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We're sorry (and we love you)
There's no new storytelling podcast episode. Why not? Allow us to explain. We also answer some of your questions in this shorter episode.
Originality in storytelling
What is originality? Why do storytellers pursue it? Was Avatar really just Pocahontas in Space? Was A.I. just Pinocchio in the future? Was The Shawshank Redemption really about Jesus? Can we go one episode without mentioning Tolkien, Brandon Sande…
FEAR in storytelling
Fear is the mind-killer, but it's also an essential part of storytelling. So face your fears with us as we explore what haunts the darkest dreams of characters and audiences and why. We delve into a world of madness, trauma, anguish and terror. We…
The Sidekick
If you've got someone by your side whom you can kick, then you've got a sidekick. Sounds like fun! So in this episode, Eline and Domien explore some of the famous sidekicks throughout storytelling history, what types of sidekicks there are and how…
Common storytelling mistakes
In this episode, we LITERALLY explode talking about common writing mistakes and we beat outselves up over our own flaws and neurotic compulsions. Things mentioned in this episode: Frasier Futurama Rosetta The Big Lebowski 3rd Rock from the Sun The…
Storytelling Point of View (part 2 of 2)
Last week we discussed points of view of narration in novels. This week, we talk about point of view as it is used in video games and movies, where the camera takes on much the same role as the narrator in a book. We also talk about audio drama. O…
Storytelling Point of View (part 1 of 2)
"I remember it like it was yesterday..." or "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away?" There are very different ways to tell a story and viewpoint is one of those technical things in writing that can have a huge impact even though the audience d…
Adaptations in storytelling - Storytelling podcast #9
Every medium has its own strengths and weaknesses to tell certain kinds of stories. In this episode, we discuss how adaptations into a different medium can work, how you could make a Tetris movie work and why Peter Jackson has to make the Witch Hu…
The hero in storytelling - Storytelling podcast #8
Frodo Baggins, Superman, Luke Skywalker... Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, but what is the defining characteristic that binds them? In this episode, we get into that topic and also go on a bit of a tangent about Belgian comic book characters …
Prophecy & Destiny - Storytelling podcast #7
Since the ancient days, it has been foretold that we would do this episode. We talk about the role of prophecy and destiny in storytelling, which turns out to be huge. We also spoil the ending of almost every movie ever made. Get cozy with a nice …
Humor in storytelling - Storytelling podcast #6
Last week we delved into a topic related to horror, so this week we decided to go in the completely opposite direction and explore comedy. Somehow, we still couldn't avoid talking quite a bit about horror, too. Eline admits that her favorite momen…
VAMPIRES - Storytelling podcast #5
What is the terror that stalks the night in search of living blood? The answer is mosquitoes, but vampires can be pretty annoying too. In this episode, we talk about the various ways vampires have been used in books, movies and games, how the sign…
Bizarre story elements in kids' TV shows - Storytelling podcast #4
We're the parents of a toddler and so we get to watch a lot of TV shows aimed at very young children and we noticed just how strange they are most of the time. In this episode, we try to unravel the hows and whys of talking trees, muddy puddles an…
Storytelling in tabletop roleplaying games - Storytelling podcast #3
We've played a lot of different roleplaying games and tried out various systems and settings, so of course we had to do an episode about them. We talk about the unique storytelling opportunities that this hobby presents, how it is a shared storytel…
Why a storytelling podcast? Storytelling podcast #0
A new episode! What, already? Yes, already! We talk a bit about the whole idea behind the Storytelling podcast, why we're doing this and what we have planned for the future.
Storytelling in video games - Storytelling podcast #2
We like video games, so we decided to have a chat about them. This medium differs quite a bit from others, so we had a lot to say about the unique qualities of this interactive form of storytelling.  Games series mentioned: The Elder Scrolls V: Sk…
How long is an epic? Storytelling podcast #1
This is the first of our storytelling conversations. The idea is to have one every week from now on. We both like epic stories, but just how long and complicated does a story need to be to get that epic feel we love so much?  Mentioned or discusse…
Summer status update
Greetings, listener. In this episode, I talk about the current state of Audio Epics, I have some good news and some less-good news, and I make some announcements. Please enjoy!
An interview with Peter Van Riet
In the latest Audio Epics podcast episode, Domien sits down with composer Peter Van Riet to talk mostly about music, although some quotes from "The Room" may have made their way into the interview. We talk about The Will of the Woods, Witch Hunter …
The Beast of the Western Wilds: a retrospective
Now that the final episode of The Beast of the Western Wilds has aired on our podcast and on YouTube, I feel it’s a good time to take a look back and talk about this story – how the idea for it came up, what I was trying to achieve with it and how …
The Beast of the Western Wilds : A Witch Hunter Tale - part 8
The last episode of The Beast of the Western Wilds brings us to the final encounter with the beast itself! How will this tale end? Find out! This dark fantasy dramatized audiobook is fit for both newcomers and fans of the Witch Hunter series. Of c…
The Beast of the Western Wilds : A Witch Hunter Tale - part 7
Episode 7 of The Beast of the Western Wilds brings us to another realm, where Ludlov will face an evil he cannot defeat with swords or pistols... This dark fantasy dramatized audiobook is fit for both newcomers and fans of the Witch Hunter series.…
The Beast of the Western Wilds : A Witch Hunter Tale - part 6
In the sixth episode of The Beast of the Western Wilds, Ludlov will need to find a way to combat the root of all the evil that has been plaguing Schnertwald... This dark fantasy dramatized audiobook is fit for both newcomers and fans of the Witch …
The Beast of the Western Wilds : A Witch Hunter Tale - part 5
Episode 5 of The Beast of the Western Wilds brings us to Castle Edelhart, where a dark history will be revealed... This dark fantasy dramatized audiobook is fit for both newcomers and fans of the Witch Hunter series. Of course you do need to liste…
The Beast of the Western Wilds : A Witch Hunter Tale - part 4
In the fourth episode of The Beast of the Western Wilds we leave Schnertwald behind us and enter the deep, dark wilderness of the Western Wilds, ready for a monster-hunt! This dark fantasy dramatized audiobook is fit for both newcomers and fans of…
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