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As it turns out, there’s a theme to the decisions all newbie real estate investors make.   They switch over from residential and most jump into the most familiar asset class they can find: multifamily. They’re doctors, dentists, lawyers -- all
As obvious as it may seem, successful capital raising happens BEFORE you ever sit your investors down to ask the big ‘money’ question.     And take it from us… you don’t want to be acting like a dog in heat when that time comes around. So why n
CNN and Fox News will tell you the world’s falling to pieces -- and, in some circles, they’ll believe it. But not us. Anyone who’s dived into the world of commercial real estate investing knows that there’s great power in long-term thinking.
Remember when the federal government came out and said that ‘CRE investors may ONLY invest within 50 miles of their home?’ We don’t either. That’s because it never happened! No government authority in American history has EVER said you have to
We’ve said it again and again: The wider an investment opportunity is made available, the less worthwhile it becomes. This explains why deals on Shark Tank and Craigslist aren’t the ones you want to be getting into. Those, along with multifamil
As it turns out, capital raising really isn’t that hard. No, that isn’t a joke. If you’ve ever worked in sales, you know that selling someone on a product is as easy as A+B+C: get the process down and you’re golden. According to Ken Davenport,
Q: What’s the fastest way to rise to the top of any industry? A: By just getting started… Tony Award winner Ken Davenport started where most successful people do: at the very bottom. But unlike most people first getting started in their field,
We’re taking a break from all this real estate talk to bring you the following podcast: Everything You Need to Know to Live a Happy and Successful Life (and be a happy and successful commercial investor!). Harry Edelson grew up in the poorest p
If you’re tired of being pitched hotel deals you don’t fully understand, you might want to take a listen here. Named one of Hotel Business Magazine’s top 100 developers, Jonathan Chang of Conor Acquisitions talks about what’s going on in today’
Economists and sell-side brokers, like weathermen, make many, many bad claims. Only they don’t have to live with the consequences of their claims, while you do. According to the well-loved Alan Synder, the best way to succeed in CRE is to surro
In yet another Commercial Investor interview with one of the real estate industry’s key players, you’re going to get the lowdown on everything to do with commercial lending. Alan Snyder’s story is a unique one, and it’s going to become obvious
Today 1 in every 10 Americans is renting a self-storage unit. Most self-storage facilities are above 90% occupancy and — yes, you guessed it — the room for growth and stress-free wealth generation in this niche is HIGH, so long as you know wher
Investors all across the country are looking to get into self-storage deals, but there’s just one problem: No one has any idea what they’re doing.   There are a few questions that need asking before you decide to jump head-first into this sub-a
Multifamily -- one of the most popular asset classes of today. You’ve heard all the reasons why it’s the safest, easiest asset to get involved with, especially if you’re a newer investor. Special guest Augustus Moy gives you all the reasons why
Imagine you’ve bought a piece of land. It’s yours: dirt, minerals, soil and all. There for you to do whatever you want with it. Or is it? You’re going to get the insider’s scoop on land development and what it REALLY means to buy a chunk of dir
How are you going to protect your retirement “nest egg” and make sound investment decisions when the markets today are all over the place? Our answer: By knowing where they’re headed. Anyone with a trained eye can see where the key investment o
It’s a well-known fact that commercial real estate is a relationship business, and your success as an investor will depend directly on how wide and deep your professional network is. How can you expect to find great opportunities and source hig
While Trump’s first 100 days in office have indeed been controversial, it’s undeniable that he’s altered the world of business and commercial real estate investments in a major way. But for better or worse? Your pal Sal is going to go through T
In this special episode of The Commercial Investor Podcast, Sal and associate Riley will go through a deal sourced directly from Loopnet. Then Sal will answer commercial real estate questions from a live audience... Questions like… When you’re
If you’re investing in real estate right now, you’re leaping into a bloodbath filled with hordes of hungry, rabid, emotionally-driven investors. That’s right -- it may not seem like it now, but tensions are growing in real estate. Reality TV ha
Would you wear jeans to a wedding? Or a tuxedo to a pool party in Miami? Attending conferences is exactly the same: If you want to appear credible, you need to wear the right clothes to the party -- literally and figuratively. That means if you
Peter, the first ever analyst to work with Sal’s Dandrew Partners investment firm, is currently managing a $50 billion portfolio for a major life insurance company at the tender age of 31. He’s a “loan guy,” and he’s filled with all sorts of in
You may be wondering what’s happening in the market these days. Are interest rates really rising? What effect are these having on REITs and publicly traded asset classes? What’s happening with the cap rates? Which commercial investment opportun
This is the story of Les Jepsen, the former MBA star who decided to get smart in commercial real estate. Many years ago, during a chance encounter with The Commercial Investor’s founder Sal Buscemi, Les found the inspiration to pursue a life in
It’s a common known fact in the investing world that the wider an investment opportunity is made available, the less worthwhile it becomes. This is especially true with land. So, this being the case, you have to ask yourself: Where can I find t
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