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Dave Rossi Interviews Brad Kearns

Released Tuesday, 13th October 2020
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The tables are turned as Dave Rossi puts me through the ringer with some probing questions that are a refreshing departure from the typical interview questions about one’s life’s work or position on assorted topics of professional expertise.

Dave does a great job extracting insights that the podcast audience has never heard before. Here are some highlights from our conversation during this episode:
  • I feel immense gratitude for growing up during the time that I did. The lack of access to the kind of technology kids have today turned out to be such a wonderful gift, because my friends and I were forced to entertain ourselves. There was no sitting back and watching a few episodes on Netflix or going on YouTube all night. We had to be creative and innovative and make our own fun, while kids today have such easy access to...well, everything. And that unfortunately makes them less curious and less inquisitive, which are two of the biggest indicators of intelligence. 

  • Dave asks: where does your drive come from? I share that I have learned that I need to be really diligent about making time for downtime. I’ve actually had to work against that go-go-go instinct, and give myself enough time for rest and relaxation.

  • Part of my goal with this show is to open up the dialogue beyond the basics of what constitutes “healthy,” as in questions like, what kind of food is best, what workouts are best, etc., and more towards fundamental things that pertain to health and happiness. I’ve noticed that a lot of people who seem to be thriving in major areas of life, like with their career and health, are actually lacking in some other crucial areas (relationships, connection, personal life), perhaps because all that intense focus is only being utilized for material gain and external validation. Clearly, this is a sad reflection how our culture not only emphasizes success, but also seems to suggest that success = happiness.
  • Dave asks a great question for us all: is your view of yourself as strong as your inner voice’s ability to restrain itself from sabotaging you? 
  • I share how I was able to get over myself at a pretty young age, after I rose to the highest heights I could ever dream of, then fell, then rose again, and what that experience taught me.
  • Dave gets really personal, asking: what is a piece of you, that you haven’t shared yet? I admit to him that I try not to burden people with my problems and emotions, while also staying authentic to who I am and my story, and I talk a bit about how my relationship with my partner, Mia Moore, has changed my life.

We wrap up with Dave asking me a very thought-provoking question: what advice would I give to an 18 year old Brad? The answer may surprise you…

Thanks for listening, and stay tuned for my brand-new show with Dave coming next week!


How did Get Over Yourself podcasts begin? [03:56]

The easy access to information now makes us less curious and less inquisitive.  [07:26]

Where does Brad’s drive come from that keeps him from enjoying downtime? [10:46]

Dave thinks Brad’s show has changed as Brad has changed. [14:14]

Our culture has put a huge emphasis on go, go, go and do, do, do that it has gotten out of hand. [18:45]

Dave asks what is Brad’s motivation about his podcasts? What is changing in Brad? [20:20]

A person can struggle from success to crashing and back searching for their self-esteem. [24:31]

It’s important to acknowledge your weaknesses and fight this battle every day. [28:20]

It’s not up to me what actually happens so I want to do things that matter to me without the emotion of the outcome. (Dave) [35:26]

Make the most of every single day because there is no guarantee of tomorrow anyway. [36:48]

Parents: You can talk to your kids, if they are willing to listen and set an example but you can’t determine their destiny. [40:20]

Is your view of yourself as strong as your inner voice’s ability to restrain itself from sabotaging you? [ 41:57]

Brad doesn’t easily reveal his inner self as Dave probes him. [47:52]

What advice would Brad give 18-year-old Brad? [53:15]

You can keep things fresh and keep things going. [57:52]

Everything we do is simply a pursuit of a hormonal experience. [59:29]


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