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When people told themselves their past with stories, explained their present with stories, foretold the future with stories, the best place by the fire was kept for... The Storyteller. In 1987, a TV show unlike any other premiered on NBC. It had a simple premise: an old man sits by the fireplace and tells his dog a story. The Storyteller starred John Hurt and Brian Henson (as Dog) and ran for only one season. Based on real folktales, it was a marriage of ancient tales and modern technology that featured creations from the Jim Henson Creature Shop. Join us by the fire this week as we talk about the history of this incredible show, along with some of our favorite episodes. We thought this would be a perfect episode to end season 2! We will be back releasing weekly episodes VERY soon. Until then, stay cool Cassettes! For more information, check out
It's Halloween, Cassettes! This year we got lucky, and Halloween landed on a Thursday! So, we're bringing you the best Disney Halloween episode we possibly can! Back in the early 1980s, The Wonderful World of Disney aired a Halloween special comprised of animated clips from some of their spookiest works. It was called, "Disney's Halloween Treat." The next year, Disney released a companion special called, "A Disney Halloween." Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, these specials ran on Disney during Halloween. They introduced a new generation of kids to classic Disney cartoons, villains, and silly symphonies. So tonight, we're going back in time to talk about this delightfully spooky gem! If you are unfamiliar with this special, we made a playlist of clips that it included. You can find it here OR head over to our blog where we've laid out all the pieces of this special and linked to videos! Thank you all SO MUCH for listening this month! We can't wait to dive into some new topics soon. Until then, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  
Happy Thursday, Cassettes! So far this October, we've covered witches, the boogeyman, and aliens. Now, we're talking about ghosts! Come join us for our second-to-last episode on A Disney Halloween, where we talk about the 1986 & 1987 Disney movies "Mr. Boogedy" and "Bride of Boogedy"! This lesser-known Disney film was many children's first experience with horror. It follows the Davis Family, as they move to Lucifer Falls and are immediately haunted by the malevolent spirit known as the Boogedy Man. This funny cult classic first aired on Disney's Sunday Movie (aka Wonderful World of Disney) and has since had a special place in the hearts of Disney fans everywhere. As always, our show notes and sources will be available on our blog! Visit for more information. If you'd like to support our show, visit See you next week for the last installment of A Disney Halloween!
Hey Cassettes! In the late 1960s, six comedians premiered a sketch comedy show on BBC. They became known as Monty Python, and their wacky, nonsensical humor changed television. Join us this week as we discuss the history of Monty Python's Flying Circus, and their feature film, Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975). Check out our Patreon for Marci's drink of the week: The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch Take a look at our blog or website for show notes and sources!
Picture it: You’re in second grade, coming off a rigorous school week. You open your eyes to a quiet house on a Saturday morning, and sneak downstairs. No one else is awake, and the TV is all yours. You have a seat with a bowl of cereal and turn on your favorite Saturday Morning Cartoon… This week, we're taking a look at the history behind Saturday Morning Cartoons and highlighting our childhood favorites! What did you watch on Saturday mornings? Show notes and sources will be on our blog at and Thanks for listening!
We've all been there. You're the new kid in school, because you skipped a grade. That's okay with you, you don't mind leaving childhood behind. Then, just as you're getting used to your new teachers and classmates, the Boogeyman frames you for vandalism, breaking and entering, and theft.  No? That's never happened to you? What about suddenly seeing your younger brother's imaginary friend and everyone around you thinks you're insane? Oh, and don't forget all the PTSD you're suffering from since your baby brother was diagnosed with Leukemia and you weren't able to help him.  I know what you're thinking, WHAT KIND OF A MOVIE IS THIS? Well, it's a Disney Channel Original Movie called "Don't Look Under the Bed." This layered film premiered in 1999 and it scared enough kids that Disney had to pull it from the channel. Do you remember it? Did it scare you? This week we went back to talk about this classic DCOM, how it was made, and our own imaginary friends.   Show notes and sources available on our website: Check out the drink of the week on our Patreon!
