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Cullen Taylor Clark is the co-founder of Aether Herbalist and Apothecary. A young company on a mission to restore our connection to the ancient art and healing benefits of herbalism. In today’s episode we hear how Cullen took a sharp turn away from a career in corporate to discover a whole new world much closer to nature. As he ventured down this path, he became increasingly more aware of the abundance of medicinal and edible wild foods we have growing in our forests, fields and even our gardens. Fueled with inspiration and curiosity, he developed a deep understanding of herbal and mushroom medicines and now shares this knowledge openly and with passion.For Cullen, foraging is more than just harvesting edible and medicinal foods, it's a practice of meditation that deepens his connection with nature. He shares some of his top tips and personal experiences. He explains that our primal instincts are not too far below the surface and that it doesn’t take long for them to be activated and for us to tap into this ancient knowledge and practice.Cullen shares his top 3 medicinal foods and why we should all have them in our cupboards. He explains the foraging best practices we should follow to minimise our impact and rather harvest in a way that promotes growth and sustainability.We learn about pioneer plants, we hear about an amazing fungi discovery, we talk barefoot walking and mindfulness in nature and so much more!Cullen and his company is based in South Africa but the knowledge and inspiration he shares can easily be applied wherever you may be.If you are left feeling inspired to learn more about foraging or to include more wild foods in your diet then I highly recommend checking out the free eBooks that Cullen and his team have put together.Download FREE eBook HEREFollow Cullen and Aether on Instagram HEREFollow the Awaken to Nature journey:InstagramFind more episodes HEREIf you enjoyed this episode then please consider sharing  it with a friend who you think would benefit.Leaving a review on Apple only takes a few seconds and really helps other people discover our podcast.Thanks for your support!
James van Minnen is a professional percussionist who was inspired at an early age by his musical family and at school by a particular teacher who opened the doors to the world of Ethnomusicology.This sparked an interest that would lead him down a journey of musical discovery exploring ancient instruments and the sounds they make. He is trained in the typical drum set but also an accomplished percussionist of middle eastern and ethnic instruments.In this conversation we hear how an experience he had whilst playing the frame drum would ignite a dream to create a unique album called The Cave Project - Meditations and Lullabies.Today we hear about the story from inception to recording and the various ways things aligned to make a challenging project possible. From cave hunting to recording in a non traditional way to ensure the natural environment was respected and included. This is a story about a man who wanted to honour a place through the expression of music. He sees music as the great connector that bridges time and culture. It's a tool that can be used to shift our state. During our conversation James eloquently weaves some interesting information related to the origin and history of a variety of instruments.James reminds us that music speaks through us and he believes that anyone can make music. We just need to be open to receive in order to express. This is about letting go and being present to the moment. Links from this episode:The Making of the Cave ProjectRootspring MusicThe Misty CliffsJames Youtube PlaylistFollow the Awaken to Nature journey:InstagramFacebookFind more episodes here
My guest today is Kheyrne Danu, a Woman’s Embodiment Coach, workshop facilitator and birth Doula based in Cape Town South Africa. Kheyrne feels that there is an ancient feminine pulse of life that moves through us all, her mission is to help people awaken to this force, so that they can discover deeper connection and their innate vitality.Kheyrne is fascinated by the natural rhythms and cycles of life, feeling they are key to our ability to thrive.In this episode we discuss the elements of modern living that have disrupted and disconnected us from these natural rhythms. The constant pressure of always needing to deliver more and the fast pace we’re expected to maintain are key influences causing this disconnect.In our conversation we learn that when we recognise and respect the natural rhythm of life, we’re able to maintain a healthier balance of health and wellbeing.Kheyrne shares valuable insights on a woman's menstrual cycle, explaining that there are four phases which all have a very specific effect on mood. We learn about Circadian Rhythm and how to go about improving the quality of our sleep and why that is massively beneficial for us on so many levels. We talk about the importance of ritual and the need to make time to rest. By being aware and in tune with these cycles we’re better equipped to promote creativity, health and wellbeing. We cover so much more and I have no doubt that you will gain loads of value from this episode, enjoy the show. Head on over to or Instagram to find out more about Kheyrne’s amazing work.Follow the JOURNEY on social media to find out more;Instagram > @awakentonatureFacebook > @awakentonatureSign Up to our ‘Podcast Portal’ for access to show notes, exclusive content and special offers.Sign Up >
My very first guest on The Awaken to Nature Podcast is Roushanna Gray, an award winning wild food innovator and avid forager. After many years of developing her knowledge and connection with the edible landscape she created Veld & Sea. They offer a variety of seasonal and sustainable foraging classes and workshops. These fully immersive experiences awaken the senses and ignite a reconnection to nature and the abundance of nutritious and delicious wild foods that can be found in the inter-tidal pools and rocky Fynbos gardens of the Cape Peninsula.In this episode we hear how Roushanna has developed an intimate relationship with nature and that there is a lot more to foraging than simply walking out into the bush or coastline and picking whatever you choose. She talks about the importance of learning to identify what can and what can’t be eaten because in South Africa and I am sure in most parts of the world there are many potentially poisonous plants to be aware of.We learn about respecting seasons, there are good times and not so good times to forage certain foods. Understanding and following these cycles is crucial for creating a sustainable forgaing practice.At the core of Roushanna’s teaching, is the importance of building a relationship with nature and the food it provides. To build this relationship you need to take your time… be curious... and if possible, plant these wild foods in your garden. That way you can experience the plant through the seasons and learn how to use it and enjoy the various flavour profiles on offer throughout the year.Find out
Hi Guys,My 'Reflect & Review' process took me deeper than expected and am super stoked with where I am at now.I'm happy to be sharing the news for the first time with your here. All is revealed in this short episode, including the NEW name for the podcast :)As a subscriber, nothing will change, except the name and the artwork. You will continue to receive all the latest episodes.I have some some fantastic guests lined up and I have a few surprises up my sleeve, so stay tuned.Instagram and Facebook accounts will evolve, the account will stay the same but the name will change. I would love to hear from you, send me a DM to let me know what you think about the evolution.@capetownrealThank you for joining me on this journey. All the bestMike
In this conversation I sit down with Jenni Trethowan the Founder and Director of Baboon Matters, an organisation which has provided a ‘Voice for Baboons’ for over 25 years.In case you don’t know, baboons are the largest primates we have roaming wild, in and around Cape Town and as Jenni puts it, baboons are a very polarising topic, generally people either love or hate them.Jenni’s journey started with the Kommetjie Environmental Awareness Group(KEAG) an organisation she founded with a partner. This experience opened her eyes to the subtle connection that exists between plants, animals and humans, seeing how they are all interrelated. Back in those days, almost 30years ago, Baboons were not protected and it was not uncommon to hear of an entire troop being killed if they had caused any disturbance in the suburbs.This is part of what inspired Jenni to take action and launch Baboon Matters to focus on educating the public, securing their protection and to help create a sustainable solution to a peaceful coexistence.After years of tracking and observing these amazing animals, Jenni has gained deep insight into their behaviour and offers valuable perspective on how we can go about creating a safer environment for Baboons. She also shares her top tips on how to be better prepared for a potential baboon encounter on your property or in the wild.Although this conversation focuses on baboons and our relationship with them in Cape Town, it touches on the much bigger conversation of humans and our relationship with nature. It highlights how, if we don’t take the right approach and strive to find a compatible balance, we may wake up one day and realise that it's too late. Now is the time to make the difference, to be part of the solution, as we’ve said before, if we take the attitude of ‘I can make a difference’ then surely we will make a difference.Follow the JOURNEY on social media to find out more;Instagram > @capetownrealFacebook > @capetownrealtribeSign Up to our ‘Podcast Portal’ for access to show notes, exclusive content and special offers.Sign Up >
Hi Guys,My 'Intuitive Impulses' are telling me to Reflect & Review, so here is a quick update regarding where I am at with Cape Town Real.Follow the JOURNEY on social media to find out more;Instagram > @capetownrealFacebook > @capetownrealtribeSign Up to our ‘Podcast Portal’ for access to show notes, exclusive content and special offers.Sign Up >
Shamier Magmoet is a man on a mission to make a difference.He grew up and still lives on The Cape Flats, which as he says, is a “bit of a rough neighbourhood”. It's a place where children can very easily fall into the wrong crowd and be influenced by drugs and crime.Shamier tells us how he would often escape to the sea in search of peace and silence. One day after being invited to go free-diving, he was able to see what lay beneath the ocean for the very first time. Although he was amazed by the beauty, he was left asking himself;Why has it taken so long to experience this?Why have I not been shown this before?After a little while the initial frustration was replaced with inspiration and motivation. We hear how this led to him and his partners setting up Sea The Bigger Picture, a non-profit organisation with a big focus on educating the youth about ocean ecology and the conservation of it.Shamier leads by example showing the children from his neighbourhood what is possible and that “You shouldn’t let where you live, dictate what