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Episode from the podcastThe Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program

The Black Birth Part 8 :: Behold, The Mother!

Released Monday, 19th October 2015
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The quest to solve one murder has become much more than our investigators could ever have imagined.
In the occultist squalor of the Hetfield estate, Father Grandfather stumbled upon a plot to conjure forth The Mother of Pus – a horrifying being beyond the realm of human comprehension. There, in that rotting house, a demon spawn struck; and was dealt with by the Father's own brand of fiery justice.
Baffled by the inexplicable horrors they've born witness to, Sam, Hank, Deloras and Cyril return to Arkham tasked with no less than trying to foil the coming end times. 
Content Warning: Putrescence, vomiting, violence, gore, psychological trauma, self harm, suicide, murder, pet death.
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Written & Performed by:
Luke Stram – The Keeper
Doug Banks | Cat Blackard | Brandon Gerson | Kay | Ruel Knudson

Sound Design: Colin Peterson
Editing: Colin Peterson & Cat Blackard
Story Editing: Cat Blackard
Doug Banks as Hank O’Brien Jr.
Cat Blackard as Cyril Bridgewater
Brandon Gerson as Father Grandfather
Kay as Deloras Delaney
Ruel Knudson as Sam Spade
​Cat Blackard as The Narrator/The Announcer
​Additional Voices by Jessica Uelman

Musical Spotlight: "The Carpet Crawlers" by Ramblin' Randolph Carter
Original Score: Ryan McQuinn and Mike McQuinn
Series I Album Art by Tony Baldini
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