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SUMMARY: Discover the psychology of why people say yes. Robert Cialdini joins Andy to discuss his seminal research of influence and persuasion, and how to use it ethically in business and life.   SHOW NOTES: 9:04: What Is Pre-Suasion? 12:08: Wh
SUMMARY: Discover how to master the mental game of trading. Jared Tendler joins Andy to discuss a system traders can employ to improve all aspects of their lives.   SHOW NOTES: 6:16: How Do Traders Begin Mastering Their Mental Games? 10:46: Wha
SUMMARY: Economist Richard Duncan joins Andy to discuss how the global economy has fundamentally changed. Discover how massive money printing may not bring inflation.   SHOW NOTES: 4:48: How Is Money Creation Radically Changing The Economy? 6:2
SUMMARY: Matt Doherty, the championship-level coach and basketball player, joins Andy to discuss the skills you can develop to turn failure into success.    SHOW NOTES: 4:18: Why Does Everyone Benefit From Coaching? 6:52: Why Do Successful Peop
SUMMARY: Discover how currencies are fairy tails. Frederick Kaufman joins Andy to discuss his research into the history of currencies, and how any successful investor must decipher what’s fact and what’s fiction. SHOW NOTES: 3:37: How Is Money
SUMMARY: Discover how women adopt specific skills to become successful entrepreneurs. Charlene Walter joins Andy to discuss her research and personal experience in this field.    SHOW NOTES: 6:14: Why Have More Women Than Men Lost Their Jobs Du
SUMMARY: Discover how bit coin fits into the hierarchy of monies. Traders and investors will hear if the future of bit coin is to compete with or compliment more established monies like the U.S. Dollar and gold.    SHOW NOTES: 3:49: Is Bit Coin
SUMMARY: Discover what to do when things go wrong. Planning instead of reacting to crises is a skill anyone can learn. Andy and Frank Supovitz offer hard-earned wisdom on crisis planning and management.   SHOW NOTES: 3:19: How We Are All Projec
SUMMARY: Jim Rickards joins Andy to discuss his research into the post-pandemic economy. Discover how to best position yourself and your business now that COVID vaccines have arrived. SHOW NOTES: 3:01: How Has The Fed Changed The Economy? 15:16
SUMMARY: Cyber security is the backbone of any financial plan. Discover the risks present every time you use your phone, email, software or hardware.  Rob Embers joins Andy with valuable information that may help you secure your wealth. SHOW NO
SUMMARY: Games are a great way to learn. Andy speaks with Kim Kiyosaki about a board game that teaches financial education.   SHOW NOTES: 9:17: How Was The Cashflow Game Created? 16:26: How Does A Game Teach Investing For Cashflow? 20:21: How D
SUMMARY: Big Tech has created the Data Economy, which exploits your personal and business privacy. Discover how you can protect your privacy while engaging in the Data Economy. Carissa Veliz joins Andy.    SHOW NOTES: 2:50: What Is The Data Eco
SUMMARY: Discover how the best traders set themselves apart. Jack Schwager joins Andy to share details about a lifetime of work interviewing and analyzing the best market traders.   SHOW NOTES: 5:02: Why Do The Best Traders Care The Least About
SUMMARY: Monetary systems may no longer function under the rapid advances of technology. Discover how you can protect your wealth and navigate an uncertain future. Jeff Booth joins Andy.   SHOW NOTES: 5:45: How Does Technology Create Abundance?
SUMMARY: Jewel Tankard joins Andy for an inspiring discussion of faith and entrepreneurship. SHOW NOTES: 1:48: How Did Jewel’s Parents Inspire Her To Be An Entrepreneur? 9:16: What Can We Learn From Racial Strife In America? 15:22: Does The Bib
SUMMARY: What will the world look like after COVID? Discover how business, school and investing will emerge post pandemic. Mauro Guillen joins Andy to discuss his groundbreaking research into the reshaping of the future.   SHOW NOTES: 4:54: How
SUMMARY: Income inequality is an issue that affects the poor, middle class and rich. Warren Valdmanis joins Andy to discuss solutions for challenges facing capitalism.    SHOW NOTES: 4:26: How Does Capitalism Need To Improve? 7:42: How Is Incom
SUMMARY: Discover how the COVID crisis may be psychologically impacting your financial decisions. Joy Lere joins Andy to discuss her work helping people successfully manage finances during times of crisis.   SHOW NOTES: 3:54: How Are Money And
SUMMARY: Unprecedented central banking intervention into financial markets has turned global markets into one big carry trade. Discover how carry trading impacts your investments and how you can navigate carry trading.   SHOW NOTES: 3:26:  What
Trust is the cornerstone of any relationship, yet it increasingly is in short supply. Joel Peterson joins Andy to discuss how to build, execute and maintain trust in business.
SUMMARY: Bad habits – not lack of knowledge  -- are the most common reasons people go broke. John MacGregor joins Andy to discuss the habits you can develop today that will help you preserve your wealth.   SHOW NOTES: 3:41: What’s The #1 Reason
SUMMARY: Discover the advantages and risks of owning gold ETFs. Tom Lydon joins Andy to discuss the differences between paper gold and physical gold.   SHOW NOTES: 5:18: What Is A Gold ETF? 14:37: Why Do Gold ETFs Get A Bad Rap? 18:35: How Does
SUMMARY: The COVID crisis has collapsed the economy, yet the stock market has rebounded. Discover why stocks are up when the rest of the economy is down. SHOW NOTES: 9:17: Is There Any Data That Support The Market’s Rise? 10:17: Is There Histor
SUMMARY: Andy addresses the death of George Floyd with guest Tim Drisdom.
  SUMMARY: Oil prices are rising after reaching historically low prices. Discover what you need to know about the oil sector during the COVID crisis. Mike Mauceli, CEO of REI Energy, joins Andy.   SHOW NOTES: 6:41: Why Did The Saudis & Russia S
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