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Crackin' Wise Pod - Episode #55 - He Has Lost It!!
What an episode we've got for you this week. We talk about Mike's new friend in his house, the Atlanta Falcons and their Super Bowl LI chances, and theorize about what little we've been given about Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. We also do some serious Fate of the Furious trailer break down and discuss just what has happened to Don Cherry! All this and more in this super fun episode of the Crackin' Wise Pod!
Crackin' Wise Pod - Episode #47 - Politics, Oh Politics!
Oh brother, what sort of shenanigans don't we get into on this pod. We discuss the US presidential election before the votes come in, as well as talk about the importance of remembrance day! All listeners are welcome, despite what might be said by a certain individual... Tell your friends and enjoy this wonderful episode 47!
Crackin' Wise Pod - Episode #78 - Good Times
Boy, is this a spicy pod. Patrick reveals how he was physically assaulted out in public, Mike talks about he saw a fully nude streaker at the Buffalo Bills game, and then somehow we just end up challenging a bunch of people to fights. Mixed in is how Mike got his wisdom teeth out, and Patrick screams at EA for botching Star Wars Battlefront 2. If you like the possibility of violence, you'll love this pod! Powered by
Crackin' Wise Pod - Episode #77 - w/ Hound Dog Harrison
We have a legendary guest on the pod this week! We welcome in Mike "Hound Dog" Harrison, writer and stats guy for SC: With Jay and Dan on TSN! We talk all sorts of things from Seahawks woes to bidets, as well as both Mikes team up in an attempt to convince Patrick to watch the Bachelor! Will they succeed?? All this and a whole lot more fun on this epic episode of the Crackin' Wise Podcast! Powered by
Crackin' Wise Pod - Episode #31 - w/ Ken Girotti
This week on the pod we have a very special treat, as Ken Girotti, director of episodes of Netflix's Daredevil, 24 and Law and Order calls in. He talks what its like working for Marvel Studios, how Daredevil's fight scenes are filmed, and what its like directing a dog. Plus, we preview the MLB season and make some bold predictions. It's a star studded pod for the ages! The link for the reviews page is:
Crackin' Wise Pod 2.0 - Episode #9 - A Sit Down Gentleman
On this week's episode of the pod, Mike and Pat talk about Toronto street fights and tackle the issue of ring tones during presentations. The guys also go into great depth about all the craziness that's been going on in the NFL, with all the trades and signings during the past week! The pod ends with maybe one of its cringiest clips to date! All this and more on the Crackin' Wise Podcast!
Crackin' Wise Pod 2.0 - Episode #8 - Everyone's Thrown a Controller
On this week's episode of the pod, the guys ramble about their sports video games woes including a recent tale of Mike hurling his controller across his room. They then talk about a bunch of the NFL trades that have taken place and break down the Antonio Brown confusion that happened last night. They wrap up the pod by sharing early Avengers: Endgame theories! All this and more on the Crackin' Wise Podcast.
Crackin' Wise Pod 2.0 - Episode #7 - The Gripe Pod
On this week's pod, Mike and Pat GO OFF on Toronto problems including their TTC and sidewalk woes. The guys also discuss the Bryce Harper signing as well as some recent activity with the Blue Jays. The pod closes with an in-depth look at this past Monday's NHL trade deadline happenings! All this and more, on the Crackin' Wise Podcast!
Crackin' Wise Pod 2.0 - Episode #10 - Poor Ed Kranepool
On this week's episode of the podcast, the guys sound off on weird professors and what drives them crazy at school. Then Mike and Pat discuss the upcoming Toronto Blue Jays season and what fans can look forward to with a team of many fresh faces. They then shift over into the Babcock/Dubas beef and break down how the Maple Leafs are looking with the playoffs right around the corner. The pod finishes off with Don LaGreca laying into Mets' legend Ed Kranepool. All this and so much more on the Crackin' Wise Pod!
Crackin' Wise Pod 2.0 - Episode #12 - Look Matty, I'm Computing!
The guys discuss just about everything on this week's podcast! All the happenings in sports over the past week are on the table from everything NHL playoff related, to Tiger's huge Masters win and the start of the MLB season. Obviously, they talk about Avengers: Endgame with the release being less than a week away! But most importantly, Mike and Pat discover the Internet!!! All this and more on the Crackin' Wise Podcast!
Crackin' Wise Pod - Bonus Episode - Star Wars Episode IX Teaser Breakdown
Mike and Pat bring a short bonus episode breaking down the awesome new Star Wars Episode IX teaser that dropped earlier today! The guys lay down their early theories and get hyped for a movie that doesn't come out for another 8 months!
Crackin' Wise Pod 2.0 - Episode #20 - WHAT IT DO, BAYBEEE!
THE RAPTORS ARE NBA CHAMPIONS!!! Come and celebrate with Mike and Pat in the Crackin' Wise Pod's first ever post-championship episode! The boys recount all the stories from the past week from the craziness after the game six victory, to everything that happened at the parade! Along the way, they guys also talk about the Blue Jays, Mitch Marner, and Kawhi Leonard... HE STAY! All this and more on the Crackin' Wise Pod!
Crackin' Wise Pod 2.0 - Episode #16 - The Century Mark!!!
WE HAVE HIT 100 ALL TIME EPISODES! Thanks so much, from the bottom of our hearts, to anyone who has listened for even a second over the past several years! It has been such a fun journey and we look forward to making even more episodes! On this week's episode, Mike and Pat dive deep into Game of Thrones, Bachelorette, NBA and NHL playoffs, and whatever the heck Yoko Ono is up to these days! Here's to 100 more episodes!!
