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Episodes of The Brink of Sanity

Marc, Bri, The Doc, and Jay talk about Denver Airport conspiracies, we all have medical problems, pumpkin spice, a bit of Brink history, a really bad marketing campaign
Marc and Jay talk about having old phones, I Am Legend is not a documentary, Jay enters a ghost town, anti vaccers during a zombie apocalypse, a simulated trip to Mars, remakes and prequels
Marc and Jay talk about Marc's really bad take on the Olympics, candy bars, and commuting back to the office instead of working remote
Marc, Jay, and the Doc play a new game called How Much Did It Sell For, we talk about the newest way Marc being cheap is ruining his life, and some news stories
Marc, Jay, and Peter play a new game, would you do it for a million dollars, we also talk about top movie trilogies and a few other things
Marc, Jay, and Janssen talk about three nightmare scenarios, and go on a very long tangent about comedy movies in the middle of one of them
Marc and Jay talk about a pile of boxes delivered to Jay's new apartment, adjusting to life outside the city, Marc joins the apnea crew, listener questions, and more Last episode I uploaded two new episodes on the same day, make sure you didn't
So I'm a dumbass and forgot to post this episode. The good news is you get two episodes this week. Marc and Jay talk about Papa John's CEO, deep fakes, scalpers, getting hazed at Panda Express, Jay records a scam call, and more
Marc and Jay talk about Jay's move, the top 5 shows before 2000 that still hold up and top 5 shows that would be ridiculous to bring back, listener questions and more
Marc, Jay and Peter talk about bidets, annoying coworkers, parenting fails, stock market and cryptocurrency, and more
Jay finally got his computer fixed so Jay, Marc, and Janssen talk about moving, working, new stories, music, and a bunch of other things
Marc, Jay, and Bri talk about Bri's experience with Covid, some interesting news stories, Cyberpunk 2077, listener questions, an insane chaturbate room, discussing our difficult recording schedule
Marc, Jay, and Rob talk about best and worst sports team names, working from home, getting confused by pronouns, professional photo shoots, changing a moment in history, virtual reality, and much more
Marc, Jay, and Peter talk about Jeffrey Toobin, job interviews, stumbling upwards, a murderer tries to go back in time, the top 5 worst allergies, professor or landlord, top 5 takeaways from 2020, and more
Marc and Jay talk about a difficult math question, Pat Robertson's prediction, octopuses can taste, a visit from gym god, a call with Zappos, sleeping with apnea, pulling a Toobin, Jay's presidential platform, listener questions, and more
Marc, Jay, and Bri talk about being chased by a cougar, Jay takes a Covid test, top 5 predictions for the rest of 2020, great moments in Brink history
Marc, Jay, and Bri talk about black licorice, spam emails, Subway bread, top 5 things people today won't get to experience, Marc's black cloud, great moments in Brink history
Marc, Jay, and Bri talk about Rolling Stone latest horrible list, portable CPAP, Covid update, role play, great moments in Brink history
Marc, Jay, and Bri talk about their top 5 favorite episodes, Bri's newest obsession, some news stories, Lorenzo creates a new game - Great Moments in Brink History
Marc, Jay, and Bri get an update on Marc's black cloud, Marc becomes part of a cable company protest, Fun Sponge update, Marc completely gives up on social distancing, fetish party, Cameo, and more
Marc, Jay, and Bri talk about Marc's horrible week, Bri's pretty bad week and shockingly Jay had a good week. House updates, neighbor updates, girlfriend updates, this one has it all.
Marc, Jay, and The Doc talk about Marc giving up on social distancing, getting mad about actor roles, the newest Brink get rich quick plan, Goya, Jay might leave the country, and more
Marc, Jay, and Janssen talk about Work Hates Jay, Neighbors Hate Jay, Outdoor Outfit, top 5 cheesy Red Hot Chili Peppers lyrics, and listener questions
Marc, Jay and Peter talk about the most insane lawsuit we've ever seen, we pitch 5 TV shows to each other, some news stories, Jay updates his presidential platform
Marc, Jay, and The Doc exchange would you rathers and try to catch up on emails
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