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Episode 2 - The Boss Hat

Released Friday, 8th January 2016
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Today I’m really excited to share a conversation I had with the lovely Sara Wagers, from virtualbizpartner.com and we’re going to be talking about recruitment and in particular finding the right person to fit in your team.

But before we do that let me first give you a bit of background.

Over the years I’ve learned that recruitment can be quite a tricky thing to do, especially when you might be new at it – or when you’re really desperate to get the right person to fit into your team. When this happens there are all sorts of holes that you can fall into, like rushing and trying to fill the vacancy as quickly as possible so that you’ve got that bum on seat that you need; or you’ve not really given much thought into the type of person that would work well within your team. Or you recruit someone and you expect them to hit the ground running straight away cos you need results and then they flounder.

So – this episode is going to be the first in a 3 part series. With todays being number 1 having a general chat about recruitment challenges, then the next episode we’re going to be talking about inductions; and then the following episode we’re going to be talking about developing the person. As we’re right in the middle of the launch at the moment these episodes will be going live one day after the next – so stay tuned.

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