to get- even if it’s not profit. At the start, keep it as simple as possible. The key is, at the very start, you want it easy so that you will get your content out there every single week. I often tell people to do the 10-episode plan because you will get little feedback in those first 5-10 episodes. By the end of that 10, keep asking for feedback and you will start getting it. This is what will push you forward towards your 100th episode. Colin’s Links… Podcraft Podcast Courses Article archive: Podcast Planning Category. You can get other categories in the right hand column from here. Colin’s interview with Harry Duran in Podcast Junkies Colin Gray: Breaking the Mould Event in Manchester Colin’s Suggested Headset: Sennheiser PC8 Suggested editing softwares: GarageBand for Mac and Audacity
What does simple feel like? The expression is light, and it seems uncomplicated, but there is no doubt that the heaviest barricades in the world litter it’s path. Heavy situations. Heavy thoughts. Heavy emotions. Heavy worries. Heavy fights. Heavy stress. Heavy distractions. Heavy minds. Heavy hearts. Heavy lives. I do believe we can simply live and co-exist with heavy things, but this is not the goal. To overcome the weight of distractions, and to truly feel light and free, you cannot just simply live. You must live simply and be simply YOU. I sit with a sense of determination and reason. I’m aiming for the ultimate high through a portal of floor level attachments in a house that once hosted many great walls of distress and madness. I’m glad I’ve cleared my dwelling. I’m in love with the new order. I have learned so much. To ground yourself, you must truly disconnect from materials and situations that are idolized by the masses. Possessions are not trophies or dreams. What if you could cherish your productivity, focus, and mindset and function from the core elements of natural life? Hidden deep beneath your puddles of conscious and subconscious lust, jealousy, envy, and procrastination, you will find a stream that guides you to an ocean of clarity, awareness and meaning. It’s pure. Take a moment to place your hand over your heart. Focus on your beautiful breath. Love with all of your ability. Love from your head to your toes, from the sky to the core of the earth. Notice every space. Notice the magic required for your precious mind and body to dance together in harmony. In this moment, try to reflect on the sheer idea and principle of your life in existence. Try to comprehend your place in this miracle. I don’t think there is a word or adjective that can describe how lucky we are to be here. Maybe you feel alone, or maybe you feel within something much greater than yourself. I have no doubt you are not alone. I am here. You and me. You have a force inside of you capable of shifting the energy of the entire world. You have a voice inside of you loaded with confidence, security, and precision- all weapons of ongoing creation. This voice is OF you. It’s your pure voice. It’s simple. It’s direct. It’s on a mission to smile. It’s a transition from ‘God Money I’ll do anything for you’ to a symphony of creation, love, and meaning. It’s a treasure map to bring your vision to reality. It’s a golden ticket to the land of understanding. It’s YOU, through and through. When you were born, you were pure and 100% unique. But, like anything else, your shell was destroyed by normality and ‘reality.’ As an infant, life is as you choose to perceive it, but you eventually grow into the power of your influences and surroundings. You become them, and they become you. They are more developed. They have the advantage. You begin to dress in the luggage of others. The awareness that was once your choice is now stapled to your forehead by textbooks, organized religions, breaking news, and forceful education. Your position and situation in the world begins to just “happen” as allowed and you become the product of everyone else. Heavy things fall down on you, and you absorb and accept them. You become a function of them. Very rarely is this a simple, happy product. Some people play dress-up forever, but you don’t have to. You know those times when your mind is conversing like two separate beings? Yes, it really is. Your muse and your heart never stop fighting for you, and these conversations are their way of winning your attention. When your inner voice presents questions, possibilities, and visions, you need to pay attention to these alarms. They are the purest form of you. No dress up. No fear. The guidance will help you break through the shell of clutter, distraction, and “reason” and lead you to a path of absolute happiness and meaning. Imagine a simple life of pure, unfiltered love. Why is it that society teaches us to label a stress-free life of happiness, true love, contentment, and clarity as unrealistic… ..or as dreams ..or as wishes ..or as impossible ..or as fairytales? We were all born with the purest right to happiness, and they want us to think we are crazy for believing in it. They want us to believe we are crazy for loving, smiling, and maximizing the beauty and miracle of life. I’m here to tell you that you are not crazy. WE are not crazy. When you are simple, you are magical. You are magnificent. You are sumptuous. You are beautiful. You are brilliant. Your vision is triumphant when all others are blind. All of those dreams, wishes, and fairytales are real, and