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The Cryptid Keeper

A weekly Comedy podcast featuring Alex Flanigan and Addison Peacock
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Episodes of The Cryptid Keeper

Well friends, we've reached the end of this particular journey together. Please don't worry, we're both okay and planning to create more projects together in the future! But after some long, hard conversations (that have been quite a long time
Will-o-the-wisps, haunted dolls, and big box stores with a ghost problem? Looks like it's time for another listener stories episode! Treat yourself to a buffet of creatures, critters, and stories submitted by out very own Cryptid Keepers (that'
It's a dark and stormy night, and we're going to call on some voices from the beyond. Just put your fingers on the planchette, clear your mind, ask a question, and hope the wrong thing doesn't answer. This week is all about the world's most con
Let's go for a swim! Don't worry about that feeling of something brushing up against your feet, it's just algae! OR it's the subject of this week's episode, the Naheulito! Native to Argentina, this little (okay, big) lake monster has made quite
My my my, this sure is some scary spaghetti! Some menacing manicotti! Some...creepy pasta, if you will? This week we're covering the intersection of internet horror and cryptid culture, a spindly pale humanoid creature so scary it spawned an on
She's beauty and she's grace, she'll heal you with her face. This week we're talking about the often-requested Amabie, a mermaid like creature from Japan that protects people from pandemics in a very particular way. Join us as we discuss the st
Hippity Hoppity, Pooka's on its way! This week, we're talking about another creature from Irish folklore, the shapeshifting trickster spirit that loves to take the form of a rabbit, horse, and human: The pooka/puca/phouka! If you were wondering
We've got a shell of a show for you this week! We're diving into Indiana waters where the mighty Beast of Busco dwells! A massive snapping turtle and local celebrity with a lot of character, this big old friend is a (potentially dangerous) icon
No need to lose your head! It's just another episode of The Cryptid Keeper! This one takes us back the familiar rolling green hills of Ireland, and the darkness of its faery lore. We're talking about the Dullahan, or the "headless rider" of leg
Hi there, Keepers. We're back on our regular release schedule, but that doesn't mean the fight for black lives is over, or any of the vital conversations that have been happening. Scroll down in these show notes for some important resources/pla
We're feeling foxy this week, and our new episode is all about kitsune! Join us as we discuss this famous, mischievous, shapeshifting fox spirit in all of its trickery and glory. From magic and murder to romance and noodle soup, the kitsune is
While so many of us are stuck at home, Alex and Addison are here with an episode all about creatures that dwell in the home. Normally we cover the spooky and scary, but this week is all about helpful household spirits! From hobs and brownies to
Hey there, Keepers! It's time for another Listener Stories episode. Everything in this episode was made possible by Listeners Like You! From aliens and ghosts to bog witches and shadow people, we're here to share a wild mixed bag of stories (wi
Boo! Did we scare you? You look like you've seen a ghost. Or, maybe, like you've HEARD a ghost? This week's subject comes from a german word meaning "noisy ghost" and they sure are. These ghosts aren't your usual wispy apparitions in period dre
This week, special guest and Friend of the Show (and composer of our theme song) Andrew Giotta joins us to discuss the golem, a creature most often described as a humanoid being made from clay. HUGE thank you to Andrew for offering a personal p
This week, special guest and Friend of the Show (and composer of our theme song) Andrew Giotta joins us to discuss the golem, a creature most often described as a humanoid being made from clay. HUGE thank you to Andrew for offering a personal p
Alex and Addison lit the bat(squatch) signal this week, and this is what we got. He's massive, he's hairy, he may or may not drink blood... We're talking about the Batsquatch! As the name might imply, this is a humanoid bat-like creature that l
Uh oh...do you feel that? It's a GALAXY WARP! The fabric of space and time is bending, and it's causing podcasts to...switch hosts??? On this day of April Foolery, our friends from Ending Pending have dropped in to host the show for us! They're
In times of darkness, we all need a little bit of light. Sometimes that light is a metaphor, and sometimes it's a bird that literally glows in the dark. That bird is the Alicanto, a feathered friend with some pretty expensive tastes. Join us as
Outside, it's very scary, but in here it's spooky with a capital OO. Addison's back to torment Alex, and everyone else, with tales of haunted dolls, cursed teddy bears, etsy listings, and more! It's the promised return of Haunted Dolls, back fo
This week, our bodies may be stuck at home, but our minds are traveling to the wild wilderness of the Yukon! This episode is all about the majestic, mysterious, much-debated beast: The Yukon Beaver Eater. Does it eat beavers? IS it a beaver? Le
In a massive man-made lake in picturesque North Carolina is the biggest Normie known to mankind. He's about 10 feet long, loves to chase boats, and may or may not be coated in toxic waste. This week it's all about Normie, the Lake Norman Monste
We're back, baby! Thank you so much to everyone who helped us hit our fundraising goal and make this show weekly again. To start off this brand new podcasting chapter, we're redefining cryptozoology and shaking it all up! From the history of cr
A picture's worth a thousand words, but these pictures are worth a thousand screams! This week we're taking a trip into the world of the arts, particularly art with a hidden darkness to it. Whether it's a curse, a ghost child, or a general sens
Don't expose this podcast to bright lights, don't get it wet, and DON'T feed it after midnight. Just kidding, you know we love a midnight snack. We tempted fate with our episode subject this week, and decided to talk about those mischievous li
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