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#013 - In this episode, listen to Chapter 6 (Imagination) of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. (This is the 1937 public domain version of the book.) Imagination is the fifth step towards riches.In this chapter, we learn about the two forms of imagination: synthetic imagination and creative imagination. Napoleon Hill writes: "The imagination is literally the workshop wherein are fashioned all plans created by man." Hill goes on to tell a story of how imagination created one of the most well-known products in history. In another story, he describes how one celebrated educator and clergyman manifested 1 million dollars just 36 hours after he made up his mind to have it.It's also worth mentioning, that you'll probably find this chapter especially interesting if you're a podcaster. Hill describes how the "new" radio business is a wide open field of opportunity. His guidance and lessons can definitely be applied to today.Here's where you can get the PDF download of the book, along with other Think and Grow Rich resources:!
#012 - ​When you make changes and go after your goals, that evil inner critic tends to make an appearance. (The one that tries to convince you that you can't do something.) You can take back control and silence this noise so that these lies don't take over.  This episode is about a personal strategy that I've used for years because it works so well. In this episode, you'll listen to a very quick and powerful method to keep you moving forward. (I call it the "Thank You Release"). It only takes a couple of minutes, yet it can yield some very effective results.Here's where you can find show notes, resources and more:! 
#011 - In this episode, listen to Chapter 5 (Specialized Knowledge) of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. (This is the 1937 public domain version of the book.) Specialized knowledge is the fourth step towards riches.If you feel inferior because you lack schooling, this is a must-read chapter because Hill clarifies what "education" really means. (Hint: you are not at a a disadvantage!) Hill also describes how to find the information you seek, and he illustrates how other people coupled their knowledge, ideas and planning to take giant steps forward in life.Here's where you can get the PDF download of the book, along with other Think and Grow Rich resources:!
#010 - ​If you ​eat healthy to perform at your best,​ your diet may consist of lots of greens. Given what's going on in the world, it ​might be tougher for you to get fresh produce right now.That's why I​'m deviating from the regularly scheduled programming. Today, I'm focusing on how to grow veggies indoors -- specifically, sprouts and microgreens. These are the perfect vegetables to grow as a beginner, or as someone that doesn't have outdoor space.Here's where you can find show notes, resources and more: hope this helps!
#009 - ​In this episode, listen to Chapter 4 (Auto-Suggestion) of ​Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. (This is the 1937, public domain version of the book.) Auto-suggestion is the third step towards riches and "the medium for influencing the subconscious mind."​I recommend listening to this chapter ​many times. In fact, Napoleon Hill instructs you to read this chapter aloud to yourself every night until you find the principle of auto-suggestion sound. Here's where you can get the PDF download of the book, along with other Think and Grow Rich resources:​Hill explains that you are the master of yourself and your environment when you influence your subconscious mind. ​In achieving this control, you gain the cooperation of Infinite Intelligence.​So how do we reach our subconscious mind? Hill reminds us to go back to Chapter 2 (Desire) and follow the six steps for "transmuting desire into it's financial equivalent." (You can find those steps in the link above.)Enjoy!
#008 - ​Do you ever feel stuck and that ​things are more of a struggle than normal?​ (Hand raised right here!) ​​​T​his podcast ​discusses the remedy -- getting into a creative mind.​​And, there's definitely a difference when you're in this mindset. For instance, the creative mind helps bring forth ideas and inspiration. (Who couldn't use more of that?)This is the mind you want to be in so you don't have to "effort" your way through something. In other words, you draw from the right energy source rather than working faster & harder in the hopes that you arrive at your desired outcome.​ Plus, that "efforting" will just burn you out.​​You'll hear more about this mind, as well as learn quick & simple solutions to get into this creative space.  Here's where you can find show notes, resources and more:!
#007 - In this episode, listen to Chapter 3 (Faith) of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. (This is the 1937, public domain version of the book.) Faith is the second step towards riches, and it plays a big role in turning thoughts into their physical counterparts.Here's where you can get all Think and Grow Rich episodes and resources: Hill writes:"... any impulse of thought which is repeatedly passed on to the subconscious mind is, finally, accepted and acted upon by the subconscious mind, which proceeds to translate that impulse into it's physical equivalent, by the most practical procedure available."This chapter covers how to develop faith via the principle of auto-suggestion. Hill's "Self-Confidence Formula" is included to help you do this.Additionally, you'll hear stories of notable people in history who used faith to accomplish incredible things. One story is of how Charles M. Schwab's idea brought forth the United States Steel Corporation.Enjoy!
