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#81 - Reasons You Don't Hear Back After Applying For a Job

Released Tuesday, 9th November 2021
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What are the reasons you haven’t heard back after applying for a job? If you’ve recently submitted a resume and are on the edge of your seat waiting for a response, you’ll want to tune in today. Is it normal to not hear back from a job application? How long should you wait to hear back from an employer? Is there anything you can do when you don’t hear back after applying for a job? These are very common questions, and most people assume that not hearing back means they aren’t qualified. But that’s not necessarily true. 
If you’d like the inside scoop on what might really be going on with your job application, this episode is for you.
 In this episode of The Career Rx we’ll discuss:
  • Not hearing back after applying? Why not to take this personally
  • 4 reasons you’re not hearing back after applying for a job (that don’t mean you’re unqualified or out of luck)
  • Resources to optimize your resume

Today we're talking about the reasons that you don't hear back after you have applied for a nonclinical or industry job. These are common reasons a company might be taking longer than you’d like to get back to you about the position you want. 

By the end of this episode, you’ll have a better understanding of how it’s probably not you, why it’s important to establish and keep those avenues of communication open if at all possible, and the reality of the hiring process from the inside.
In this Episode: 
[1:30] Looking to change to a nonclinical career? Check out Industry Insider.
[4:50] This part of the process takes a long time, and often gets bumped
[6:30] Lots of people and lots of logistics 
[8:50] There may not be a way to ever know about this one
[11:00] Kind of like the A list at a big event
[13:30] Maybe you’re actually being considered for this instead
[16:00] Getting a lot of rapid rejections? That’s another story (but still fixable!)

Links and Resources: 
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