if you follow and believe in them, the key to happiness is yours. They represent you and the magic of creation in it’s purest and SIMPLEST form. The seed of life. It is your birthright. It is your superpower. You never lost it- it has just been covered by those heavy things. So- break through the chains of your influences and distractions, and utilize your ability to live simply and be simply you. You are now focused, precise, and meaningful. You are the purest form of you – the miracle you were presented to this world as. It’s never too late to utilize the magic of your birth. Be simple. Be you. Love simple. Love you. ————————————– Share this with someone in need. Let them know you care and that they aren’t so crazy after all. I’d love to hear thoughts in the comments section below. I’ll take them all to my heart, and I’ll reply with gratitude. -Heath
Being happy is the only thing that matters in life. REAL happiness. / / You can make changes RIGHT NOW in your routine to work towards becoming the happiest version of yourself. / / In this 2-part episode, I uncover all of my practices and techniques for creating and sustaining happiness. / / Morning Routines / Mindfulness / Win Lists / Vision Boards / Minimalism / Family/Friends / Habits / Fitness/ Diet / Fear & Gratitude / Alter Egos / Creative Hobbies / & more. / /
Being happy is the only thing that matters in life. REAL happiness. / / You can make changes RIGHT NOW in your routine to work towards becoming the happiest version of yourself. / / In this 2-part episode, I uncover all of my practices and techniques for creating and sustaining happiness. / / Morning Routines / Mindfulness / Win Lists / Vision Boards / Minimalism / Family/Friends / Habits / Fitness/ Diet / Fear & Gratitude / Alter Egos / Creative Hobbies / & more. / / /
( for shownotes) For the last couple years, your smart phone has been eating your brain. It has been your best friend, your library, your GPS, and a medium for blasting music, face-timing, or even hardcore stalking your friends. We are ALL guilty of allowing our faces and brains to be devoured by our phones. Sometimes, we sit without thinking, constantly refreshing feeds over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. It’s okay. It’s not your fault. The phones are designed to be addicting. The designs are working. In a way, we’ve lost the familiarity with what it truly feels like to be alive and connected to this incredible, beautiful Earth. “Mental minimalism gives you that space to get rid of everything else that is causing unnecessary stress, distraction and lack of focus and lets you do what it is you love.” – Jorge Selva As a child, Jorge was obsessed with the rocks, formations, and the natural Earth, and it eventually led to a passionate degree in Geology.  One day, he caught himself in the middle of a chronic brain-frying refresh session, and he realized that his smart phone was depleting his focus and relationship with nature. Longing for a larger sense of aliveness, Jorge decided to test his strength away from the smart phone. It felt good. Really really really really really good. It felt so good that he decided to dedicate his future to helping others rediscover what it’s like to feel alive, focused, less distracted, and more aware. Jorge is the co-founder of Minium, the creators of the world’s first modern minimalist phone. The phone is designed to maximize focus on areas that matter the most, allowing more time for real-world interaction, aliveness, and extreme clarity. In this episode, learn about Minium & the process of creating the phone, and the underlying magic of minimalism.  Highlights  05:47 : How Jorge and I got connected through a Twitter advertising, 08:35 : A rundown on his personal experiences from being born in Nicaragua, to moving to the mid-West, realizing his passion for the outdoors through Geology, how it dawned on him that he was addicted to iPhone and finally moving into a stress-free life by coming up with a minimalistic phone, 18:06 : Why he thinks less can be so much more, 20:30 : The research they have done to gauge the state that we are in in terms of entertaining distractions, 25:45 : The process of creating their phone and how they put their ideas out, 28:26 : The Minium phone’s core features and how they trimmed down to these main items, 34:47 : How their project aims to develop mindfulness and meditation and 45:39 : Timelines from prototype to launch. To defeat Godzilla with his talents… “I will run around and find quicksand or some unstable rock ledge where he will fall while trying to grab me.” Advice from the show… “Mental minimalism gives you that space to get rid of everything else that is causing unnecessary stress, distraction and lack of focus and lets you do what it is you love.” “There are a lot of feelings of discontent for a device that should be helpful.” “Technology is amazing, and we are not saying that people should entirely disconnect, we are just finding ground where we have felt we are more productive, creative, happy and able to experience connections more deeply.” “Phones should not be as distracting as they are.” “Technology, if made in a more mindful way, can have a more positive effect in our lives.” Jorge’s Links… Minium Website (sign up to be a beta tester) Jorge’s Email (give Jorge your thoughts on the minimalist phone)
The transparency behind me and how I'm creating the life I love.