#006 - When you recognize that eating healthy directly affects your performance, you'll want to protect that at all costs. As a busy entrepreneur, it's difficult to find the time to cook and get foods that support your chosen diet. And, if you're traveling, that makes things even more challenging!I have a FREE resource to make this easier -- The Eating Healthy Playbook for Busy Entrepreneurs: if you're not an entrepreneur, you'll find this playbook helpful for navigating the pain points of fueling yourself with a full schedule. Each strategy is meant to help you eat to perform at your best while optimizing your time.Enjoy!
#005 - In this episode, listen to Chapter 2 (Desire) of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. (This is the 1937 version of the book in the public domain). In this section, Hill describes how a burning desire mixed with faith is "the starting point of all achievement."Here's where you can find all related Think and Grow Rich episodes and resources:'ll get Napoleon Hill's six steps for transmuting DESIRE into it's financial equivalent. (Hill notes that these steps came from Andrew Carnegie, and that this information was scrutinized by Thomas A. Edison who reported they are essential for achieving "any definite goal.")Additionally, hear motivational stories of notable people who became successful after they went through some crisis. One of these stories is of Hill's own son, Blair, who learned to hear and speak despite not having been born with ears.If you're a dreamer or someone who's been hit by misfortune or what would be considered a "disadvantage," this is definitely the chapter for you. Napoleon Hill writes:"The turning point in the lives of those who succeed, usually comes at the moment of some crisis, through which they are introduced to their 'other selves.'"Enjoy!
#004 - Should you pursue something that crosses your path, or should you leave it alone? This may be something you ask yourself when embarking on a fresh idea or being presented with a new opportunity. In either case, fear usually makes an appearance. BUT, is it the good kind of nervousness that let's you know you're about to grow, or is it your gut trying to save you from a bad experience?Marie Forleo offers a wonderful strategy for answering this very question. In this episode, I discuss the simple exercise in her book Everything Is Figureoutable where you can use intuition and mindfulness to have your answer in seconds.!
#003 - This episode discusses some of the topics in the first chapter of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. In this chapter, Hill writes:"But what of the man who has neither the time, nor the inclination to study failure in search of knowledge that may lead to success? Where, and how is he to learn the art of converting defeat into stepping stones to opportunity? In answer to these questions, this book was written." (Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich, Chapter 1)The part about "converting defeat into stepping stones to opportunity" really caught my attention (hence the name of this episode.) This is a valuable skill that I wanted to highlight so we can all absorb the information better.To do this, I call out some main points of the chapter including the theme of being persistent in your goals even when it's not the right time, not meant to be or as Hill writes "being in no position to act upon it." Inspired by the stories in these chapters, I also included a couple of questions that we can all ask ourselves when faced with obstacles.You'll also hear some of the key quotes in the chapter to help drive home these points, and listen to the poem that Hill references in it's entirety. (It's inspiring and I wanted to share it with you all!)Lastly, here's the chart I describe, which shows the steps of misfortune or temporary defeat leading to success. (I personally use this to stay on course when things get hard and I need a reminder of what it all actually means.)!
#002 - In this episode, we're reading Chapter 1 of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. (This is the 1937 version of the book in the public domain.) These pages focus on success mindset lessons including having desire (knowing what you want) and being persistent enough to reach your goals.You'll hear the story of Edwin C. Barnes who had the desire and persistence to make his dream of becoming the partner of Thomas A. Edison a reality. You'll also listen to the tale of R.U. Darby and his uncle who stopped just 3 feet from their particular goal. Darby later went on to become a success because of this experience.By the way, I set up a Think and Grow Rich page where you can find the related episodes and resources in one spot for your convenience: you struggle with putting temporary defeat into context and understanding what failure really is, then you'll definitely want to listen to this chapter.  (And, as entrepreneurs, obstacles are commonplace so this essential information will help keep you in the right headspace.)Napoleon Hill writes:"We foolishly believe that our own limitations are the proper measure of limitations." Whether this is your first introduction to the book or you're listening to it again, you're sure to pick up many valuable gems. Enjoy!
#001 - Entrepreneurship comes with it's own set of mindset, health and self care obstacles that drain your spirit and keep you from performing at your best.  (As someone who's determined to reach your goals and make things happen, you probably know what I'm talking about!) That's why this show is dedicated to discussing things like how to keep our bodies healthy with a full schedule, how to stay motivated before evidence of success and how to maintain the right headspace that allows you to continue moving forward.I'm Jenny and as an entrepreneur, I'm on a mission to bring you the information, strategies and solutions that I find that really make a difference. The world needs what you have to offer, so I'm sharing what I discover to support us all. For example, you can check out my solutions for eating healthy with a busy lifestyle here: hope you enjoy this first episode where I describe what Creation Peak is and share upcoming topics. I'm also excited to help power your entrepreneurial mindset by reading the public domain version of Think and Grow Rich on this podcast. Please know how happy I am that you're here! Hit subscribe so we can go on this journey together!
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