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CI7: Christina Canters: How she secured an interview with Pat Flynn using creative communication skills

Released Thursday, 8th May 2014
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If you’re listening to this, there is a good chance that you are somewhat of a creative person. Perhaps you own a design firm, you’re a web designer, you might write a blog or you’re into photography.

You might not realize this, but the way you talk about the things you create might be all the difference between selling your products and services and not.

There are actually some specific challenges that come along with talking about creative types of works. In fact, when I work with students, presenting concepts - which is what any of your designs would be at the stage of presenting to a client - is one of the toughest types of presentations they can  give.


Mostly because concepts - by definition - are abstract. They often exist only in your mind. So, how do you clearly communicate an idea when the person on the other end really has no idea what you’re talking about and has very little to compare it to?

Pretend for a minute that you own an advertising firm and you’re pitching plan for a video that you think will go viral. Maybe you’re not even speaking to the client yet, but just to your team. Therefore, you haven’t had the chance to put together a mock up yet and you’re just brainstorming with your co-workers. How do you get them to visualize - to REALLY see what you’re talking about?

If you’ve ever been in this situation, whether at an ad agency, or sitting around with your friends discussing an equally abstract concept, you’ve possibly experienced frustration when what you know to be a good idea, doesn’t win the vote.

Is it because your idea was inferior? Likely not. It actually all comes down to presentation. And, if you’re lacking the ability to clearly communicate your creative concepts - you’re likely missing opportunities to grow your business, progress your ideas, and make the sales.

That’s where today’s guest comes in - Christina Canters.

Christina Canters is passionate about helping design students become confident, creative communicators, which she does through her podcast 'Presentation Skills For Design Students'. She is also a fully qualified architect and enjoys blogging, dancing and eating peanut butter out of the jar. You can find her podcast and blog at DesignDrawSpeak.com.

Today, she speaks to the creative as well as speaking to those that could stand to be a little more creative in their presentations. She also shares a very interesting story about how creative communication helped her land an interview with a leading expert, despite having a relatively new podcast. There is a lot to learn here  - but you don’t have to take notes. I did that for you. Enjoy the show, then head over to clearlyinfluential.com/show and look for Christina’s episode. I’ve linked up all the important parts, so you won’t miss a thing. Let’s jump right in.