you dream”. He captures this beautifully in his recently released film RISE FROM THE CAPE FLATS. We hear how he won the grant and will gain some insight into the journey he went on creating the film. Shamier makes it very clear that his achievements would not have been possible without the support he has received. He talks about the power of working as a team and how we all have our turn to support and be supported.Shamier has a deep respect for the ocean, he also has a deep love which he has directed into giving the youth from his neighbourhood other choices. He demonstrates that if you look beyond your immediate environment, you will see that we are part of something much bigger and that we need to all play our part in upholding the beauty and health of our environment.Sign Up to our ‘Podcast Portal’ for access to show notes, exclusive content and special offers.Sign Up > THE COMMUNITY:Instagram > @capetownrealFacebook > @capetownrealtribe
Brian Bergman is a qualified Vet who currently works from a Veterinary Practice in Khayelitsha. Although this in itself would be a fascinating conversation, we ended up not discussing it at all. Instead I learned that he almost gave up Veterinary, in today's conversation we will hear how a trip to Nepal would lead him to an Ashram in India. Brian would end up spending a year studying at the Ashram, learning meditation and practicing Sivananda and Karma Yoga, the latter is very much focused on ‘service’, with the intention of becoming more aware of self and to grow.  Brian shares some stories from his time at the Ashram and we will learn how it would go on to shape his approach to life.On his return to South Africa, Brian attempted to move away from Veterinary but was drawn back rather quickly, this time able to approach it with a whole new mindset which would give him deeper fulfillment.He wanted to continue the practice of service he had learnt at the Ashram so he created a Prison Yoga Project which he ran with a partner for 10 consecutive years. This experience would prove to be hugely beneficial for the prisoners but was also a deep learning experience for him too.Brian talks about how the practice of yoga has evolved for him, to be a mindful practice that he sets about maintaining throughout his day, by being present, aware and connected to his surroundings. This is something he shared with the prisoners too, many of whom would end up completing Yoga Instructor courses whilst in prison. It was really fascinating to hear about the project.Brian talks about how a difficult breakup with his long time partner would see him briefly turn away from all the practices he had learnt. It was at this time that he properly discovered the healing process of dance. We hear about his journey with dance and how he has managed to combine yogic practices with dance, to create deep transformational experiences.I really enjoyed our conversation, we explore what it means to be human and how, by being of service, we can transcend aspects of ourselves to enjoy a richer experience of life.I know you will find great value in this episode.Sign Up to our ‘Podcast Portal’ for access to show notes, exclusive content and special offers.Sign Up > THE COMMUNITY:Instagram > @capetownrealFacebook > @capetownrealtribe
Hi Guys,Episode 11 is my first solo podcast. I thought it would be a good time to stop and reflect on  the journey so far and to give you some insight into how I see things shaping up for Cape Town Real.You will hear about my original inspiration and the intuitive impulses that followed. I touch on my path to GOING LIVE. It's mostly about the evolution of what Cape Town Real is all about and my personal process of 'uncovering and discovering' the direction.You will get to hear my answer to my first question that I ask all guests as well as the quick fire five that I include right at the end.Sign Up to our ‘Podcast Portal’ for access to show notes, exclusive content and special offers.Sign Up > THE COMMUNITY:Instagram > @capetownrealFacebook > @capetownrealtribe
Robyn Smith knew from a young age that she had a purpose to fulfill and that she was going to make a positive impact on the world.In this conversation we first travel back in time to 2006 when Robyn launched Faithful to Nature, an online store dedicated to all things natural, organic and ethical. We explore the businesses journey, including some of the early wins and challenges and we will hear how Robyn recognised the value in her customers from the very beginning and how her customer centric approach would be a major contributing factor to the businesses success. We will hear about the company culture she created and how she led from a place of love not fear. We hear how her journey evolved as she took on investors and planned her shift in role which would allow her to focus on ‘Robyn on Earth’.Although this is a fairly new venture, we will hear how ‘Robyn on Earth’ was always there, it's just that now she is able to fully embrace the role. Which is to awaken and empower people to their true selves and full potential. Robyn is so passionate about this path and she shares some great tips and practices that everyone can easily apply to make steps towards living a life of joy. From conscious business to spiritual development, Robyn shows what is possible when you approach life with love and purpose.I have no doubt that you will find loads of value in this episode.Sign Up to our ‘Podcast Portal’ for access to show notes, exclusive content and special offers.Sign Up > THE COMMUNITY:Instagram > @capetownrealFacebook > @capetownrealtribe