Molly Knight Forde's blog post on The Ole Time Religion. :)
Everyone longs for more inspiration, motivation, passion, and ultimate meaning in life. It’s an incredibly hard journey, but when we link arms and unite behind an army of positivity, our dreams start to become real life. Valerie Groth is one of those gems who leads the rebellion against resistance, inconfidence, procrastination, and negativity. She understands the sacrifices and uncomfortable transitions that must be made when creating a life of meaningful happiness, and she is dedicating her life to helping others reach their mindful and physical peaks. Valerie is the founder and host of The Inspiration w/ Val Podcast, a motivational and inspirational speaker and coach, and the founder of The Ryan Banks Academy which was funded and supported by the World Domination Summit earlier this year. In this episode, Valerie and I dive into the meaning of creating YOUR journey, and the core values necessary to bring them to reality. We talk about inspiration, motivation, mindset, and Valerie’s take on kickstarting a transition from lost and confused to meaningful. We also talk about her passion and drive to change the world with the Ryan Banks Academy, and the process of living larger than ourselves. Valerie’s words and wisdom are taught from ground-level experience, and I’m ecstatic to introduce her to all of you dreamers. Please share this with someone you really love and care about. Creative Influences  29 Gifts – How a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life To defeat Godzilla with her talents… “I live in downtown Chicago, so I will try to get him lost in the midst of the high rises to throw him off my case. Or, maybe I can sit down with him and talk to him about why he feels the need to be destructive and how we can focus on the positive.” Advice… Doing realistic things are great for your sense of self-confidence and self-worth, but when you do things which seem totally outside of the box, outside of your comfort zone… and those which seem impossible, that’s when you truly have those huge shifts of perception. For those kids, things seem hopeless. It’s like the ‘growth versus fixed mindset’ piece..if that’s all you know and people keep telling you that you’re worthless, it’s really difficult to break that. It is easy to think that you are not the best out there, but there’s always going to be people who will be a few steps behind you who you can teach, coach, and help. We’ve all done things for the wrong reasons, and a lot of that is because we don’t quite understand our core values and are not very introspective to know who we really are. You can’t see the label of the jar you are in. Val’s Interview Links & Resources Website Email Facebook Twitter Instagram Highlights  06:37 : How it felt getting the grant and recognition for the Ryan Banks Academy after taking a leap of faith to do the things that seemed impossible. 10:23 : The Ryan Banks Academy backstory and Valerie’s motivation in building the academy up. 14:14 : Sharing her glimpse of the life of the kids at the other end of the spectrum and her passion to change the pattern of this fixed mindset. 16:00 : From being a kid wrapped up in shallow things to being a teacher who changes lives, Valerie shares how the change happen in her life, where her calling came from and the immense satisfaction she finds in helping people. 18:29 : The mindset that she applies to be able to be a good coach for others and her advice to those who still do not have the confidence to move forward and become one. 22:19 : The exercises and process she employs in coaching people to change their mindset. 26:05 : The importance of coaches having coaches. 27:23 : Habits that Valerie finds valuable including meditation. 32:24 : Activities she recommends to de-stress such as taking care of your health, showing gratitude and writing down an optimal list of the things you can do.
