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What is the oldest excuse in the book for not doing what you have to?"I have no time"Ha well now you do and we have noticed the people the were saying they didn't have time before they are still not doing anything. You see its not time....ITS YOU!!!To many of us have not got our shit together. Even now with quarantine and all the personal goals we made weeks ago many of us have not started.Listen to this podcast to really get you going
Too many of us have been bombarded everyday for the past few weeks nothing but bads news.How many people will die, how many people have lost their jobs, how many businesses have gone bankrupt etc etcThe energy has been so pessimistic that the few that are tough enough to stay optimistic will be coming out of this quarantine as winners.You really have to DARE to be a winner right now. It's easy to be positive and energetic during a Bull market. but when the economy hits the fan its when all of this matters. 
Emergency Public Service Announcement!We have to talk about the elephant in the room. No way Conrado and Paco could of gone without addressing the only thing everyone is talking about today. The coronavirus.More than the health risk of lives, it has hit the livelihoods of all of us. We have all been affected in one way or another but the real virus here is the Covid-19, It's a mental virus.For those that are in financial hard times we talk about somethings you can do now to relieve a little bit of that tension in your wallet.Stay Safe and we will get over this
“Our parents didn’t come this far for us to come this far.” Francisco Galvez lives by this model. Francisco’s parents came to the United States to provide a better life for their own children. Francisco grew up in the city of Bell which is a pro dominantly Hispanic community. He went to Bell High School and went on to graduate and enroll in college. He soon realized College was not for him therefore he decided to drop out and be in the banking business for 10 years. While working with different business people in the bank industry Francisco came across a man that would change his life and soon to become his mentor (Frank Iniguez). While working in the bank, Francisco was working on his new business (Charro Azteca) he’s business came about when Francisco baptized his son in a charrito suit. He posted a picture of his son on social media and people were commenting on his post how they loved the charrito suit and were asking where did he get it. That positive feed back sparked an idea and Francisco decided that he was going to start his own business of supplying people with charro suits. Once he started his own business he stayed in the bank industry for two years while still building his business. After the two years his business blew up and soon he became his own boss. Now he has been hosted in networks such as Univision, Telemundo, We Are Mitu, Tecate and host his own podcast with his friend Conrado Bautistaaaaaaaaa.
A day to remember. Chavez vs Taylor was one of the greatest fight in the boxing sport. Chavez had the odds against him but he did not let himself down. Throughout the fight Chavez was losing and he was about to experience his first loss. At the 12th round and the last second he did the impossible, he knocked down Taylor in the last seconds. Taylor got up but was not responding to the referee. The fight was over with 2 seconds left and the victory went to Chavez. Chavez showed us not to give up. Whether we are facing adversity in our lives we can continue and the end we will overcome the obstacle in our lives.
#SiSEPuede FridayThere is no one out there to get you.Many of you try to blame it on others for our mishappens because it's easier to blame than to take responsibility for ourselves.  We have to learn that the first step in having our shit together is to know where we stand and then move forward. But just talking about success wont bring success. Saying how the haters are to blame wont bring success.It's time for you to lose that entitled mindset and get your shot together
We honor Kobe Bryant by taking action in the mamba mentality and applying it to our lives. The Mamba Mentality goes beyond just basketball, it's about a lifestyle. Whether you are in sales, business, art, music, theater, the mamba mentality can apply to all of these occupations. Whatever your passion is you have to pour your heart and soul into the your craft. Kobe Bryant was a flaming torch to his community. He inspired many athletes and many people around the world. We honor Kobe Bryant today with these top 10 lessons we learned from him. Long live "The Black Mamba."
So you want to better yourself? You want those millions? You want that success? DO YOU REALLY?Well if you do. This is a podcast you have to listen to. We all want to better ourselves is a certain way. But we want it now and we want it without struggle or changing ourselves first.You will notice on this road of self development. It will be lonely. You will lose friends. You will lose family. But instead of loose you will find you will replaced the quantity of your relationships for QUALITY.So don't give up on your toad to your success.
What are the possibilities of a man and a woman conceiving a child? 1 in 6 million. We are lucky to be alive and to tell our stories through our experiences. Everyday is a blessing to be alive and share moments that truly matter with our loved ones. We sometimes get distracted in life by the things thrown at us through social media, tv and news. We take for granted what truly matters in life. We take for granted the talents which we were born with, they go to waste and we chase the wrong pleasures in life. Chasing pleasures in life is not the issue but giving your one hundred percent to a temporary pleasure it is because that is when we lose our focus on the things that truly matter, such as family our health, friendship etc. Realization comes in when we don’t have what we used to have and we miss it dearly. We are lucky to be alive. We must enjoy the gift of life. Be GRATEFUL!!!