Welcome to week three of A Disney Halloween! Back in the late 1970s, Walt Disney wanted to attract older audiences to their films. So, they attempted to cover more adult ideas and concepts. One of the results of this experiment was The Watcher in the Woods (1980)! Starring Bette Davis and Lynn Holly Johnson, this science fiction horror film delivers on chills (and a couple jump scares). This week, we talk about our experience with the movie, how it was made, its disastrous opening, and why we think everyone should give it a WATCH (ha, get it?) Remember, you can find out show notes at our blog: AND on our brand new website: You can also find our drink of the week at:
Hey Cassettes! For this week's episode of BCD, we went back to our roots. Almost 7 years ago, we recorded together for the very first time. Back then, we planned on only discussing one movie a week and we didn't plan on focusing on film or TV history. After we recorded the episode, we didn't even edit it. We put it on Soundcloud and that's where it sat for 5 years until we finally decided to do this podcast thing for real. So, we decided to give ourselves a chance to do it over! Today we will talk about the same topic as we did 6 years ago: The Neverending Story (1984) As always, show notes and sources will be on our blog or our website Thanks for listening!  
Since the beginning of moving pictures, there have been Special and Visual Effects. Starting with pioneering effects artists, the film industry has continued to amaze audiences by creating fantastic worlds and wondrous creatures that could only exist in the imagination.  This week, we took a look at the history of film effects, and discussed the processes behind some of our favorite in-camera and practical effect techniques. We hope to revisit the topic again soon, and talk about the magic behind digital effects as well.  As always, you can find show notes and sources on our blog: or website Happy Listening! 
Hey Cassettes! It's finally here, the last installment in our Doctor Who series. This week, we took a break from research and decided to discuss some of our favorite episodes from the reboot. There are SO MANY episodes that we love, we couldn't include them all. But, we know now that we want to do more Doctor Who episodes in the future. So, grab some fish-fingers and custard and settle in, Whovians!   As always, our show notes will be available at and thank you for listening!
Happy Thursday, Cassettes! This week we talk about a beloved BBC mini series, the 1995 Pride and Prejudice. There have been several different adaptations of Jane Austen’s books, but it seems as though this version has caught the hearts of many. In this episode we have a very special guest: Em from Verbal Diorama! We will begin with a little about Jane Austen, the history behind the BBC show, who it stars, and what it all means to us.  If we talk too much about Colin Firth, well it could not be helped!!  You can find Verbal Diorama wherever you listen to podcasts, as well as follow her on Twitter @VerbalDiorama! As always, the show notes and sources will be available on our blog and website:
Hey Cassettes! Once again, it's time for a short(er) episode on the Oscars! Last night was a night of history-making wins, predictable honors, and some interesting surprises. Just like last year, we gathered to watch and record our reactions right after. What did you think of the Oscars? Were you excited, disappointed, or bored? Let us know! As Always, thanks for listening!
Welcome to our website! Here we like to clear up some points made during the podcast as well as outline some people we spoke about in case anyone wanted to know more. We are a movie-centered podcast from the exotic land of Ohio. We're made up of three old friends and movie fans. Our goal is to share our passion for film as we keep learning about the art form. Hopefully our listeners will enjoy learning along with us. As always, thanks for listening! If you like our show, please consider supporting us here:
Welcome back, Cassettes! Jump in the Tardis with us once again for part two of our Doctor Who series! This week we're discussing the making of the reboot, the rest of the doctors and their companions, and some of our favorite villains! You can find our show notes here: If you would like to support our show, here is our Patreon: Thanks for listening!
It's Memorial Day weekend, which means it's the unofficial beginning of summer! Pools everywhere are opening, families are firing up the grill, and friends are gathering around fire rings. In honor of summer, we traveled into the woods and recorded a brief case around the campfire! So, grab some marshmallows and join us for some spooky tales! This is the last you will hear from us this May as we take a little break from recording. BUT, we're very excited for all the episodes coming your way in June! For more info, sign up for our newsletter at: As always, Thanks for listening!  