What is the rush? Why is EVERYONE constantly freaking out? Why are YOU freaking out? Are you going to allow these high-stress situations to play a role in the rest of your life? Is completely losing your cool in an overwhelming rush of anxiety and sweat going to make all of your problems and situations better? If you pause and think about it, what is the reason for burning your energy and bowing down to a worse-case-scenario mindset? You wouldn’t let a distracting stranger on the street come set his fat ball-sack on your chin, so why do you allow the stress gremlins to party all over your pretty face? What is SO AWFUL that you must yell and frown at, criticise, and curse everything around you? I do it too. We all do. Why should everything have to suffer because we aren’t strong enough to judge a situation for the beauty inside? There is a lesson in everything. Situations don’t have to end with nuts on your chin. We don’t have to judge from a negative scale. One breath is powerful enough to birth a pause in any amount of madness, and these pauses are the building blocks of the Savior we know as Awareness. When you are aware, you are in a position to think, react, and make decisions that root the artillery necessary to destroy the “world-is-ending” mentality. Your awareness is the catalyst for the inner belief that you CAN become and accomplish so much more in this beautifully composed masterpiece called life. In reality, the world is NOT ending – species are. The world is only fighting to rid of parasites that threaten the beauty of her existence. She is fighting the soldiers of negativity like a cancer. Only us that are aware will understand this movement, and it is the awareness that will position us to unite and truly discover what it means to be free. We can fight for every moment and bring back the purity and teachings of all situations. We can grow from these teachings. We can conquer every moment and eliminate stress. YOU can conquer every moment and eliminate stress. So whoever you are, and wherever you are, be fully aware. BE ALL IN, ALL THE TIME. Dedicate your energy beyond measure to your awareness and the return will be infinite. Be confident there is light in all situations and that you own the upper hand to whatever stress, pain, or discomfort you may be feeling. You have the power to decide and control the state-of-mind you live in. The situation is ALWAYS yours. When you are dedicated to yourself and your awareness, the fight for happiness will flow in waves to all those around you, and they will add their magic to the dance. They will be aware and powerful beyond reason, and they will pass the cup too. We all need the water. It symbolizes humanity in unity and peace for each moment. Our moments. Your awareness in each breath is a drastic force in the quest for harmony. It is much bigger than you. When you understand awareness, you have the tools to be free. When you use these tools, you are free. Be all in, all the time, or the nuts will dominate your chin.
  GK dreamed of being a Voice-Over actress when she was young, but like most of us- she didn’t really think it was possible. She fist-pumped through school with the thought of becoming a doctor, studying micro-biology and molecular genetics. However, her creative itch for voice-overs never left, and she made a decision that most of us never believe we can make. Screw the traditional career. Follow your dreams. In this interview, you will learn how GK framed her mind to step away from the “safe” plan and attack her passion. We also get into methods and resources for starting a career in voice-overs.  GK is well known for using her magical voice to bring characters to life, including roles in  Happily N’Ever After 2 (2009), Resident Evil 5(2009)  Alpha and Omega: The Legend of the Saw Toothed Cave (2014). and Bleach, Memories of Nobody.     She’s also worked with a massive amount of entertainment, food and beverage, and retail clients including Fox, Sesame Street, Warner Brothers, HBO, McDonalds, Subway, Nike and Walmart.     Prepare yourself. To defeat Godzilla with her talents… “I will use my most soothing Disney mom voice and lull him to sleep.” Advice… People are willing to help if you will just tell them what you want to do. Constant rejection wearies the soul. Interview Links & Resources – Audition for voice-overs. – Audition for voice-overs. – Listen to other voice-overs and study them to increase your skillsets / Audition for voice-overs. GK’s Instagram IMBD GK’s Website GK’s Super-Fabulous Twitter GK’s Linkedin  Highlights  9:57: G.K. shares how she transitioned from Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics to voice over. Voice over was a dream since she was 5. Luck was with her because living in L.A. made it so much easier for her to break into this field and people were willing to help just as soon as she tells them what she wants to do. She was a novelty in a place where everyone wanted to appear in movies while she only wanted her voice heard. 15:15: G.K. candidly shares how much she gets paid for her scream in a commercial and how, sometimes, it is such a stab in the heart to learn how much a celebrity earns for a similar job. Going legit in this business for her is all about going to auditions and having jobs lined up regularly. She also shares how having an agent really helps her get a steady stream of work. 20:05: G.K. has been doing voice overs for 11 years now and she shares how it was in the beginning when she had to tell her family she is giving voice over her best shot. She also reminisces on how it was then to be in this very competitive career, auditioning and getting rejected. She goes on to share how staying upbeat was a constant challenge when faced with one rejection slip after another. 24:27: G.K. shares the one simple but effective tactic she keeps that helps with her success: being amazed by the simplicity of how “being nice” to people can bring positivism in your life. G.K. has an amazing appreciation and awareness of her blessings that simply bring more good stuff in her life. 29:00: Validation is something we all look for and G.K. is no different. She talks about how it was to carve a career before the watchful eyes of parents who just did not get it and then how one day, they finally saw it her way and realized shedid have a career! 34:29: G.K. has a home studio now but in the early days she made the rounds of studios and does the recordings over those places. G.K. shares her tips for anyone looking to get into voice over as well as useful websites to constantly work on the craft.  
