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The Collings and Herrin Podcasts

A weekly Comedy podcast featuring Richard Herring and Andrew Collins
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Episodes of The Collings and Herrin Podcasts

Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast 140. It's the first time Andrew Collins and Richard Herring have spoken in over 60 months and it would be foolish to deny that there might be come tensions bubbling beneath (and all over) the s
No preamble. Podcast 167 comes exactly 21 weeks after Podcast 166, due to philosophical differences. Here we are again. Same attic, same settee, same hardware, same mugs, same lighting, less clutter, slightly different feng shui, nothing to pro
BONUS! PRETEND PODCASTS! The Tugwell Tape Pt 6: The End Of History. Yes, having regaled you electronically with the entire 6 Music archive with the music taken out, from the end of 2006, through to the end of 2009, this is the final Collins and
BONUS! PRETEND PODCASTS! The Tugwell Tape Pt 5: In this penultimate offering from the celestial Graham Tugwell Collins and Herring 6 Music archives, we find Andrew and Richard being invited for the first time ever to co-host someone else's show
BONUS! PRETEND PODCASTS! The Tugwell Tape Pt 4: The next four vintage 'pretend podcasts' (they weren't podcasts) from Andrew Collins and Richard Herring, coincide with the filming of the latter's ITV1 comedy-drama You Can Choose Your Friends. A
BONUS! PRETEND PODCASTS! The Tugwell Tape Pt 3: Bone-us! As if there aren't *enough* podcasts with Richard Herring on, here are the latest Tugwell Tapes, Pt3, ie. music-free recordings of the half-hour topical review that Richard used to do on
BONUS! PRETEND PODCASTS! The Tugwell Tape Pt 2: three more 'pretend podcasts' from that weird yesteryear-style parallel universe when Andrew had a regular weekend radio show on 6 Music and Richard was his jolly guest, and these music-free newsp
BONUS PRETEND PODCASTS: THE TUGWELL TAPES Pt 1. Thanks to podcast-counting buccaneer archivist Graham Tugwell, we have unearthed the whole of the Collins and Herring Pretend Podcasts, which weren't podcasts. It's the weekly newspaper review And
In Podcast 166, Richard takes sluggish to new levels and Andrew singularly fails to awaken the Kracken of his usually ebullient personality, even when he reveals that Malcolm X wrote a prototype of the famous joke, 'I'm not saying I'm Jesus, th
At last! The Podcast 165 Show! Although we threatened the end the podcast last week, we decided to keep it going for one more week, as Andrew was coming round to Richard's anyway before they went off to see Jerry Seinfeld at the O2 Arena in Lon
It's Podcast 164, which shall be called Podcast 165, because we can't count. No, it is 164. It is. Because the last one was 163, which is the number that comes before it. The question is: will it be the LAST EVER Collings and Herrin Podcast? Th
In podcast 163, we start free-forming and spitballing Richard's next Edinburgh show, What Is Love Anyway?, by having a shouting match about whether Prince Charles fancies Camilla Parker-Bowles, his wife, more than he fancies Pippa Middleton, th
Due to a superinjunction, Podcast 162 contains nothing. Except a bit about Pippa Middleton's bum. And Stewart Lee's Teflon coating. And the superinjunctions. And Bin Laden's pants. And that's it. What can we do? The law is the law.
Yes! (That's: YES!) First with all the big news stories, we devote the whole of Podcast 161 to - SPOILER ALERT! - the news that a man has been killed in another country who may or may not have been armed and may or may not have used a woman as
Another one from the tank! In our tireless quest to keep you all topped up at all times until we are all dead, we present another pre-record, Podcast 160 - a very unhelpful score in darts - in which we answer questions posed via Twitter two we
Another from the tank again this week, Podcast 159 was recorded two weeks ago, and is, as is now traditional, based upon your questions posed via the miracle of Twitter. Such as: what object would you rescue in a fire, what do you think of AV (
Be gentle with us: this is only the second time we have recorded a podcast - Podcast 158 - using the new Toscom DR-10000000 digital recorder, whose HD sound quality was so good last time that audiophiles threw their hats in the air and jumped f
A new dawn for the Collings and Herrin podcast: 157 has been recorded on a Tascam DR-100 portable digital recorder, which Richard bought online in the middle of the night while on tour and which came with a free 6'x3' snooker table. Whether we
From the tank where we put all our spare podcasts (it is not really a tank of any kind), we present Podcast 156, which we recorded two weeks ago and is thus built around questions posed on March 15 by people on Twitter, some of whom were so gre
Bonus! In the latest of our free, Richard-is-on-tour, back-up, pre-recorded podcasts from the past for the future, we reach 155, a non-topical game of two halves. In the first half, we have a chin-stroking, Newsnight Review-style discussion of
Richard's back! For one day only! So we present a brand new, topical podcast, Number 154 (numbered after the excellent 1979 album by the post-punk group Wire, one of Richard's favourites). Rather than dwell on the horrible geological events in
While Richard is away on tour, braving the threats and prayers of Christians who've seen his poster, we present a special, non-topical, 'pre-recorded' Podcast 153, based upon the one-word themes suggested by the nerds of Twitter two weeks ago.
Will Andrew get through the whole of Podcast 152, recorded the night after the Oscars, without finding out who won? He is attempting, Likely Lads style, to avoid the results all day so that he can watch the ceremony on Sky+ and fast-forward thr
In Podcast 151, fuelled in Richard's case by a variety of different caffeine sources, we celebrate the Royal Engagement Gold Plated Photographic Coin, available for 39.99 plus 3.99 postage and packaging but only three per household, the impress
Richard's back from Maldives International with some colour in his cheeks, a whiff of seafood curry about his pores and some exciting seabird knowledge, Andrew's back from Braintree Freeport railway station with far too much information about D
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