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Episode from the podcastThe Career Rx Podcast for Doctors

#63 - "What are my options?" - Careers by Physician Specialty

Released Tuesday, 1st June 2021
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Wondering what future career options are open to you based on your specialty? Does it seem like leadership roles or nonclinical jobs are looking for all kinds of specialties - except yours? Do you feel your medical training is actually limiting your future career?
If you’ve ever asked what roles are available to you based on residency training or specialty focus, this episode is for you.
In This Episode of The Career Rx We’ll Discuss:
  • How to examine your current environment for potential pathways
  • A closer look at the mindset required to create opportunities
  • Why your specialty actually isn’t limiting your options
Today, we're going to be answering the common question, “what options are open to me in my specialty?” The short answer is that your possibilities are endless. The longer answer (the ‘how to get a nonclinical job’) is exactly what we cover in my course Industry Insider  - we go deep into the specific ways physicians find and create the career opportunities they want most. 
But today, we’ll cover a few key tips to get you started. By the end of this episode, you’ll have a better outlook on where to find new opportunities, a helpful mindset to set you up for success, and the ideal next steps that don’t require an additional degree.

“You have a lot of demonstrated value and talent just by being a physician.” - Marjorie Stiegler

In this Episode: 
[0:35] “What kinds of nonclinical jobs are available for [insert your specialty here]?
[2:30] A practical answer and a philosophical approach
[5:30] Thinking about the end user - it might be you
[6:50] A quick and practical way to identify nonclinical careers that need your expertise
[7:15] Don’t come from a mindset of limitation
[9:40] What else is needed?
[10:35] Is the C-Suite in your future? Plus career options you may not have thought about
[11:40] An essential mindset shift
[12:00] Don’t miss upcoming episodes - we go deep and detailed on career options
[12:40] Industry Insider - what to know about landing a nonclinical career
[14:18] Your options really are endless if you change the way you search
Links and Resources: 
The Branding Rx 18 hours of CME, mastering digital strategies for advancing your career, building your business, and growing your professional brand
Industry Insider - what to know about landing a nonclinical career without a new degree, a foot in the door, prior experience, or a pay cut