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This is like TAZ: Amnesty, but even better. They really put monster of the week on the map. In one word: Phenomal
The Critshow rollercoasters in all the best possible ways. Character development highs and lows are guided by a GM that understands spectacular fails are equally as vital as spectacular successes and navigates the areas of grey just as deftly. The narrative is a rabbit hole deeper than you realize and by the time you see the beginning of the connections and the span of Rev’s world, you’ve already been hooked by the group dynamic and humor of the cast. There is no going back, kids. The in house editing keeps the pace and cliffhangers so well done I dare you to get elbow deep and then listen to live play again. You’ll be back, but mostly because this isn’t a one game pony. You’re getting a little bit of everything in multiple Powered by the Apocalypse games feeding good story and great times with a group you’ll feel like you already know. Try it and send me a fruit basket “thank you.” I like pineapple. No pears allowed.
The CritshowThank you for listening, Bambidextrous! And thank you for all the love and car you have put into the art you've sent us over the past 2 years. So glad you join us every week, we're happy to have you!
I love the other side of the coin universe the guys are creating and the drama it creates. This is one of my favorite actual play podcasts and the Gus are all very down to earth.
The CritshowThank you, The RPG Empire! These PbtA games are so well suited for telling a deeply woven narrative, because the dice tell you when it's time to make a change or a sudden (and maybe off screen) chang…
This is the best actual play in my opinion. It combines the great stuff from Buffy, Supernatural etc with old style pulp storytelling. Memorable NPCs and loads of fun had by all. Cliffhangers abound! Wish I could rate it higher.
The CritshowThank you for your kind words and for your support, DemondDoes! We take a lot of inspiration from radio plays - and of course a ton of wonderful supernatural shows and books - glad you're enjoying it!
Certainly my favorite actual play podcast, and maybe my favorite podcast of any kind. When I listen to Rev, Jake, Teej, and Tass play I not only feel transported into their story, with all its adventure, mystery, and danger, I feel transported to their table where they play as though I am one of their friends and a partner in learning the many great RPG systems they use to tell stories. Their creativity keeps me waiting for release day, and their friendship/chemistry keeps me telling my own friends to check them out!
The CritshowIf we could use gifs, we'd have to show one fanning ourselves right now. We're very flattered to be considered among your list of favorite actual play shows, let alone favorite overall podcasts! Than…
This podcast honestly kind of makes me angry. It's just impressive how these guys can churn out such great content time after time while being so funny while having amazing audio. It's infuriating.
The CritshowLet's breath through it together, JeffReedIsMe. In with the good air...out with the bad with the good air...Seriously though, thank you so much for listening, and for the kind words!
I found this podcast about one year ago and in addition to excitedly awaiting each new episode I’ve actually gone back to relisten to the whole thing twice. This is such a great actual play to help you get into Monster of The Week and other Powered by The Apocalypse style Table Top Role Playing Games, but beyond that is also just a straight up great story to listen to and experience. The cast are all super charismatic and pull you in such that you feel like you’re sitting around the table with them living this all out.
The CritshowWith these kind words, it seems like you're the one who is super charismatic SelinaErin :D So glad you're enjoying the show - and having listened back to it multiple times, you may be able to give Re…
One of my favorite podcasts! The story is fantastic and their random antics always make me laugh. I have gotten my friends into playing MOTW as well and listening to it played helps me learn as well as entertain. I always look forward to a new episode!
The CritshowHey, DSparks - glad to know that listening helped learned the game! One of our goals is to make sure anyone who listens, no matter the game system we're playing, walks away feeling more confident pla…
Incredible storytelling and world building, and the group dynamic is phenomenal. Always entertaining and funny to boot. This podcast got me hooked on MotW and inspired me to run my own campaign. Keep up the good work!
The CritshowThank you, JEMurray! SO glad you're enjoying the show, and that you've had the chance to start running your own campaign! You'll have to hit us up with some highlights from it!
I'm new to the Critshow and already hugely enjoying it! Came to the show through Reddit, as I'm a new MotW Keeper and heard that it's an excellent shadow-tutorial for how to use the game's mechanics (as well as being a great story). The show works on every level: the dynamics between Rev and the players are delightful, the production and mechanics are tight, and it's obvious everyone at the table is having a great time improvising together. I'm still having a little trouble telling the boys' voices apart, but that's normal for actual-play podcasts, and I love that there's a Mundane player - my favourite book - and the 'players playing themselves' conceit. Highly recommend for anyone trying to inject a little X-Files magic into their quarantine, or any time! I'm mowing through episodes and excited to catch up.