There is a struggle much bigger than this pen. There is a struggle that lingers like the tide of an ocean under the dark spell of a creative hurricane. It reminds me of my mortality, existence, and progress. This struggle connects all cries and frowns from myself and others alike, and it cooks them up to serve to others with a steamy side of bullshit. The struggle is not sincere, nor does it care who I am or where I’m going. It doesn’t care about you either. It operates to dismantle the world from discovering the good energies of happiness that birth and flourish within the fruits of life. It operates to burn all bridges that we create, in arms, to support the cross-over into a life of contentment and meaning. (The life you dream about.) When these bridges are obsolete, and we fall out of unity with one another, the struggle takes control of the current situation. However, it can NEVER be in control of our future situations. Thoughts and actions stapled to the back of negativity within the struggle produce an illusion that leads us to believe we are comfortable in the situation. Do you procrastinate? Illusion. How many times have you made an excuse to get out of doing something you fear may be difficult? Instead, you take the easy way out and do the bare minimum or nothing at all. The result: 99.9% of us live our entire lives within this illusion. (I made the number up, but it has to be close.) But why? Life is about overcoming fears and obstacles and improving our minds, bodies, and souls every day. If it wasn’t, we’d all still be wearing diapers and shitting everywhere, waiting for Grandma to come wipe our asses because it’s easy. The secret is only the “thought” of negativity is real. It only exists because we allow it to. It is true that there will always be the cancerous “thought” of negativity ready to quadruple-stuff our asses in an attempt to destroy the positivity and world-changing efforts of our linking arms. You can look at it two ways. 1. For every negative, there is a positive.2. For every positive, there is a negative. You can choose to see the beauty in negativity, or you can choose to see the negativity in beauty. When it comes thinking, you have a definite choice. We learn how to develop to the next level of happiness off the back of current situations that may involve a taste of negativity. However, it’s our ability to see the beauty in the negativity that makes all the difference. Some people think life is a constant cycle of failures in an attempt to find success. Great people know life is a constant cycle of success founded within the trenches of failure. Some people think they aren’t capable of success because they never welcome the thought. Great people own the thought, and they shape the world with heart, passion, patience, and love. You will be as great and successful as you believe you are, and it’s pretty awesome to find success in everything. It’s easy. It’s so much easier than having Grandma wipe the shit off your ass. Look- it’s unbelievable the miracle that we are even here right now, and our time is a guaranteed limitation. You will make choices the rest of your life before, during, and after every interaction, conversation, and situation. To be happy, you must love the choices you make, and believe in them. You must see the gold in every bad lemon. You must laugh hysterically when negative thoughts and interactions have handicapped your hours, days, or even weeks because it’s truly magical that you have the ability to be present in the situation to begin with. The negative thoughts will always check in and out, but it is your beliefs that will occupy the throne. I often hear the quote: “Things can always be better, and things can always be worse.” I don’t think so. If you train your mind to cherish every breath, moment and struggle that you encounter, things can never be better, and things can always be worse. If you live in a mindset where things can never be better, and things can always be worse, you will never struggle again. That, my friend, is true happiness. This life is true love. We shall take on the world together. 
