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Lauren Bradley, Founder of The Officials Special Careers and Job Searching Episode

Released Thursday, 11th March 2021
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As an Assistant you cannot miss this episode, this is a very special episode with Lauren Bradley, Founder of The Officials.

Lauren has been a guest on the podcast before and our conversations about careers led to me creating a course for The Officials members.

Lauren and I deep dive into how you can really shape your career in the way that you want to.

Lauren and I have had so many conversations about careers and job searching that we decided to record it and share it with you instead of keeping these things to ourselves.

Earlier this year I created a course for The Officials called Success Planning for Career Growth. We know what it’s like, you’re busy and you like your job so you aren’t thinking about are shaping your career and how to position yourself to get the opportunities that you want. Or you need a job and you’re not sure what is going wrong in your job search.

This course I created can be used at any time in your career to really assess where you are and how you can move forward. You can access the course as part of The Officials membership and check out the links below to find out more about this community.

We are really busting myths about job searching and careers here!

You can find all the information about The Officials, the courses we mention, the webinar we did and how you can get in touch with Lauren below.

Just some of the things we speak about:

💥The value of continued learning
💥Why applying for jobs is so hard
💥The difference between a transactional and cultural Assistant
💥Articulating what you do in a review
💥Traditional CVs and how to update yours
💥Why we hate the word excellence on CVs
💥Defining how you can define who you are and what you do
💥How putting your blinders on when looking for a job will change your perspective
💥Whatever the economic climate the basics of a job search remain the same
💥Why auditing your career honestly will pave the way to success
💥Putting you back into the process
💥Creating a career foundation

On-demand Webinar (Replay) Link: https://jointheofficials.com/webinar-land-your-dre…
The Officials Success Planning for Career Growth: https://jointheofficials.com/careergrowth 
The blog that I wrote for members of The Officials: https://jointheofficials.com/the-art-of-efficient-…

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💥Success Planning for Career Growth 💥Course Price: $37 USD
💥Coupon Code for $10 Off course price: CAREERGROWTH

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