It's the final episode of June Tunes and we decided to focus on dance movies of the 1980s! You'll notice, however, that we also included Saturday Night Fever in this episode even though it came out in 1977. We felt like we couldn't talk about dance films without at least mentioning the iconic movie that essentially created a genre of film. This episode is more relaxed than our previous music episodes, as we share our thoughts on a small list of famous dance movies! We thought this might be a fun way to close out the month of June. If you liked this episode, please consider supporting our show and getting access to exclusive content here: Remember you can find show notes on our blog or at As always, thanks for listening! -The Black Case Diaries
Happy October, Cassettes! We're kicking off our month of Disney Halloween with one of our all-time favorites, Hocus Pocus (1993)! Grab your favorite potion and gather around the cauldron as we talk about the magic behind a movie that captured our hearts as well as the Halloween spirit. As always, show notes and sources will be available on our website: Or on our blog: If you're interested, we also have a Patreon!   Thank you so much for listening, and stay tuned for more spooky episodes this month!
Hey there, Cassettes! Right after the biggest night in Hollywood, we hopped on the mics and recorded our thoughts on the 2019 Academy Awards. Come hang out with us as we discuss our predictions, the biggest upsets, and of course that Lion King (2019) trailer! Thanks for listening!  
Well Cassettes, here's another nice case we've gotten ourselves into! This week, we had our very first guest stop by the studio and tell us about his favorite comedy team (well, one of his favorites). Special thanks to Mr. Bob Hecker (Robin's Dad) for coming over to teach us kids a thing or two about Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.   For more info please visit:   Happy listening!  
Hey Cassettes and welcome back to the Christmas Case Diaries! This month we’re focusing on Christmas TV specials, but this episode is EXTRA special because we will be talking about movies as well. The 1960's was a decade that brought us a lot of classic Christmas specials. Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, A Charlie Brown Christmas, Frosty the Snowman (1969), and tonight’s topic: How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966)! Join us as we talk about the history of our grouchy green friend, the making of his classic Christmas special, and how we feel the later versions stack up to the original. As always, you will be able to find our show notes on or on our blog: Thanks for listening!  
Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles.  Doesn’t sound too bad right? Today we’re talking about the greatest love story ever told. It tells of a love so pure it can be simplified to three words: As You Wish. “The Princess Bride” galloped, soared, and leapt into theatres in the fall of 1987 and has left a lasting mark on American culture ever since. So gather close and get ready for some adventure--and don’t worry--this isn’t a kissing movie. Join us this week as we discuss the history of this hilarious and heart-warming classic! You can find show notes and sources on our blog: and our website:
Happy Friday, Cassettes! Everybody loves a sequel, right? Well, this time Robin takes us back to the golden age of film to talk about the composers that set the stage for film music today. Then, we jump ahead to talk briefly about the composers nominated for Oscars this year, and some famous names we didn’t get to last time. You can listen to all the themes we talk about here. Also, don't forget to take a look at our blog!   As always, thanks for listening!
Fresh out the box. Stop, look and watch. Are you ready yet? Get set, it's ALL THAT! Happy Thursday, Cassettes! For this week's episode, we traveled back to the mid-90s to talk about our favorite children's sketch comedy show. Premiering in 1994, All That was a staple on the SNICK line-up. Billed as the "SNL for Kids," it delivered iconic sketches such as "Good Burger," "Everyday French with Pierre Escargot," and "Vital Information." Grab a bag of chips and join us as we discuss the history of the original and what we love about the revival. Remember to visit: for more information! If you like our show, consider supporting us on Patreon! Also, please consider nominating us for a Podcast Award! You can find us under TV/Film here: As always, Thanks for listening!!
The Super Bowl is the biggest night in American sports. People all over the country gather to watch and eat junk food as two teams battle for the recognition of being the year's best team in American Football. This year, we didn't tune in so much to watch the game, but more to watch the commercials, the Toy Story 4 sneak peak, and above all, an ultimately disappointing halftime show.   We like to use our "brief case" episodes as a chance to discuss more current events. For more information on this episode, visit us at:  
Hey Cassettes! This June, all of our episodes will be about Music! We're calling it June Tunes! For our first episode of the month, we have the third installment of our series on film scores! This week we are focusing on the scores and songs of the Disney Animated Classics! We will be looking at Disney scores by each era, while discussing the evolution and influences of the music. If you would like to listen to the playlist we made for this episode, you can find it here: Please remember that you can always find more information on this episode and every episode at: We have LOTS of show notes for this week's episode waiting there! Also, you can follow us on Twitter @blackcasediary or Instagram @blackcasediariespodcast for updates on upcoming episodes! As always, thanks for listening!
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