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The gang reviews Se7en (1995) *spoilers*. Laura unleashes her wrath on Rob’s gluttonous wisecracks. Greg takes no pride in his horrible Brad Pitt impersonations. Everyone is envious of Morgan Freeman’s (aka God) ilLUSTrious ability to do no wro
The gang reviews The Babadook (2014) *spoilers*. Grandpa Greg describes the ancient concept of the Digital Versatile Disc. Laura cries baba-tears before staging an Oscar-worthy performance. Rob advocates for the most hated character in horror h
The gang reviews Tusk (2014) *spoilers*. Laura and her 'stache get creative during a game of "Now Playing". Greg says #WalrusNo to the music selection. Rob is oblivious to the dangers of the world and his fate may just mimic that of Wallace the
The gang wraps up its 1-Year anniversary celebration with Part 2/2 of its Re-Visit special segment. One final surprise guest makes a cameo appearance. Rob soaks in the rays/Raze while reminiscing with Father Merlin. Laura recalls her actual liv
The gang celebrates its 1-Year podcast anniversary with a special segment: The Re-Visit, Part 1. Surprise guests make a cameo appearance. Rob upgrades his cocktail at the Gold Room bar. Laura goes “full Joey” from top to bottom. Greg becomes hi
The gang reviews Unfriended (2014) *spoilers*. Laura’s chilly beverage generates InstaGiggles. Greg submits a friend request to Moses. Rob’s computer crashes from a saucy download. Dickie227 enters the chat for a game of “Never Have I Ever”.  
The gang reviews Drag Me to Hell (2009) *spoilers*. Laura concocts an ant infestation curse; Gypsy Graves goes off the rails with a movie theory; Rob puckers up under the dreamy spell of his G.O.A.T, Justin. Watch out for that Hanky! #Justicefo
The gang reviews Suspiria (1977) *spoilers*. Rob suspects a popular taco fast food chain of concealing witchcraft behind closed doors. Greg is traumatized by his near-death experience in a terrifying ball pit. Laura break dances her way through
The gang reviews Shaun of the Dead (2004) *spoilers*. Laura shuffles through her deep cuts of 80s zombie fight songs. Rob explores the comedic timing of hard cutting between camera shots. Greg cuts into our sanity as he defends his Zombie Apoca
The gang reviews Cloverfield (2008) *spoilers*. Only one Manhattan cocktail in, Laura's ready to join the Blue Man Group. Rob develops a passional mancrush for the irrational man crushed. Greg's mind is blown by a beastly movie easter egg. Kaij
The gang pops Champagne (Happy New Year!) and reviews Silent Hill (2006) *spoilers*. Greg wants to breakout his PS1 and power-up. Laura thinks lotion is the solution to everything, and Rob just can't stop seeing d*cks!    Theme Music: Ocean P
The gang reviews Better Watch Out (2016) *spoilers*. MC Blitzed Vixen (Laura) hosts the ultimate holiday horror rap battle. Dr. Robb (Rob) finds his rhythm in the antagonist's dance moves. Michaelange-Flo (Greg) debunks the Home Alone paint can
The gang reviews Brightburn (2019) *spoilers*. Greg's heart is colder than his ice-cold beverage craving. Laura pledges hers to a drastic Office-related allegiance, and in turn gives Rob heartburn with her dispassion for comics. Is this superhe
The gang reviews Audition (1999) *spoilers*. Daniel Day Laura attempts to slay Rob during his first game initiation. Greg's dream theory is a head scratcher, or maybe a head detacher? "Kiri Kiri Kiri!"   Theme Music: Ocean Palace (Wave Breake
The gang shares their “Top 5 Characters from Halloween-ish Movies” segment from this year’s Slash ‘N Cast Halloween Virtual Convention. Laura drinks in the light of her festive glorious morning cocktail. Is Rob earnestly scared, or just scared
In an episode just as ridiculous as this week's movie, the gang reviews ThanksKilling (2008) *spoilers*. Our Conjecturers create their ideal horror character-hosted Thanksgivings. Rob feeds gravy to his inner turkey. Laura's lips pass on the bu
The gang reviews Sinister (2012) *spoilers*. Rob crawls out of cardboard boxes doing the "backseat boogie", while Greg would rather hunker down for the purge. Laura is petrified of Baguul in the pool. Under no circumstances should anyone EVER e
The gang reviews The Exorcist (1973) *spoilers*. Possessed Rob slams pea soup much to Laura’s horror. Merlin assists Father Greg with his split lips. Did this movie pass Rob’s SYS (Sh*t Yourself Shuffle)?   Theme Music: Ocean Palace (Wave Bre
The gang reviews the sci-fi “horror-ish” War of the Worlds (2005) *spoilers*. Laura sucks down peach schnapps while Greg marvels at his Garage Sale samurai sword. Rob declares an official name change. Who is cuter—Dakota Fanning, or these cuddl
On the last episode of Conjecturween "The Musical", the gang reviews Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982) *spoilers*. Laura attempts to prevail over Greg during Rob’s game of “Like Mike” with an Aladdin Cheat Code. Graves makes a shocking
Continuing with Conjecturween, the gang reviews Halloween (2018) *spoilers*. Rob and Greg ride a tandem bicycle without wheels as they attempt to compete in Laura’s “Would You Rather” challenge. Michael Myers loves samurai swords, but not as mu
Continuing with Conjecturween, the gang reviews Rob Zombie’s Halloween (2007) *spoilers*. Rob builds a frightening slasher on squeaky wheels. Greg uncovers a hidden fetish… for hands. Laura is anything but a “New Loomis” fan. The question must
Continuing their Conjecturween, the gang reviews Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988) *spoilers*. Greg casually sips his Michael's Mule whilst wearing no pants. Laura is appalled at No-Neck Mikey's roided physique. Rob is so horrifie
In their first episode of "Conjecturween", the gang reviews Halloween (1978) *spoilers*. Laura aggressively takes the wheel and rips it straight off. Greg quits soda and becomes Michael Myers, standing around aimlessly. Rob can't decide who's m
The gang reviews Event Horizon (1997) *spoilers*. Laura boards the mothership to “bowl” with The Rock. Greg's not eating this space cheese and demands a rewrite. Rob declares his fondness for orgies.   Theme Music: Ocean Palace (Wave Breaker)
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