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Episode from the podcastThe Career Rx Podcast for Doctors

#73 - Facts and Myths About Physician Recruiters

Released Tuesday, 10th August 2021
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Ever wondered what recruiters actually do, and whether they can help you? 
Curious how recruiters help nonclinical physician job seekers, or if recruiters only help companies? 
If you’re not sure about responding to reaching out to recruiters, especially if you’re looking for a leadership or nonclinical role - this episode is for you.
In this episode of The Career Rx we’ll discuss:
  • The similarities and differences between the main kinds of recruiters and why it matters to you
  • How a recruiter can help you, and why they would want to
  • What companies want from their retained search firms, and how this impacts your job search 
  • When and why you should consider connecting with a recruiter
Today’s episode is a Q&A style interview I hosted live in my Women Physician Facebook Group with a physician recruiter. Listen to get the full lowdown on how physicians can best work with recruiters, particularly physicians who are interested in transitioning to nonclinical roles in biotech and in pharma. This advice is applicable and eye opening for any physician anywhere who is engaging with recruiters for the purposes of either getting ahead professionally or making some kind of a change. There are lots of myths and misinformation about recruiters, and today, we’re hearing the truth directly from the source!
By the end of this episode, you’ll have a better understanding of what recruiters can actually do for you, how they get compensation (and how that impacts you), the LinkedIn culture of recruiting, and a few red flags to look out for when getting to know recruiters. 

In this Episode: 
[02:24] What are the different kinds of recruiters, and what are the differences ? 
[08:03] How can recruiters help candidates? Why should you use a recruiter?
[15:18] Red flags that may indicate an unethical recruiter
[17:54] Is the recruiter the gatekeeper for the job? 
[20:27] The real scoop on LinkedIn and keywords
[22:27] Can applicants initiate contact with recruiters? 
[26:47] Everything's confidential, right? 
[28:35] Does the recruiter’s fee take a % of the candidate’s compensation offer?
[31:53] What does a company generally consider to be a ‘successful hire’?
[45:49] Pros and cons to ‘open to work’ on LinkedIn
[54:56] Is there truth to the idea that ‘the best jobs don’t need recruiters’? 

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