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#60 - When Someone Takes Credit for Your Work and Ideas

Released Tuesday, 20th April 2021
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Ever wonder how to respond when someone takes credit for your work? In meetings, does a boss or colleague often restate your ideas as their own? What should you do when someone takes credit for your ideas?
Having a coworker take credit for your ideas is a common experience, and it’s tricky to manage well. If you’ve ever had someone else take credit for your ideas or work, this episode is for you. 

In This Episode of The Career Rx We’ll Discuss:

  • 5 ways to respond when a boss or coworker takes credit for your ideas or work
  • How to respond while preserving professional relationships and assuming good intent
  • Why it matters if you get credit and visibility for your work
Today’s topic is what to do when other people take credit for your ideas. This question came up in a LinkedIn group for women physicians in industry and it resonated with a lot of other people during one of our recent calls. If you’re a woman physician in pharma, medical device, or biotech, come join us! If not, but you aspire to transition to an industry career, click here.
By the end of this episode, you’ll be armed with five ways to handle situations in which someone claims your ideas or work as their own, whether it is deliberate or not. 

“You bring a lot of value to the table, and you deserve to be recognized for it.” - Marjorie Stiegler

In this Episode: 

[0:30] Find me on Clubhouse! (Non Clinical Doctors)
[1:20] Women Physicians in Industry - join me on LinkedIn
[3:00] Identifying with your superior affirming your ideas
[4:10] The direct approach - execute with tact!
[6:10] Set yourself up to be heard beforehand
[7:20] Be the example
[8:50] Give more detail, depth to support your thought process
[10:30] Confronting but not confrontational
[11:40] Asking for feedback (no, really!)
[12:50] Saving the best for last - you really need to hear this one
[14:15] Ensuring you have professional visibility and recognition

Links and Resources: 
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