Ceinwen Smith grew up in the sleepy village of Noordhoek where her days were filled with horse riding, surfing and exploring the wild lands and oceans of the South Peninsula. She developed a strong connection with animals and the environment from an early age, this passion and curiosity would fuel her academic journey through BSc, Honours and ending with her Masters of Science(MSc).Along the way, Ceinwen completed two trips to Antarctica, one as an oceanographic researcher and the second, also in the field of oceanography, but this time collecting data for her MSc and also responsible for the team’s research.In this episode we will gain some insight into the research she was carrying out and what it was like to experience the extreme conditions of Antarctica.Our conversation follows her journey from Oceanography back to land where we will hear about some of the fascinating projects she has been involved with, including field research in Kruger National Park and Fynbos related work here in the Western Cape. We will learn more about the local factors and special conditions that make the Western Cape so unique.We then focus on her current project, The Ingcungcu Sunbird Restoration Project, which sets out to create ecological corridors to help sugarbirds, sunbirds and other pollinators travel and migrate through the urban environment of the Cape Flats. We will hear how the team plans to go about establishing this network and why it is so important for our local ecology. We will also hear how the project is creating a platform for education, teaching the youth valuable life and leadership skills as well as helping to establish the importance of connecting with nature.Apart from being able to draw on an incredible library of knowledge and experiences, Ceinwen also has such a deep appreciation and love for the natural world.  She reminds us how having this connection is vital to living a healthy life and that no matter what our circumstances may be, we should all take the time to find a way to connect with nature on a regular basis.Sign Up to our ‘Podcast Portal’ for access to show notes, exclusive content and special offers.Sign Up > THE COMMUNITY:Instagram > @capetownrealFacebook > @capetownrealtribe
Matt Bromley is a Professional Big Wave Surfer from Cape Town, South Africa. Growing up in Kommetjie, a seaside village on the South Peninsular of Cape Town, Matt had access to several big wave surf spots on his doorstep such as Sunsets and Dungeons Reef. Matt tells us about how a surf session at Dungeons at the age of 17 turned from a terrifying experience into a life changing experience which ultimately set him on course to becoming a professional Big Wave Surfer. Matt talks about how he has found a great sense of purpose in riding big waves and how in times where he should be terrified he is able to tap into a deep inner peace through his faith and trust. We hear about how he ‘chases’ storms in search of the next BIG wave and how as a surfer you are at the mercy of nature, which not even the best technology in the world can predict with 100% accuracy, he talks about how we should learn to enjoy not having control over everything.Matt’s search for the biggest waves has taken him around the world which he has documented in films such as Risky Business and Global Slab Hunter.Matt is an inspirational young guy who leads by example, showing us what is possible when you plan, prepare and live with purpose.Sign Up to our ‘Podcast Portal’ for access to show notes, exclusive content and special offers.Sign Up > THE COMMUNITY:Instagram > @capetownrealFacebook > @capetownrealtribe
Eric Riemann is a company Director and Head of Operations for Adventure Inc. a company which has played an important role in growing the ‘Outdoor and Adventure’ market in South Africa. They represent some of the best adventure brands from around the world and since launching in 2002, have introduced several firsts to South Africa.At its core, Adventure Inc. is all about providing premium outdoor gear to inspire, motivate and support adventure and experiencing the elements of nature. This is reflected in their careful selection of world class brands which include; Buff, Osprey, Sea to Summit, La Sportiva, Hydro Flask and many more.We learn about their move from Johannesburg to Cape Town and the evolution of the South African market. Eric talks about building brands, segmentation and we’ll get a peek into how they go about finding, selecting and marketing some of these global brands. Eric’s personal journey has seen him grow from a local Sales Rep to a Company Director who travels the world meeting with industry leaders. Eric reflects on what it was like doing international business 20 years ago and reminds us of how far we have come as a country. It may not be perfect but we have a lot to be proud of.I really enjoyed my conversation with Eric and learning about how they have gone about making the outdoors and adventure more accessible and safer for us to explore.Sign Up to our ‘Podcast Portal’ for access to show notes, exclusive content and special offers.Sign Up > THE COMMUNITY:Instagram > @capetownrealFacebook > @capetownrealtribe
Gary Te Roller adopts a multi-pronged-approach to deliver his message and mission, which is to empower people to live and speak their truth. He is a Mindset and Performance Coach, Podcast host, Online Course Creator and Public Speaker.Gary wasn’t always this way, in this episode he shares his story of how he shifted from a bored, unfulfilled corporate high flyer and substance abuser to being a man driven by compassion and purpose. He talks about his journey of transformation and shares how he is on a mission to empower other people to find their true purpose.We cover some important points like stepping into the unknown and stopping the habit of ‘people pleasing’, Gary talks about the importance of holding yourself accountable and shares some tools that you can apply in order to live a better life.I have no doubt that this conversation will leave you feeling informed and inspired to take action.Sign Up to our ‘Podcast Portal’ for access to show notes, exclusive content and special offers.Sign Up > THE COMMUNITY:Instagram > @capetownrealFacebook > @capetownrealtribe
