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Episode 12 - The Boss Hat

Released Monday, 25th January 2016
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If you’re listening in real time you’ll know that we’re half way through January now – and although New Year has well and truly gone now I’ve just made a brand new years resolution which I wanted to share with you today….and they are 2 words….self care!

Now, let me explain. Over Christmas I decided to take some time off and spend it with the kids and just hang out and play and veg in front of the tv. That kind of thing. But even though I announced it to everyone I didn’t actually do that. In fact, even though I’d not booked any time with my clients I still found myself working. I wrote articles. I wrote podcast episodes, I caught up with people, I planned things, I sketched out new training programmes all whilst I had moments to spare in my day. So when January came round and things were going back to normal, I really didn’t feel like I’d had a break at all. In fact I felt more tired than ever – and then when I was thumbing through a magazine in an office somewhere 2 words jumped out of the page to me - self care!

Now, I know I’m not the only one that tries to catch up when we have some down time. Whether that’s catch up with work or things around the house.

So – when I saw the words self care in this magazine it really struck a chord with me…and although I have to say I feel like I’m OK at looking after myself I found myself really thinking about what this means for me – and this is what today’s podcast is about posing the question what does self care mean for you?

Every one of us is different, and we all have different things going on. Things that take up our day and stuff that we have to do. So, when we’re talking about self care it really has to be right for us and our needs and able to fit in and work with our day cos it’s got to be a habit and for it to become a habit we’ve got to do it regularly and to do it regularly it’s so much easier if it doesn’t feel like a major chore. So if this is something that you know you should have on your to do list. Before you dive in have a think about what it actually means for you so you’ve more chance of making it work.

But for today, I want to share my tips on self care and what I plan to do –just to give you a starter for ten.

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  1. Listen to yourself.

 This is tip number 1 for a reason, because for me this is the ultimate. The place to begin and it’s because your body speaks to you. It just does.  It tells you what it needs and all you have to do is listen, which maybe …  we don’t. We just carry on regardless perhaps feeling a bit uncomfortable but pushing all the way. So, what do I mean by this. I’ll give you an example. The other day I started to feel really frustrated and well agitated…and when I thought about it I realised that on that particular day I hated my phone. It was a distraction, and I needed to focus and then I needed to spend time with my family. My phone got in the way on both accounts. So, I abandoned it. Now, before you question my sanity I didn’t leave it on the train or somewhere like a coffee shop, I just abandoned it in the house somewhere I wouldn’t normally put it, after putting it on silence. I simply put it away….and left it there all day and night not even bothering to charge it…and it was bliss, and as daft as it sounds I felt more focused, I got more done, and I felt more relaxed –and it was all because I paid attention to that feeling of frustration rather than just carrying on regardless.

I’ve also had times, as I’m sure you have, when I’ve burnt the candle at both ends in terms of staying up late, and getting up early. Not something I personally can sustain but rather than just pushing through as I had things to do,  I listened and adjusted my routine.

So, this tip remains at the top of the list cos it’s so important. Listen to what your body is telling you and pay attention.

  1. Make time for yourself

This week I’ve had 2 lovely conversations with fellow business owners who both shared the same belief that you have to make time for yourself. Treat yourself. Have a date with yourself. Do something that makes you feel good about yourself. Now, if you’re tempted to say, I haven’t got time to do this…I’d urge you to have a think about it again, because in the long run you haven’t got time not to. It’s a case for my mantra short term pain for long term gain…although in this case there is no pain at all apart from forcing yourself to take some time out and stop.  It doesn’t have to take loads of time, and doesn’t have to be something major like booking a weekend in a hotel somewhere…even just reading your favourite book or going for a walk will do wonders. You’ll probably be really surprised at how much clearer your thoughts are when you finish and you might actually come up with some really good ideas when you’re having your down time as your brain will still be working on stuff in the back ground.

  1. Try new things

When it comes to self care there are so many different things that you can try if you’re wanting to do something new.  Last year I tried yoga, meditation and green juice.  Green juice was a game changer for me, surprisingly.  I actually bought a juicer and have been preaching to my friends about how amazing it was for me, and yoga and meditation were also both really good although I haven’t incorporated them into my routine as yet. Anyway, these are just some things that I personally tried, they might not be right for you and I’m not saying you should do them but if you wanted to try something new you there are loads of things you can try and see what takes your fancy.

  1. Find a hobby

Having a hobby is a great way to unwind and if you join a club, to meet new people. I did this 18 months ago when I joined a choir and found that I actually love it. Loved meeting some new people and as much as I love what I do, I loved that it wasn’t connected to work, I loved that when you’re singing you’re not thinking about anything else, and I loved the fact that my family just embraced it…now it’s just part of the norm…and I come home feeling refreshed and energised.So, have a think about what you love to do and find a hobby and see what will really energise you and you’ll love to do.

  1. Make it a priority

Self care is so important. It’s what drives everything else. So, have a think about where you fall down. Do you miss meals when you’re busy? Forget to drink enough? Not get any fresh air? Yes, I’ve been guilty or all of those at some point or another, and I hated how it made me feel…so my final tip is look at your self care routine and look at where you down and make it work for you.

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