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There are a lot of new marketing tools and more are coming out every day. Some include: Lead Pages, Click Funnels, Infusionsoft, Aweber, Deadline Funnels, and many others. I think that they are all awesome tools but most present themselves as a complete solution to your marketing needs. There is a real difference between a Marketing Funnel and a Marketing System. A Marketing System has a lot of moving parts that have to be integrated and coordinated to meet a desired result. In this episode, I will discuss the differences between Marketing Funnels and a Marketing Systems, how they work, and why one may be better for you and your business.
Stacey Hylen is an internationally recognized business growth strategist and coach and was named International Coach of the Year in 2016. For over 15 years Stacey has been helping 6-7 figure entrepreneurs with powerful marketing and sales strategies to get more clients, more profit and more time off to enjoy who and what they love. She is the creator of several popular programs, "The Hidden Profits System”, "Become a Magnet: Attracting Your Perfect Clients" and “Selling with Confidence: Getting a Yes Without Being Pushy”. She served as Vice President of Consulting and a Senior Coach for Chet Holmes’ and Anthony Robbins’ world renowned Business Mastery Program Stacey has been featured and quoted in CNN, INC, MSN Money, Fox Business and Entrepreneur Magazine and many other media outlets throughout North America. Stacey dropped additional nuggets of sales and marketing goodness in the EXTENDED Interview. Be sure to click here to access all of our great extended interviews, transcripts and more within our Insider's Club. You can try it for the entire month for only $1.00!  
I have a few questions for you... How long has it been since you updated your website? Has your business changed or evolved over the last 3 years? Does your brand help you stand out from the crowd of businesses who do what you do in business? I recently completely updated my brand to better reflect that I "Help businesses develop and execute a customer-focused marketing system." When I looked at my website, I noticed that it focused more on what I did for my customers, rather than how and why I am different that people who call themselves web developers. In this podcast, I will help you answer 3 more questions... Does your website really reflect what your business does today? Does your website speak to your audience in a way that differentiates you? Do your messages make it clear to your audience what makes you different? Let me know your thoughts and feedback!  
Finally, a way to complete your sales funnel! There are 10 key pieces to creating an effective and lucrative Online Funnel.  Jean Lanoue is a best-selling author, a national public speaker and has been recognized as one of America’s Premier Experts in Digital Marketing and Social Media. She is obsessed with solving your online puzzle. Jean solves your puzzle with a simple, straightforward step-by-step system that tells you where and when to place your pieces to get top dollar results. Her 10 Week Funnel system, guides you to know exactly what to do to get you the fastest funnel to cash. She is a certified Guerrilla Marketing Master Trainer and serves on their advisory board. Plus she is a Digital Marketer and Infusionsoft Certified Partner, Active Campaign, Google Partner, and holds a certification in Online Sales Funnels and Inbound Marketing.  Marketing is kind of her thing.  She is a longtime entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of The Social Jeanie and Digital Marketing Genie, two successful Central Florida-based businesses that help magically solve the puzzle of the online marketing world. She is obsessed with marketing and growing/doubling the revenue of small businesses.
Have you ever posted something on social media that you have regretted? Question 2: Did you regret it because it was wrong, or because other people hijacked the post and started a war with you and you friends on a topic you feel passionate about. If people are killed because of hate in foreign countries, I can post that without remorse. If people die in in our country, and I post my feelings (not political leanings or making a statement that was meant to be divisive) it becomes divisive. Our country has become so divided, that a simple post like "I am saddened" attached to a news story, can get people so riled up that my friends start getting mean, and argumentative so much that I NOW have to delete some posts. "I am saddened"! Why has social media become so Anti-Social? In this episode, I will layout three things that I hope people will take to heart and STOP DOING! These include: Stop Judging, Posting Without Some Research, and the "Question Post". Take a listen and let me know your thoughts?