Peter Daniel is the co-founder and CEO of Soaring Free Superfoods. A company which pioneered the superfood category in South Africa and has been providing cutting edge education and inspiration for the past 15 years.Peter is an author, a public speaker, researcher and experimenter. He has dedicated the past 20 years to uncovering and discovering how to go about achieving and enjoying optimum health. His driving passion is to awaken people to their passion and to live their healthiest life.In this episode we start off by hearing some of Peter’s views related to the current global situation. We get into the psychology of fear and conditioning and the question around personal freedom. We then move onto deeper aspects of health and wellbeing, the importance of a strong immune system and how to go about living your healthiest life. He shares some top tips and techniques which you can easily apply. Sign Up to our ‘Podcast Portal’ for access to show notes, exclusive content and special offers.Sign Up > THE COMMUNITY:Instagram > @capetownrealFacebook > @capetownrealtribe
Candice Bodington left the regular 9 to 5 in search of more! After Qualifying as a Personal Trainer, Nutrition Advisor & SWEAT 1000 Instructor, Candice launched her company and brand Candibod, which has a strong focus on health, fitness and girl POWER.In our conversation we discover the journey Candice has had as an Entrepreneur and Digital Creator and how over the years her company has grown to offer several products and services which includes; The Candibod Fit-Club, The Bodcast Podcast, Bod-Services, Social Media - Marketing and Photography.We hear about how striving to be the best led to her becoming rather ill, but then also how she managed to bounce back and achieve balance and a much healthier mindset. We cover many important topics such as building a community, adapting to the social media machine and how being authentic is important.It’s a great conversation and you will definitely get to learn a lot about the women behind the Candibod brand.Sign Up to our ‘Podcast Portal’ for access to show notes, exclusive content and special offers.Sign Up > THE COMMUNITY:Instagram > @capetownrealFacebook > @capetownrealtribe
Tony Budden is the co-founder and Head of Business Development for Hemporium, a Cape Town based company that has pioneered the Cannabis industry in South Africa. Their mission is to provide eco-friendly solutions to the global need for sustainable materials.Tony has been at the forefront of Cannabis research and activism in South Africa for over 20 years and has recently been recognised as one of the top 100 Cannabis influencers of all time!Tony guides us through some of the basics and then takes us a little deeper into some of the more complex properties that Cannabis has to offer us medicinally and as a solution for sustainable material.We will hear about how hemp is helping to save lives by supporting a soup kitchen in a local informal settlement. We cover some of the legal stuff, clearing up any confusion around the current legislation and will hear about some of the expected changes to legislation and why they would be important for our economy. Sign Up to our ‘Podcast Portal’ for access to show notes, exclusive content and special offers.Sign Up > THE COMMUNITY:Instagram > @capetownrealFacebook > @capetownrealtribe
Peter takes us on a journey into the fascinating world of fungi, which after all is its own KINGDOM. So as you can imagine, there is a lot to talk about. Peter helps breakdown this complex world into bite size chunks, so hop on and enjoy the ride.Along the way we will cover some basics and also dive deeper into specifics related to culinary and medicinal mushrooms and all they have to offer.  We will also learn about how fungi may hold some incredible abilities to create restorative and sustainable solutions for the future health of our planet. We will get a peak into some of what Peter and his business partner Andrew Reid have been up to for the past 4 years at Harmonic Mycology and we will learn a bit about some of their future plans.I was totally blown away by Peter’s knowledge of the fungi world and I am sure you will be too.Sign Up to our ‘Podcast Portal’ for access to show notes, exclusive content and special offers.Sign Up > THE COMMUNITY:Instagram > @capetownrealFacebook > @capetownrealtribe
Jade is a 14year old young lady with some BIG dreams, one of them is to build a home for a homeless person using plastic that she, along with her team from Oceano Reddentes collect from polluted beaches.In this episode we hear about how Jade was inspired to create a non-profit organisation at the age of 12 and that in only 2 years she has already won several awards which included a trip to Hawaii and has shaken hands with a real Prince. She gives us some top tips on how to reduce our impact on plastic pollution and has loads of knowledge and inspiration to share.Sign Up to our ‘Podcast Portal’ for access to show notes, exclusive content and special offers.Sign Up > THE COMMUNITY:Instagram > @capetownrealFacebook > @capetownrealtribe
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