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Episode from the podcastThe Assistants Together Podcast

Cate Heaphy and Kerry Robinson, Founders of The Online Assistants

Released Wednesday, 5th May 2021
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My guests are Kerry Robinson and Cate Heaphy, the founders of The Online Assistants. Both really experienced and successful Executive Assistants, Kerry and Cate launched their business after they shared a bottle of wine and started talking about the future of the assistant role and how they felt how they would fit into that.

They quickly launched the business, and worked incredibly hard to really build a successful operation. They’ve set their own rules about how they want to live their lives and how and where they choose to work. This has allowed them to push forward with the business on their terms and they have learned so so much along the way.

Together they share the trials and tribulations of launching a business, building relationships and setting boundaries, as well as how they have learned on the job. Kerry and Cate are so determined and open about their experiences which is really generous - it’s not often you hear business owners talk so candidly about their successes and failures.

They both clearly love what they do and it’s so great to hear their growth mindset has enabled them to push forward and create the lives that they want. This is a must listen for anyone who is thinking of taking the leap of becoming a VA and shaping their own career.

💥What led them to starting the business

💥Clarity and purpose of your goal

💥Knowing what you love doing and what you don’t

💥Building a business

💥 Creating opportunities for yourself

💥 Learning on the job

💥 Choosing which clients to work with

💥 How to get started

💥 Why they wanted to build a business

💥 Mistakes made along the way

💥 The importance of a growth mindset

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