Welcome to Episode 200... It's been almost 2 years since I started the Bacon Podcast. One of the things I love about this podcast is interviewing some incredible guests. You get to listen in on my conversations with people who I want to learn from and you get the opportunity to learn along with me for free! I would love for you to listen to all of the almost 100 experts and hope you will... but I wanted to give you some of my favorites. I love them all, but here is my list. Episode 41 – Bright Shiny Object Syndrome with Kelly McCausey Episode 49 – Overcoming Overwhelm with Karolyn Blume Episode 57 – Joint Ventures with Gina Gaudio Graves Episode 85 – Using Interviews To Grow Your Business with Esther Kiss Episode 101 – Analytics and Measuring Milestones with Andy Crestodina Episode 113 – Sales Letters & Sales Pages with Armand Morin Episode 131 – The New Game Of Selling with Mitch Axelrod Episode 155 – Content Marketing with Brad Gosse Episode 171 – Breaking Through With Coaching & EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) with Marla Tabaka Episode 197 – How To Eat An Elephant & Land A Whale with Mark S. A. Smith Bonus Episode 67 – Storytelling In Marketing with Michael Hauge Use the Coupon Code: BACON to Save Over 75%  
I just got back from a conference in Atlanta call Exposure and Profit, and it was an excellent weekend of great speakers and masterminds. I learned an amazing amount of tips, techniques, and concepts. Mor importantly, I walked away with some clarity on how to focus my business become more profitable. I wanted to share the 5 major concepts that I am sure can help you get the most of what I had learned. Find Perfect Clients Clear Sales Messages Steady Traffic Easy Call To Action Fantastic Follow-Up In this episode, I will do my best to summarize in an easy to digest mini-system!
Jaime Jay is a starter geek that loves building businesses, websites, and playing hockey. He enjoys hockey so much that he integrates his passion for the sport into his businesses as often as he can. His main goal is to help provide solutions to the many challenges entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized business have with their online brand experience.
Video marketing is one of the most powerful tools you can use to promote your business. YouTube is the 2nd most searched property on the internet (it is owned by Google). There are many ways to use video including testimonials, webinars, training and video sales letters. You still have to know the basics. Technology has made making videos much easier in recent years, but the quality of your video, audio and content still has to be as good as it can be to get your audience to engage. In this podcast we will cover all of that and so much more.
Part of the Perfect Marketing Strategy is looking forward to how you can grow your business through obtaining new sales with new customers. Hopefully, you have explored your past sales and found some trends that can help you see the opportunities ahead. People tend to buy from an emotional perspective. Those emotions are tied to benefits, not features. You have to map out a strategy that helps people feel that you will make them feel better (more so than just getting the best deal).
Chris Voss has been a CEO and Serial Entrepreneur for over 31 years, building and managing a multitude of corporations in differing fields of industry. He's a Forbes Top 50 Social Media Influencer, Top Retweeted influencer by other social media influencers, Consultant, Trainer, Speaker, Photographer, Travel Blogger, Seen on Forbes, CNN, Huff Po, Alltop, etc.
Michael dropped additional nuggets of sales and marketing goodness in the EXTENDED Interview. Be sure to click here to access all of our great extended interviews, transcripts and more within our Insider's Club. You can try it for the entire month for only $1.00! Michael is a life coach and business consultant who initially launched his home-based practice to have the flexibility to care for his elderly mother and keep her out of a nursing home. Michael is known as the Caregiving Without Regret Expert and has helped to revitalize the careers of hundreds of family and professional caregivers with practical, soul-saving coping strategies. Michael has sold thousands of books, facilitated over 100 successful webinars, been a guest on dozens of radio shows around the globe, and had tips seen in dozens of media sites such as the Boston Business Journal, Yahoo! Finance, and the Wall Street Journal online. Given his quick level of success, Michael is a sought-after marketing strategist who has a passion to help fellow authors, coaches, and consultants enhance their visibility so they can get their much-needed products and services out in a bigger way to better the world. Michael co-authored the Amazon #1 Best-Selling Book, Hangouts Marketing Mastery, with Jon Schumacher and is thrilled to serve as co-host of the Webinar Mastery Summit (the biggest online webinar event of the year).