Crackin' Wise Pod 2.0 - Episode #27 - The Adventures of Special Boy
On this week's episode of the podcast, the boys discuss just about everything. From inventing a brand new superhero, to regaling each other with stories from their pasts, this episode has something for everyone! Mike and Pat also discuss the Toronto Blue Jays, and how Bo Bichette has taken the MLB by storm. Pat reminisces on his past week of watching all eight Harry Potter films, and the guys finally give their full takes on Stranger Things. All this and more on the Crackin' Wise Pod!
Crackin' Wise Pod 2.0 - Episode #33 - Schnoz in the Front, Noggin in the Back
On this week's episode of the pod, the boys discuss the trailer for the upcoming Rambo film, and reminisce about the timeless classic "88 Minutes". Then, Pat tells one of the most troubling tales of our generation, and Mike tries not to lose it too much! The guys also talk some NFL, fantasy, and the legend of Gardiner Minshew II. All this and more on the Crackin' Wise Podcast!
Crackin' Wise Pod 2.0 - Episode #36 - We Live in a Society!
We live in a society, folks! On this week's episode of the pod, Mike and Pat go in-depth on 'Joker' and share their thoughts on everything that has transpired on AND off the screen! Pat shares more stories on theatre antics as tensions were already high going into the watching! The guys also talk about an absolutely insane week on fantasy football! All this and more on the Crackin' Wise Podcast!
Crackin' Wise Pod - Episode #41 - Jose.
On this pod, the jokes take a backseat, as we try to process the tragic passings of both golf legend Arnold Palmer, and 24 year old Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez. We talk about the impact they had on their sports, the lives of those around them, as well as the legacies they leave. Snuck in there is also some Jays and NFL talk. We hope you can listen to this pod and remember them along with us, as they were both not only fantastic athletes, but incredible people.
Crackin' Wise Pod - Episode #81 - Big Cajones
What a SuperBowl! On this week's pod, Mike & Pat break it all down. We talk Malcom Butler's benching, Tom Brady kissing his family on the mouth, and Doug Pederson's gigantic cajones. Then, we FINALLY give our in-depth thoughts on THE LAST JEDI. It's a power packed pod just for you! Powered by
Crackin' Wise Pod - Episode #79 - 'Last Jedi' HYPE!!!
It's finally here! Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens in 2 days, but Mike & Patrick are seeing it in 1! We talk about how much our lives have changed since Force Awakens, drop some Last Jedi theories, do a scene reenactment, and play "Real or Fake Star Wars Names"! If you want to get excited for Star Wars, this is the pod for you! Btw, skip to 47:30 if you want to hear Last Jedi theories. Powered by SeatGiant.
Crackin' Wise Pod - Episode #76 - Mans Not Hot
The boys are back! Patrick recaps his birthday weekend in New Jersey, sitting through a tropical storm to watch the Falcons beat the Jets, witnessing a Devils win, and also getting some sweet BBQ. Then, we discuss the devastating Deshaun Watson injury, and debate whether the NFL has an injury problem. In between, Mike screams about Roman Polak, and Patrick critiques Mike's writing skills. Couple that with a brand new "What's Up in Leaside" & we have ourselves a pod! Powered by SeatGiant.
Crackin' Wise Pod - Episode #52 - Avry Comes to Town
WE'VE BEEN DOING THIS FOR A YEAR NOW!!! We welcome our first ever in studio guest, Avry McDougall of Avry's Sports Show into the spirit live studios to discuss everything. Literally everything. We talk Bee Movie, Oilers drama, hot takes, whether the CFL can work in Toronto and, Mike's favourite topic, WWE! This pod is a vast buffet of hot topics so loosen your belt, grab your fork, and dig in!
Crackin' Wise Podcast - Episode #51 - In the Studio
Get ready for one crisp pod! We recorded in the SpiritLive studios this week because we have mid terms for the next two weeks and will be too busy furthering our education to do a pod. We talk about how crazy David Blane is, how STUPID the Toronto hockey media is, and then we help Santa put together his nice list for the sports world. Who made the list? Listen and find out!
Crackin' Wise Pod - Episode #62 - Over the Hype!
HOCKEY IS SAVED!!! The Ottawa Senators are FINALLY eliminated from the playoffs, so no one will be bored again. We recap the Pens vs Sens series, and get set for the Stanley Cup Final. Plus, Patrick is solely responsible for Devon Travis's 11 game hit streak, the NBA playoffs have been boring, and Steve Simmons is an idiot. It's a packed pod!
Crackin' Wise Pod - Episode #61 - Big Baller Zone
The pod is back! Good thing nothing happened while we were gone, right? RIGHT?? We talk the NHL playoffs, and how trash the Senators are. Then, we dissect the Lavar Ball vs Colin Cowherd battle, and enter the Big Baller Zone. We then discuss the Kevin Pillar suspension & the flawed culture that exists in sports. FINALLY, we go over some of the best Bachelorette candidates that will fight for Rachel's heart this season. This pod is PACKED, so enjoy!
Crackin' Wise Pod - Episode #58 - Cinema Woes
Get ready for another power packed pod! First, Mike recaps the worst Cineplex experience of his life and what he thought of Logan. Then we bring you another installment of "NHL Fan Fiction", this time with a surprise twist ending! Finally, we talk NHL expansion, and do the draft simulator to see who we would protect, and who could be going to Vegas. It's a good one!
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