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S9E3: Andrew Hicks puts the Internet on blast

Released Saturday, 27th July 2019
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Welcome to The Cluttered Desk Podcast! In this episode, Colin and Andrew discuss the call-out, Internet culture, grace, patience, and forgiveness.
Here are links to the pieces on this episode's reading list:
"The Destructiveness of Call-Out Culture on Campu…
"Calling Out the Positive Force of 'Call-Out' Cult…
"In Defense of Call-out Culture" by Shaun Scott
"The Cruelty of Call-Out Culture" by David Brooks
"Call-Out Culture Isn't Toxic. You are." by Riley…
"What's Missing From Call-Out Culture: The Opport…
"The Problem with Call-out Culture" by Rachel Way…
The Coda: Dr. Robot Sour Ale by Monday Night Brewing
Andrew's recommendation: Us directed by Jordan Peele and Midsummer directed by Ari Aster
Colin's recommendation: Season 3 of Jessica Jones and The Hop-Ons Podcast (yes, this is Colin's podcast…
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