Episode from the podcastThe Chronicles of a Time Lord

The Final Game Episode One

Released Wednesday, 31st July 2019
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The contained audio drama is a fan made not for profit production containing the characters owned by the BBC and their respective companies. We do not own the rights nor do we profit or make money from these productions in any way

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It is the mid 1970's and the U.N.I.T annual Christmas party is in full swing. Corporals Maisie Hawk and Carol Bell are coming to the end of their shift when an unidentified craft appears on their radar.

The Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith and the Brigadier all rush to the crash site where the Doctors worst fears are met when he realises that the unidentified craft is in fact a TARDIS escape pod containing The Master.

Join Black Glove Studio and Studio Severn in this masterful original story of the final confrontation between John Pertwee's Doctor and Roger Delgardo's The Master. It's 1974 all over again!


Doctor Who - Marshall Tankersley
The Master - Terry Cooper
Sarah Jane Smith - Sarah Wheatley
Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart - Tony J Fyler
Liz Shaw - Denise Sutton
Mike Yates - Johnny Robinson
Sergeant Benton - Richard Gurl
Corporal Carol Bell - Natalie Chisholm
Corporal Maisie Hawk - Lillian Rachel
Lieutenant Samantha Thompson - Zoe Jenkins
Miss Sleipnir - Meryl Herbert
Voice of Prime Minister Jeremy Thorpe - Mark McManus
Sam Jackson - Lee Rawlings
The Narrator - Jon Kolchak Pertwee

Special Musical credits to
Scene One
Doctor Who Opening Theme – Delia Derbyshire
Ethereal – Mystic Grotto – Soul Candle
Wizard – I wish it could be Christmas everyday
Drums of Fury – Alexander Hoff

Scene Two
Futuristic Background Music - Orion
Nexus Dawn – CO.AG Music
Elton John – Step into Christmas
Explore the music of Elton John: https://eltonjohn.lnk.to/essentialsID

Scene Three
The War – Ender Guney

Scene Four
No War – Unknown

Scene Five
Life – Ender Guney
Intense Horror – Unknown
Emotional Background – Unknown

Scene Six
Saga of a knight – Makai Symphony

Scene Seven
Corelli – Concerto Grosso Op6 No4
Murder of a crow – Ben Hansen
Signs in the field – Cinematic Waves

Scene Eight
Scray Horror – Unknown

Scene Nine
Laser Quest – Tim Beek

Scene Ten
The Masters Theme – Dudley Simpson

Scene Eleven
For you King – Ender Guney
Suspense – Argsound

Scene Thirteen
Battle Troopers – Makai Symphony

Scene Fourteen
Battle of Giants – Makai Symphony

Scene Fifteen
The Masters Theme – You Will Obey Me – Soundsmyth Productions
Twitter: https://twitter.com/soundsmythprod

Scene Sixteen
Cinematic danger – Unknown
Doctor Who Closing Theme – Delia Derbyshire

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Ender Guney

Makai Symphony

Tim Beek