Sandra dropped additional nuggets of sales and marketing goodness in the EXTENDED Interview. Be sure to click here to access all of our great extended interviews, transcripts and more within our Insider's Club. You can try it for the entire month for only $1.00! Sandra Beckwith is a book marketing coach, author, and writer. She’s written three traditionally published books and has self-published a niche book for authors. She’s also a national award-winning former publicist who now uses what she has learned throughout her career to teach authors how to save thousands of dollars in marketing service fees by doing their own book publicity, promotion, and marketing. Sandra practices what she preaches. In addition to placing clients on the front page of the Wall Street Journal and in other high-profile publications, she has gotten herself booked as a guest on a wide range of nationally syndicated TV talk shows, including The Montel Williams Show and Crook and Chase on the Nashville Network. She has been interviewed by hundreds of radio stations in the U.S. and Canada and has been featured in countless newspapers and magazines around the world. Build Book Buzz You know that you need to promote your nonfiction book, but do you know where to begin – and how? Book promotion expert Sandra Beckwith teaches you what you need to know now! If you need to learn how to promote your nonfiction book but prefer to study at your own pace, then the affordable new “Book Marketing 101 for Nonfiction: How to Build Book Buzz Basic E-course” is for you. This new option based on the popular “Book Marketing 101: How to Build Book Buzz Premium E-course” is for authors who don’t need the instructor guidance and feedback that Premium E-course authors opt for. There’s no required timeframe for learning, so you set your own timetable. If you have trouble finding the time to learn on someone else’s schedule, this online course is for you! There are no time constraints, schedules, or deadlines. Learn when you can, when it’s convenient for you. (We’ve also got a Basic E-course for fiction, too!) Podcast Transcription Brian Basilico: Hey, everybody, it's Brian and I am so excited to have our guest today, Sandra Beckwith and she is a book marketing coach and trust me, I wrote a book, I marketed it, it's tough. So Sandra is going to give us some ideas on how when you write a book – and hopefully you're working on one – that you can have some great ideas on how to get it out into the marketplace and get people to pay attention. So Sandra, how are you doing today? Sandra Beckwith: I'm fine, Brian. How are you? Brian: I'm outstanding as usual. So one of the questions I always like to start off with is how did you go from where you were and where were you as a publicist, to being a book marketing coach now? Sandra: Great question and I will try not to give you my life story. Brian: Thanks.  
Have you ever gotten a call from Google saying you need to talk with them to make sure your Google Business listing is current? These automated phone calls say "Our records show you have not updated your free Google (business) listing." Even if you take the 'DoNot Call' list option, they keep calling. These are a scam to get you to pay $200 per month for something that is free. PEOPLE... Google will never call you. Unless... you are spending thousands of dollars with Google each month? How do I know this? That's because I have a client that spends almost $5000 a month on AdWords and Google does call me to help me improve and maximize their account. Google AdWords is the fastest (but often expensive) way to get your business, product or service to the top of Google searches. In this episode I will help you better understand how Google Adwords works and help you avoid some of the pitfalls I have seen over the years of working with Google.
Instagram is probably one of the most underutilized social media properties for people and brands in business. The are over 300 million people on there, but it is not built for brands it's built for people. You have the opportunity to tap an untapped market by sharing your photos and short videos. Engagement is 50% more than on Facebook and over 120% more than on Twitter? In this podcast, we will explore how you can use this photo posting website to increase awareness and grow your brand through Instagram.
Keith dropped additional nuggets of sales and marketing goodness in the EXTENDED Interview. Be sure to click here to access all of our great extended interviews, transcripts and more within our Insider's Club. You can try it for the entire month for only $1.00! Keith Keller is now well known internationally as "The Global Twitter Marketing Specialist" and he is popular speaker on the subject - He has appeared on numerous radio shows, teleseminars and webinars across the United States & Canada, UK & Europe, as well as Australasia. His regular tweets (@KeithKeller) are testament to his passion for sharing the latest information about Twitter as well as other Social Media platforms and he certainly has an ever growing list of success stories. Keith now has a very comprehensive free podcast series & workbook to share called “CRACK THE TWITTER CODE” and offers one on one coaching via SKYPE.
Let's face it... we all are busy. It's easy to become overwhelmed with work and life, especially of you are a small business person or solopreneur.  If you are like most of us, you are trading hours for dollars. To maximize you business and your time, you have to take control. Whether you know it or not, YOU ARE IN CONTROL (although sometimes it may not feel that way)? In this podcast I will offer some tips that I use to overcome overwhelm.
Whether you like it or not writing is part of your business. There're so many different ways that we communicate: websites, emails, sales pages, flyers, LinkedIn bios, blog posts, and so much more. Writing may be a strength or writing maybe a weakness. Sometimes it's good to get help... just to see the forest from the trees. It starts with writing the story, and engaging your audience in ways that makes them want to interact with you. If you are writer then I am envious, but if you're like me sometimes you just need little help honing in those messages in ways that helps you grow your audience and your business.
