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BONUS: Make a good first impression by checking your non-verbal communication

Released Tuesday, 29th April 2014
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A huge part of our communication is non-verbal communication. Whenever we’re in a new situation, or when we meet new people, we quickly analyze the situation to determine where we stand, what others’ intentions are and what obstacles or challenges the situation might provide.

Other people are also analyzing, as soon as you walk in the door. So, how will you make sure you’re giving others the impression you hope to give? Even if you don’t ever get a chance to speak to them?

When I first began this podcast, I had a great interview with Jordan Harbinger from The Art of Charm. Unfortunately, I lost internet connection part way through and when it reconnected, it didn’t continue to record. I lost the entire interview. But, Jordan gave such great information throughout the entire interview, so I really wanted to make sure I still got that that out to you all in some form.

Although Jordan is the host and co-founder of The Art of Charm, a podcast and business dedicated to helping men get the girl, he is really about so much more. He truely understood the importance of non-verbal communication and how to coach someone to exude confidence, without having to say a word. Of course, this works “like a charm” (hehe, get it? Art of Charm?) - to get the ladies, but exuding confidence is a good idea in just about any situation, at least any that I can think of.

One piece of advice that Jordan gave was to do a door check upon entering any room. We’ll focus on what that means today and how you can implement this challenge so others will be drawn to you, inevitably have more positive feelings about you, like you and - of course, so you can increase your power and influence in your personal and professional life.

So what’s the door check?

Jordan suggests checking your non-verbal communication every time you enter a room. So, let’s do that right now. Take a second to take inventory of your body language, right now. Here are some things you might consider: