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2020 Showcase: Encounter Party!

Released Saturday, 3rd October 2020
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This is Ned Donovan, Producer and Voice Actor on Encounter Party! an audio adventure of six professional voice actors battling through an epic Dungeons & Dragons campaign set inside the Magic the Gathering realm of Ravnica and fine tuned to edit out fluff and filler and deliver you pure adventure in under an hour. 

This is episode eight of season two, The Snake among Wurms. There are quite a few spoilers to our show in here. However, what you get to hear in this episode is truly an example of both the cast and the player characters puzzling out a truly complex story inside an emotional upheaval of everyone involved. It really showcases how wonderful our cast is, and the work by our incredible Dungeon Master Brian David Jenkins to weave a tale that can stump but still excite everyone involved. 

This episode comes about halfway through our second season which finds our party trapped within a Boris legionnaire fort that is being surrounded by a deadly wurm and inside there is a threat that no one can quite name or discover. 

Thank you for listening.

Transcript coming soon. 


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