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The rules of the haunted house are changing. That traditional Halloween tradition is moving online. Instead of a dark trail or a transformed school gym, the haunted attraction is now digital with developers imaginations running wild. Gamers can
A video game journalist needs his next great story. An obscure game from Japan with a creepypasta worthy legend promises just that. Yet, a dark presence haunts the game and threatens to drive this gamer mad. This Grindhouse feature presentation
It's vampires versus aliens as Bounty Hunter Samus Aran teams up with Vampire Hunter Simon Belmont. Dracula begins mixing demon blood with the Metroids in this Grindhouse mashup from the Cabinet Podcast. Welcome to Metroidvania.
Dark magic sends Yoshi on a journey to rescue Baby Mario before the future of the Mushroom Kingdom is altered forever. Yoshi's Island gets a horror makeover in this Grindhouse trailer from the Descent Podcast.
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong face off against King K. Rool and his army of ninja lizard men. All the bananas are on the line in this Kung Fu inspired Grindhouse trailer from Opening a F---ing Book. 
Marcus Fenix leaves a trail of alien entrails as he cuts his path of vengeance after the Locust burst forth on Emergence Day. Lit Gaming Arena gives this classic Xbox franchise the Grindhouse treatment. Featuring the music of Mecha Maiko.
A horrible lab experiment gives life to a hideous mutant bandicoot. Boxes will be broken as this classic Playstation game is given the Grindhouse treatment. Trailer by the Invasion of the Remake podcast.
Leo, Donnie, Mikey, and Raph face down thugs, aliens, and robots as this classic video game is reimagined as a noir thriller worthy of the Grindhouse. Presented by the Descent Podcast.
It's Halloween and magic happens inside the Cabinet. One quarter transports you to the wonder years of B movie cinema-- The Grindhouse. Come see our collection of video game horror schlock from our friends in podcasting. Gore, popcorn, monster
It's Halloween and magic happens inside the Cabinet. One quarter transports you to the wonder years of B movie cinema-- The Grindhouse. Come see our collection of video game horror schlock from our friends in podcasting. Gore, popcorn, monsters
The 2020 Halloween Special is going to the movies. Turn your favorite video game into a campy or dark grindhouse audio movie by submitting a 5-7 minute audio drama, 1000-1500 word short story, or 1-3 minute audio trailer. Entries must be horror
Man, this seems familiar. A kid in Pacific Northwest is going for a video game record, but this is the Cabinet Podcast. You know it's not going to end well. We do, after all, feature cursed video games. They take a life for a score. Now, I know
An infection rages across the world. People are quarantined in all the major cities. The Playstation 3 masterpiece The Last of Us has some eerie similarities to the current situation faced by many regions in the world struggling to fight the CO
Fresh faces, new blood. That's what your town needs after you forgot to give it some tender loving care. However, one villager is not happy with the changes you're making. You sunk all your time into Animal Crossing New Horizons for Nintendo Sw
Arcades didn’t start with video games. The penny arcade was the first and only place people of the late 19th Century and early 20th Century could catch a quick movie. As you will see, those ancient arcades were not immune to the Cabinet’s curse
Mysterious voices are coming from your Xbox. They don’t sound human. There’s only one explanation. ALIENS!!!
The monster wears a fedora and hides in the shadows. The gray man has invaded your dreams. Nobody knows what this digitized stalker wants from you. Conquer your nightmares as this shadowy figure pursues you in the obscure Playstation title LSD:
THE TURKEYS. The turkeys are attacking. Oh, the humanity!!! Can anybody stop the onslaught of mutant-robot turkeys in the 1984 lost arcade title Turkey Shoot? Let’s hope someone can save Thanksgiving and bring the bird back to the table. The Ca
PARENTAL GUIDANCE WARNING: The following episode contains scenes of violence. Mainly, a depiction of suicide based on the real world events surrounding this episode’s subject matter. It is not suitable for children. Some adults may even find th
There’s more than microchips and motherboards inside that classic Nintendo game. A few, quick turns of the screws and you’ve found clues leading to an international criminal conspiracy. It’s tidbits of true crime in this episode of the Cabinet
Legend has it, that on a foggy Halloween night a mysterious arcade fades in from the dark and opens its doors to anyone who accepts a quarter to play. The game is a Haunted Video Game Cabinet that shows you a supernatural truth about the world
He’s trapped. Trapped in the box. The spirit of a young boy haunts the new owners of a thrift store Nintendo Entertainment System. Follow the spirt of this boy as he journeys from home to home just looking for someone to play video games. Find
Do you treat your video games bad? Did that last cliff jump make your character sad? You better turn your avatar's frown upside down. If you don't, the clown will come to town.
It’s Valentine’s Day and the Cabinet Podcast is getting sexy. Tomb Raider is known for its strong and beautiful heroine, Lara Croft.  According to an infamous urban legend, there’s a special code for the game that lets gamers see more of Miss C
Pokemon are weapons of mass destruction. That’s according to one popular fan theory about Nintendo’s powerhouse series. Prepare for an epic adventure as one Pokemon trainer learns about the devastating war that shaped his country and tore his f
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