Kathleen dropped additional nuggets of sales and marketing goodness in the EXTENDED Interview. Be sure to click here to access all of our great extended interviews, transcripts and more within our Insider's Club. You can try it for the entire month for only $1.00! Kathleen Gage is on a mission. She wants to inspire you to live fully, play full out, generate great revenue and leave a lasting legacy. Kathleen is the “no-nonsense, common sense” online marketing strategist, speaker, author, product creation specialist, and owner of Power Up For Profits. She helps entrepreneurs make money online. Her clients are driven by making a difference through their own unique voice. As an early adopter of online marketing, Kathleen is known for cutting through the fluff. She speaks and teaches about what she believes are the core elements of a successful life: accountability, integrity, honesty, and living with passion and hope. Kathleen believes the best way to become well known in your market is to let go of the need to be well known and simply serve and create an incredible experience for all you come in contact with. Kathleen’s mission includes animal rescue, respect of diversity, and contribution to community.
John Lee dropped additional knowledge bombs of sales and marketing goodness in the EXTENDED Interview. Be sure to click here to access all of our great extended interviews, transcripts and more within our Insider's Club. You can try it for the entire month for only $1.00! John Lee Dumas here, the founder & host of EOFire, a top ranked business Podcast where I interview today’s most inspiring Entrepreneurs 7-days a week. To get anaudio tour of our about page, just click the play button above! EOFire was awarded Best Of iTunes because of our commitment to help guide you on your Entrepreneurial journey by sharing insights from today’s most successful Entrepreneurs. Failure is part of every journey, and on EOFire, the first story we share is our guest’s biggest failure and their lessons learned. The second story we dive into is our guest’s AH-HA moment and the steps they took to turn that moment into success. The grand finale is The Lightning Round, where I ask six rapid-fire questions to extract nuggets of wisdom for you.
Elise dropped additional nuggets of sales and marketing goodness in the EXTENDED Interview. Be sure to click here to access all of our great extended interviews, transcripts and more within our Insider's Club. You can try it for the entire month for only $1.00! My story begins in a very dark place. Abuse, homelessness, addiction and chaos--those were my best friends for more than two decades. It's only been in the past 8 years or so that I've begun to turn my survival skills into powerful marketing strengths for my clients. Might sounds strange. But it's true. The worst days of my life prepared me to be the BEST copywriter. I HEAR you better than you can hear or see yourself or your business. No tricks of the trade. (I don't know any.)  I'm not hampered by theory. I've seen what works and I bring that right to you. By being the eyes, ears and heart of your audience, I'm able to see what you are blind to in your business. (Hint: it's not about confidence or clarity. It's about being an outsider with ears to hear and eyes to see!) I see your brilliance much more clearly than you do! And it's my greatest pleasure to turn the spotlight on what you bring to the world--what is marketable, profitable and needed by your audience. I translate your heart message into profitable copy all in your personality and voice. I take what you bring to the world and translate it into what your audience needs from you. Podcast Transcript Brian Basilico: So I have to be honest with you guys, one of the challenges that I have is writing. I'm not a writer, I'm a speaker. That's what I do and I understand that very well. I could look at a page 50 or thousand times and not see the mistakes that other people can see. Anyways, today we're going to talk with Elise Adams and she is a professional copywriter. How are you doing Elise? Elise Adams: I'm doing awesome. How are you, Brian? Brian: I'm fabulous. So anyways, Elise, you have an incredible story. Why don't you tell us about a little bit about you, and your journey, and how you got to where you're at?
"The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated." - Mark Twain Email marketing is dead... so say some, but not I.  It's alive and well! Email marketing boils down to building lists. These lists need to be targeted and segmented to various groups that you may want to communicate to... current customers, past customers, and potential customers (and more if needed). It's about driving traffic back to the content that you've already created to generate some kind of action and create new sales. In this episode, we will explore some killer tips to help to maximize and use email marketing to grow your business!
I just wrote a book, and i did it all through repurposed content or content developed with the purpose of writing a book. Not all of you content has to hit the internet once and die... if you have a plan.  In this episode, I will take you behind the scenes of  how I wrote a full book in less than a month. The content it's built upon took multiple months to develop, but it was done with an end game in mind and that was to generate more sales. If writing a book is not you thing, there is still lessons to be learned her about generating content with a longer shelf life!  
I am very proud of the 100th episode of the Bacon Podcast. Since this podcast started there are over 16,000 downloads, and almost 8,000 visits to this website. In this episode we  will explore how and why measurement and analytics is so important ti your internet marketing success.
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