The CritshowThanks so much for the kind words, Coriande! We try to make sure anyone listening to the show comes away not only with a great story but also a better understanding of the game, and we hope you're fi…
The Critshow is one of my favourite actual play podcasts! The story goes much deeper than what I initially expected, which is great! I love the interaction of the players with each other and the DM and how their character arcs unfold. Captivating and worth every minute!
The CritshowAw, thank you, Bamboori! We try really hard to make sure there's depth and heart to the story, as well as a good, fun time. So glad you're appreciating it!
Awesome podcast. Started listening as I wanted an actual play of Dungeon World with a transcript as I can't always listen. But then got hooked and now am going back through all their first season of Monster of the Week. Great to listen to - high quality audio, editing and production but still an actual game without people just trying to make jokes. Really good rhythm and great for getting you interested in the game. Some good humour and fantastic plots, pacing, twists and more. Great chemistry between the 4 of them - they make it seem so easy but then you realise they've been performing together for 17 or so years and it really pays off. Overall really slick and just fantastic entertainment. A really passionate enthusiastic crew and you can't help but root for them. Highly recommend (all the way from NZ).
The CritshowWe love hearing all the different paths that bring people to the show - welcome, Maymweaver, and thanks so much for the kind and thoughtful sentiments! It's true we've all been together for a while,…
Fantastic podcast, one of the best actual plays I've ever listened to. a Must listen for anyone interested in the MotW system.
The CritshowWelcome to the Crew, Redsquid! It's always been a core value for us that our show helps people learn the game, so your words mean a lot. Thanks for joining us!
Love this show!. Rev is an incredible DM and story teller, Jake, Tass and Teej weave such great stories together.
The CritshowAnd the show loves you! Thanks so much for being a part of the CritCrew and joining us on our adventures!
The Critshow has been one of the best actual play podcasts since day one. Rev and the gang never fail to entertain and have kept me on the edge of my seat so long that my seat has no more edges.
The CritshowWhat can we say... we do love a good cliffhanger! Sorry (not sorry?) about wearing off the edges of your seat, though. ;) Thanks so much for the kind words and for coming along on the ride every week!
Rev and his crew do a fantastic job playing exciting games. In addition to the ongoing Monster of the Week campaign, they cleverly introduce other Powered by the Apocalypse (PbtA) games through world hopping adventures. I discovered them through their one-shot demo of Fate of Cthulhu, and have been following them ever since. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoy high quality RPG Actual Play podcasts, or who simply enjoy TV shows such as Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Fringe.
The CritshowWelcome to the Crew! We love it when folks find us through the Let's Plays, which we always have such a great time with - and yes, introducing you to other games through our narrative is such a joy f…
This podcast is a standard for all other actual play podcasts to live up to. They take great pains to tell a story that is interesting, funny, and genuine, and with exceptional production quality. Because the players play a game version of themselves, you feel like you really get to know them as they go on wild adventures that are still always somehow rooted in earnest, believable storytelling. You must listen!!
The CritshowThat means the world to us, witkie. We have a lot of love for what we do and it's so rewarding to know our devotion to the show and the quality comes through. Thank you so much for being a part of th…
The Critshow is hands down the best Actual Play podcast in the game. From the entertaining GM and cast, to the well-polished sound and editing, to the original score, and the gripping storytelling -- everything is on point. Episodes go by quickly and end on cliffhangers, and I cannot wait to hear where the story goes from here. Cannot recommend highly enough!
The CritshowThank you so much, LondonFiasco! We're glad to have you on board and promise to keep serving up plenty more cliffhangers for you. And you know, we really are improvising it all... so *we* can't wait …
My favorite let's play podcast , so much more professional and polished compared to everything out there. The storyline is amazing , the GM/DM (or The Keeper in this case) is an amazing storyteller and the chemistry between cast members has that easy familiarity that seems so genuine. I can't wait for the next episode each week, so I've listened to the whole series twice and will probably have another run through. Highly recommend if you want a next play that is closer to an audio drama and also if you are at all interested in monster of the week.
The CritshowWow, we are so honored that you're about to embark on your third listen-through! You mentioned our chemistry and obviously we have a great time when it's just us at the table - but the real joy comes…
My absolute favorite podcast! The stories are compelling, the laughs are abundant (I frequently have to stop whatever I'm doing and just laugh helplessly), and - my favorite part - the camaraderie is REAL. The true friendship and genuine love in the cast is so engaging that it pulls every listener in to feel like part of the crew. Check it out - even if you're a gaming novice (like me), you'll enjoy every minute!
The CritshowThank you for the kind words RANelson! We love having self proclaimed gaming novices find something to enjoy. Thanks for joining the crew!
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