The difference between the person you where before to the person you are now is the people you meet and the books you read (or don't read).That why in this episode we want to discuss my top 10 books of all time to help with not only business but also life in general.We dive deep to each book and what you will get out of it. If you have read one of these books please review and let us know. I would love to know what you think.* plus we announce the winner of our book review raffle we started last year in October
Effff your resolution! Is that time of the year when we set a New Years resolution. We say to ourselves, “this year I’m going to lose weight, I’m going to change my income, I want a better job, I want to travel more.” New Year's resolutions bring expectations and for the most part people start off well, we start to make changes and along the line we forget we started a goal and an expectation for ourselves. It’s easy to say we will make a resolution but setting a realistic goal is more important. Easy and simple goals can be a start to a great way to stay consistent with our goals. For example losing 1Ib per week can be a realistic goal. Reading a chapter a day can be a realistic goal, applying to new jobs a day can be a realistic goal or saving 10 percent of your paycheck to pay off debt can be a realistic goal. Setting up realistic goals can motivate us to face bigger goals and accomplish our vision for the year. It doesn’t matter how we start our year but is how we end our year. And with that said, efff your resolution!
You’re full of shit! Felix Morales 10 years ago went through a life changing experience which changed his life.Having to deal with an unusual pain for 7 years is not an easy path, especially when the pain is not diagnosed right away. Through out the 7 years Felix Morales knew this pain was not normal but yet delayed his visit to an actual specialist. It was with great pain Felix Morales found out that he had Diverticulitis after a visit from a doctors office.Diverticulitis is an inflammation or infection in one or more small pouches in the digestive tract.Admitted to the hospital, Felix was hoping his situation would get better. This pain was severe and unbearable. While waiting for his CAT scan in the hospital, Felix experienced his stomach expanding and eventually hearing a pop in his stomach. In pain Felix was screaming for help. Immediately he was taken to the surgery room.Felix was constipated and could not use the restroom prior to his visit at the hospital.  He was filled with shit in his stomach and his intestines. The doctors had to open him up and clean him. During the surgery Felix flat lined and experienced a near to death experience. Only a devine miracle saved the life of Felix Morales. Now through the years of his recovery he is giving back to others going through the same situation, encouraging people to not hold back in seeing a doctor. 
Do you want to get into Real Estate investing?Or at least get rid of the biggest expense that we all have: RENT?Well there is a way. A way that I think to myself too often. WHY isn't everybody doing this?It comes down to Comfortability vs ProfitabilityIn life you have to sacrifice but when it comes to us being comfy for majority is a HELL NAH!!! I want it now. I want to be good.The thing is good is not great and what's comfortable today becomes uncomfortable tomorrow. This is a podcast that can change your life and the life of your next generation. Please listen
MY MENTOR: Frank Iniguez if in the podcast today.This man change my life. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't be here. We talk about the split decision that caused us to meet. But also his story from East LA and being kicked out of school in the 11th grade to becoming a teacher and a real estate investor.It took him 10 years to become a teacher and it took him less than 10 years to retire.This is a podcast you learn so much from Links:SEPA facebook link: Iniguez youtube: Iniguez Instagram:
We tackle the topic of customer service again!!Because its really not about the customer its really about YOU. How you are as an employee or business owner is what you reflect in your job or your business.The saying "happy employee equals happy customers Cannot be more that right on this.Its not just about saying you have great customer service but of having great culture. We are products of our environment. So if you want to have great service in your business or have to attach culture. The number 1 priority is not customer service then its company culture.
Machismo in Mexican cultureMan what can we say!!! This topic was long time coming. It was one of our first episodes we were going to make but we finally had the GUTS to tackle it.From 2 male perspectives and Daisy the Lone Ranger fighting for the feminine side. We really get into it. Our programs got a hold of us. Listen and who do you agree with?
Since the beginning of consciousness philosophers and religion have said EGO is the enemy....But what is EGO? Most of us think of a person that is cocky, narcissistic, etc.But the ego is more that.What we will tell you in this podcast is how you can use your EGO for a fulfilled life and how to control your EGO now in days where your EGO can become your worst enemy.
We announce in today podcast our 2019 review contest raffle. Were we will be raffling a book bundle of our top 10 business and self improvement books. Literally save you a million hours of reading and give you the top 10 in hardcover to you.There are few books that I can say it literally changed my life. The Greatest Salesman in the world by OG Mandino is one of them. We talk about sales today. But not just your profession but also how everyone is in sales. If you have to communicate with someone....then your in sales. If your a parent, a significant other or in business. This is a must listen.
