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In this fascinating interview, Joe has a conversation with researcher and author Bruce Fenton to parse through his incredible research into a ancient aboriginal story and 3 key scientific anomalies that begin to suggest this story may in fact be true. What makes this so intriguing is the story explains how humans were created, and the evidence we have today seems to support it thus far.
Joe & Arjun sit down with Richard Lawrence, the executive secretary of the Aetherius Society to discuss many topics related to what the society does. This is the second time we speak with Richard, and we explore channeling, mainstream UFO disclosure, the current extreme times we are in and more. This was yet another fascinating conversation with Richard Lawrence.
Joe sits down with alt media journalist Derrick Broze to discuss the seismic shifts that have taken place in the investigation and relaying of information over the last few years - and how this has impacted the day to day lives of people. They also explore Agorism and how it may be a foundational idea that helps people explore living in a greater sense of sovereignty. 
What does it mean when we feel fear and the desire for safety? Should we ignore these feelings? Or are they a feedback mechanism for something? In this episode we explore this subject with Franco DeNicola, who has 35 years of experience guiding people through these common aspects of personal transformation.
Joe sits down with Dr. Madhava Setty to explore 9 key facts and questions pertaining to the COVID vaccine. This will help gain clarity on whether the vaccine is safe, effective, can change your DNA and much more.
Recently the topic of The Galactic Federation made news through an ex-Israeli space security chief's comments claiming the entity exists. Joe and Arjun explore all available credible evidence that could make a case for the literal existence of a 'Galactic Federation' that many intuitively sense exists. Be sure to see the show notes here:
Joe speaks with Charles Eisenstein in a lighthearted conversation about how our current cultural outlook on COVID-19 is furthering the disconnection of community. They also explore the role of conspiracy in society today and whether it's important to recognize where conspiracy exists and not. Finally, they touch on the meaning and sense-making crisis' we are facing today, and how it's perhaps adding to our division and making it more challenging to recognize what solutions might be valuable to solve the challenges we face at a foundational level. Charles is an author and speaker who invites humanity to enter into a 'new story' in order to create the change we know is possible in our world.
COVID has presented a number of challenging moments when it comes to community as many of us have different perspectives as to what is going on with this global COVID story. With top down measures being taken that affect us all, what do we do if we don't agree with them? How do we maintain community connection when we don't agree on things so deeply? Joe speaks with Sayer Ji, the founder of GreenMedInfo to discuss his position on COVID and how we plays it in with navigating community.
Many people are talking about the upcoming Great Conjunction, an astrological event involving the rare aligning of Saturn and Jupiter on Dec 21st.  Joe sits down with astrologer Carmen DiLuccio to get some insight into what's going on and why so many believe something "big" is going to happen.
In this week's Q&A session we explore a growing culture of disconnection and 'differences' and whether that is a result of the Trump presidency. We also explore the concept of a greater awakening taking place and how to stay sane as things around us are challenged or crumble. Finally we look at whether C0VID might be being used as a way to hide the meltdown of our economic systems.
The Conspirituality podcast has emerged during a time where it is very difficult to make sense of the world, and given the nature of our chaotic time and the lack of answers, people have turned to the exploration of conspiracy to understand what's going on. The Conspirituality podcast sees this as a dangerous phenomenon and is calling on the wellness community to come to their senses. But are they right? Are we really to believe there is no such thing as any conspiracy? Joe talks to Dr. Madhava Setty about his recent essay published on Collective Evolution that explores this conversation. It's important to note, no one at The Conspirituality podcast would agree to discuss this on this show.
Joe speaks with innovative entrepreneur Adam Curry about how COVID-19 has affected global consciousness. Has anything been measured with global consciousness devices that tells a story about COVID? We also dive into an exploration of the true nature of our reality and how this plays on current events and our general evolution of consciousness. kiYuhhYI3z9MR4cka5em
Joe discusses a question regarding a recent essay on the Collective Evolution website by Dr. Madhava Setty that explores the Conspirituality podcast and the approach they are taking to addressing controversial questions. We also talk how the internet and tech can be used to evolve society in a meaningful way, and whether COVID-19 has been a distraction pulling away from the emerging story involve Jeffrey Epstein and other powerful people.
So many are concerned about mandatory vaccination. Further, many are starting to see that mandated vaccines may not be the future, but that services and options will be denied unless you can prove you have been vaccinated. Is it still the time to point the blame? Or is there a radical new approach we must take? A shift in our worldview, re-examining who we think we are, why we are here and what world we want to create is where we will begin to find the answers we are looking for. Has the dualistic fight the enemy method worked in the past? Are we not still here regardless of having used this method in the past? Maybe it's time for a new conversation, one that looks at ourselves in a whole new light. This perhaps is how we will solve our ongoing challenges at their core.
This week's Q&A turned into a bit of a perfect synchronicity, a key question, followed by a number of questions that all fit into the same discussion were asked this week. We go through each one and tie it to the big picture work we are doing here at CE. Note, the actions we can take as people when it comes to each issue discussed come out of a new way of thinking and relating to life once we ask deeper questions. This is why today's focus was on the big picture and how that leads into the more micro actions.
In a time where making sense of what's going on is so difficult. Discerning and critical thinking needed more than ever, is it truly possible for the individual to figure out what's going on and know how we should change or adjust as a society? Possibly. But perhaps it's in community, collective intelligence and collective sense-making that we will find our answers. This monologue explores these ideas.
This week we gathered the questions (thanks for asking them!) and as you might imagine people are feeling many of the same emotions and have similar questions. We're in a moment where we're trying to make sense of many layers to life, and it seems turning inward and to community are the most powerful ways we can do this. We explored: - How to find peace in these uncertain times - How to resist mandatory vaccines - How to examine our underlying worldviews - What we can do to create new system models - Latest updates on an emerging 'free energy' device Much of how we approach things here is to look at specifics (the micro) but also take a step back into a more abstract or big picture perspective. How can we explore why we're thinking the way we are? What is driving our emotions or beliefs about something we do in the face of facts we don't want to believe? With these questions and insights, we can then dive back into the micro with a new lens.
An update on how many are feeling right now and what we might do to help move through it. Also I share why I will be taking a short break from CE work in the coming week.
In this unique episode, we have a discussion with the people Jason Bassler & Matt Argoist of the Free Thought Project. We share 'war stories' about working in the trenches of independent media and the challenges that have come with that. We wanted to provide some insight as to what goes on behind the scenes, how often fact checking is actually wrong, and what we can all do to truly make sense of the world.
Joe sits down with Foster and Kimberly to discuss their journey in making Thrive 2, and some of the key concepts from the film. Watch Thrive 2: This Is What It Takes -
Can we find common ground between those who feel detracted from politics and don't want to vote, and those who don't vote because they feel there is a shadow government? Can we find common ground with those two groups and those who still support the system as well? How can we truly address the challenges of our systems today?
I wanted to share a bit about my personal experience from the beginning of COVID until now with regards to information and how polarized things have become. It all began with this David Icke interview in many ways, but really I've noticed it's the online community that have become most intense with the ideas I want to share here.
Joe has a discussion with Dr. Madhava Setty, a physician, engineer, and author, about the unanswered questions around 9/11 and how the event has brought about deep questioning amongst people when it comes to how our world functions.
Why did Plandemic become so censored? Aside from the content, what is the current human condition behind such loud and aggressive censorship? Why did people who did not even see the film hate it so much? We explore these questions and much more.
A great deal of potency exists at the time for evolution. But people feel confused, unsure and are searching for what they can do to make changes and avoid what they feel are authoritarian measures coming. This discussion will provide many details. We go even deeper in part 2 on CETV.
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