Having a solid supporting cast is always important, and the people you surround yourself with can be a major key to your development and success. From the fundamental lessons of our childhoods to top tier business professionals, those who influence us help dictate the direction we are heading in life. Minal Mehta and Shahil Petal of  have diagnosed the importance of teamwork and used the principles to turn their creative passion into a fist-pump worthy business, BollyX. Minal and Shahil met as undergrads at Berkeley and are both award winning choreographers.  They built their business around their love for dance and exercise, and even made it to the semi-finals on America’s Got Talent. Minal went to Harvard Business School and worked at Amazon prior to founding BollyX, while Shahil actually dropped out of his MBA program at MIT to join Minal on founding the project. They now have over 300 instructors and trainees spreading the BollyX love all over the country. You can check out their website to find a class near you! This episode is deep in the process and mindset of believing in yourself and working with like-minded dreamers. We get into the motivation and tactics behind designing a team that will allow you to turn your passion into a business.   The road is never easy, but Minal and Shahil are certainly helping us skip a few grades with their experiences.  To defeat Godzilla with their talents… Minal: “I would rally the powers of teamwork and build an army. We would go out there and conquer this beast together.” Shihal: “With BollyX-ing. We will get Godzilla to dance BollyX with us.” Advice… A great success is basically a bunch of small, unglamorous tasks that you do everyday. Passion can only get you so far. Surround yourself with people who lift you and encourage you. Every failure is one step nearer to the big win. Interview Links BollyX’sWebsite BollyX’s Twitter BollyX’s Instagram Shahil’s LinkedIn Minal: Twitter Biopage in Bollyx Website Media: Team Aao Na from UC Berkeley’s Hindi Film Dance Competition (2005) Shahil: LinkedIn Media: Performing Slumdog Millionaire’s “Jai Ho” on NBC’s America’s Got Talent Ishaara on America’s Got Talent
The Magic of Moments Sometimes, sometimes is hard. Sometimes we are present in the moment, but then the moment passes. Are we still connecting to it? Are we feeding off of it? Are we still using the roots of our past for the next big triumph? Moments are built off experiences in the present state of consciousness. Creativity has the power to bloom the most beautiful moments in our lives, but creativity is also the product of a moment. Nevertheless, we get lost in these moments because they are brief tastes of comfort. We feel security in the present state of affairs because it makes us feel good. It slaughters all extensions of pain. Then, we lust for more. More simplicity. More love. More comfort. More peace of mind. The moment passes. Is time an almighty force beyond our control, or can we use mindfulness and gratitude to secure a moment forever? Maybe there is magic in the interconnectedness of the transitions we make in and out of these precious moments. After all, isn’t life just a monstrous web of moments all working towards a common destination…or should I say… power? Maybe that common power is a miracle- the product of all moments that we, together, create and share. Pay attention to, love, and mature within your moments, because they will set you free. To you, what does it mean to be free? At what milestone are you inclined to remove the trap from the top of your brain and the center of your heart? In our physical state of being, we cannot move backward into a situation of real-time. However, we constantly allow our minds to backtrack and recess at the first hint of stress, rejection, and the possibility of failure. The scary part isn’t failing, it’s succeeding among our wildest dreams. In our moments of failure, we reason with comfort and security. We recognize the outcome when something doesn’t work, and deep down we are wired to accept it. We ignore it because it’s easy. Why are we so willing to strip down to our bare asses and sled down the mountain that we just spent massive amounts of energy, time, and enthusiasm building? In the moment, why is it so easy to quit? The answer doesn’t lie deep in the secrets of humanity, only bearing its head to a lucky blind man on rare occasions. The answer is a mindfuck, wired deep into our DNA, designed as a sense of comfort and security for survival. We had to feel fear to develop and survive as a species. I get that. But we also had to be fearless to be the successors over those who weren’t. As soon as we tap into the super intelligence that creates the magic of our reality and existence- the mind, the body, and the connectivity of our neurological system and the earth itself- we discover that our entire existence is the creation of all powers and matters surrounding us. We are a deep ocean of freedom and success with endless outcomes and possibilities. Each one of our experiences interacts with, relates, and ultimately produces energy that binds all of life AS WE KNOW IT. We make the decision to filter any given situation as we see fit to our liking or disliking. We know it as we choose to know it. We love it more than anything, and we hate it more than everything. How you choose to engage and react at any moment will dictate the outcome of your actions. You have all the magic and power in the world wired inside of you, ready to paint all of your moments with freedom. You don’t have to climb a mountain to find the promise land; you just have to decide when you’ll find it. Take this moment, and make it yours.
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