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Dave Rossi #2: The Imperative Habit

Released Tuesday, 14th April 2020
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I welcome Dave “The Hurricane” Rossi back to the show! Yes, that was his nickname back in the day of being a high school football star and then running a large construction enterprise. You will see why soon into the show, as this guy brings the energy from start to finish.

In fact, my first show with Dave ranks as one of the most downloaded episodes ever, despite his relative lack of superstardom. But Dave has a brilliant and deeply impactful message that really resonates with people: how to avoid the pain and suffering caused by the rat race mentality and live a more mindful, happy life.
We discuss his sensational new book called The Imperative Habit, and the seven practices that you can implement right away to grow spiritually and live in a default state of happiness. Dave hits some pretty heavy topics with grace and memorable quotes, so this show can quite possibly change your life. Some tidbits from the book:

1. Spirituality can overcome the limits of your biology: An athlete pushing past the pain is a real example of accessing the spiritual plane, so don’t be intimidated by the term! Ditto for jumping into an ice tub, so my chest freezer cold plunge counts as a spiritual practice! You can leverage the ability to overcome biology the next time you take a breath to relax before reacting.

2. We operate from flawed subconscious programming: As detailed in my summary recording about Dr. Bruce Lipton’s work in… our programmed behaviors and thoughts can dominate our lives, usually for the worse. Dave’s 7 habits can help you overcome this flawed programming, and live in acceptance and happiness.

3. “You can change your beliefs at any time for any reason.” 

Dave is all about helping you grow and strengthen your ability to differentiate between biological urges and spiritual desires, so you can make decisions based on logic and love, instead of fear and biological proclivities. Here is a quick look at the 7 habits from The Imperative Habit that Dave details on this show:
Practice–Habit #1–Accept
Practice–Habit #2–Do not fear the outcome
Practice–Habit #3–Happiness as a practice
Practice–Habit #4–Be present
Practice–Habit #5–Do not judge
Practice–Habit #6–Respond with love and compassion
Practice–Habit #7–Have faith
The effect of implementing these 7 habits was so life-altering that Dave ended up writing his book, so he could share what had helped him with other people. In his own words: “I failed. I failed so completely and utterly miserably...And I failed, trying so hard to do the opposite of failing! But I learned so much through those failures. I learned through transitioning back into a position of success. And I wanted people to understand what I’ve learned, without having to go through the same pain.” There was a certain idea that was a recurring theme in our conversation: “Everything comes to you in your life to bring you to a higher level of consciousness.” Keeping that perspective in mind, failure starts to look a lot less intimidating, especially when you hear Dave give examples of how often failure actually results in something positive. Obviously it can be hard to not think of failure as a negative thing, which is why Dave stresses the importance of knowing that you can change your beliefs at any time. Thinking of failure as a negative experience will never be helpful to you, but when you start to think of it as a road that leads to a higher level of consciousness, then it suddenly doesn’t look so bad. After all, what’s so bad about something that acts as a catalyst that propels you in the right direction towards something better? Enjoy this inspiring conversation with Dave, and make sure to check out his book so you can start “practicing towards happiness” today!
This story is of Dave Rossi going from being successful by all measures and then losing everything. [04:03]
Everything comes to you in your life to bring you to a higher level of consciousness. [08:56]
External things cannot solve internal problems. [11:17]
You have to practice what it is you are trying to learn, and you have to develop the power to make choices. [13:36]
The rest of our life is set on a path based on the first seven years of our life. [14:37]
People’s definition of spirituality is based on their early programming. [18:16]
Biological responses are like fear, self-doubt, self-esteem, anxiety, depression, stress. [20:04]
Our programming tells us the external thing is pleasurable. [23:35]
Don’t be attached to the outcome. Find love in the journey. [26:50]
Do we have permission to be highly competitive? [30:54]
The people that find sustainability in excellence are the ones who do it because they love it. [33:28]
You chose something new because of the information that’s being presented to you. [35:43]
Live in acceptance. It takes practice. [38:25]
When you hold a grudge, it means that you haven’t learned that lesson. [43:38]
We learn so much from failures in struggles unless we hold on to them and they continue to be a source of stress forevermore. [46:13]
The power of choice is the power to choose what you believe in first and then the power of choice to follow it. [49:14]
Do not fear the outcome. [53:10]
Maybe you should reassess your goals. [59:08]
If you aren’t attached to the outcome, how do you gracefully proceed when there are roadblocks in your way? [01:01:45]
Deal breakers are really only deal breakers at the moment. [01:08:45]
Practice towards happiness. [01:12:18]
Be present. Don’t let the past affect the present. [01:14:23]
Do not judge. [01:16:01]
Respond with love and compassion. [01:17:24]
Have faith. You need faith to get through the rough times. [01:20:47]
"External things cannot solve internal problems."
"Everything comes to you in your life to bring you to a higher level of consciousness."
"The people that find sustainability in excellence are the ones who do it because they love it."

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