Have you ever wondered how some people can own over 100 property units?In this podcast Mauricio Ramos lets us in the secret that many people have been looking for.Mauricio began his real estate journey in 2015 with 1 unit of a mobile home.Fast forward 4 years and he is now on track to own over 300 units by the end of 2019.Do you want to know how he did it? I do....Listen to todays podcast to learn how you can also become a real estate mogul
In todays podcast Mariano from el Duet "Voces Del Rancho" joins us and tells us his story.Las Voces Del Rancho in 1997 opened up the doors for future Mexican Americans to sing Mexican corrido music.Mariano grew up in Maywood California and went to Bell High school. Growing up in this community of South East LA he had the vision like becoming one day like his IDOLO "Chalino Sanchez"He literally worked for FREE and grinned everyday until the opportunity came up when he was introduced to Lupillo Rivera who eventually signed him to his first record deal.The grind didn't stopped there. He still worked for free and performed anywhere they could. After a couple of years they were becoming known in the LA underground community until a new radio station "La Que Buena" and Pepe Garza put them in the radio for the first time.With their first hit "Se les peso Balthazar" they became an instant hit and 20 years later they are still here.Las Voces del Rancho are know as one of the pioneers and OG's of la Regional de Mexico.Follow las Voces Del Rancho:Instagram: Mariano's Instagram:
Luis Octavio is the co founder of Molcajete Dominguero the biggest Latino/a pop up in the country.Listen to Luis's story of how it was being born in Mexico to coming to Santa Ana CA and staying to sleep in the back of a tailor shop to being one of the youngest marketing directors in his company to now leading the charge of protecting our disposable dollars.Luis talks how big box retailers are not targeting us. We are not considered "general market" but we are gladly giving these big box retailers all of our money.Molcajete Dominguero is people creating and selling products for our community. FOR US BY US.Follow Molcajete Dominguero at"Instagram: to Luis podcast:"Nos vemos en el Swapmeet"
Diego Corzo is a dreamer. Literally he is a DACA recipient.But he didn't know he was going to have an obstacle like not having papers until he tried getting his drivers license at 16. That changed the route he believed he was going to take but.... That didn't stop him of pursuing his goals.He remembered his dad telling him the USA is the land of opportunity but you have to go and find it.Not having documents stopped him from receiving scholarships and work. But the opportunity was still out there and he found a way how to graduate top 3 in his class in FSU and to work for General Motors. How did he do that? Tune inNow Diego owns his own real estate company while hiring people and pursuing his American Dream. He even spoke at a TED talk. Which is a big dealDiego's 6 principles of Financial Freedom:1. Personal Development2. Personal finance3. Tribe4. Goal setting5. Increase Income6. InvestingPlease follow Diego on:Instagram: Ted Talk:
Who remembers in 2017 when We are mitu recreated the Beauty and the Beast song but Mariachi Style?Kareli was Belle for that video.This opportunity opened so many doors that she never knew she will be opened to her. But it didn't start that way.Kareli has been dancing Folklorico since she was 6 years old. (Out of necessity) Her mom as a single mom that worked needed a baby sitter and took her to the local park to dance.She always believed she was Mexican until she went to Mexico to study dance after college. In Mexico she was not considered Mexican but la gringa.She explains how her passion for dance pulled her from her career to quit and take the leap of entrepreneurship."Its not easy, its still not easy"- KareliFollow Kareli at: Folklorico de LA instagram: her website:
Mental health and illnessIn todays podcast we have a conversation with the host of The Latinx Podcast about Mental Illness in the latino community.Growing up I knew if I wanted to be a macho I didn't express my feelings. I bottled them inside and walked it off.I guess it doesn't work that way.This is a topic you don't want to miss. Adriana gives us 3 ways we can cope and make sure we don't over stress in this high pace society.Follow her on IG at: listen to her podcast on iTunes at:
I remember my parents sign to parent conference night and the first thing they asked my teachers was "Como se esta portando?"Seriously???!!!That is all my parents wanted to know. How I was behaving. But its so understandable when being an immigrant parents to first generation students that they want to make sure we don't get in trouble with authority. Our parents didn't know. But we have a duty now to our next generation. We strongly believe if " you know better you will do better"This is our chance to show our community and this country that we are as intelligent and hard working. And all of this being with education....not in school but in the household!!!!Join our conversation with Ana Lilia who has been in the school system for 17 years and lets us know what are the things we can do to make sure our sons, daughters, nephews and nieces have a better opportunity for success and get the most of our teachers.
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