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In this episode Anna and Mark discuss the documentary "Going Clear" which is currently available on HBO Max.  They give their reactions as well as fact check against the previous two episodes of the podcast where they covered this group in dept
Anna and Mark are back to finish up their quick look at the world of Scientology.  Part 2 focuses on the beliefs of this group, and the practical day to day life for those involved.  Anna shares a great first date story that ended badly with a
Anna and Mark start a two-part series on Scientology.  Part 1 focuses on the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard.  From his early life to the founding of the "church" in 1954, it sets the stage for a deep dive in Part 2.  Anna also lays out
Anna and Mark revisit the Remnant Fellowship (first covered in episode 14) after viewing the HBO Max documentary "The Way Down".  They re-hash the mini series and compare it to what they knew prior.  Whether you've watched the doc or not, this
Anna and Mark discuss the 1950's short lived movement called The Seekers, or sometimes called The Rapurists.  Started by Dorothy Martin, a once Scientologist, she receives a message from the aliens that the world is going down and they need to
Mark and Anna are back!  This episode looks at the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, or Hare Krishnas.  This Hindu derived group found a home in areas like San Francisco during the 70s, but has found sustainable membership in the
Anna and Mark are back!  They discuss what occurred that made them take a break and kick off the return by focusing on Jakob Amman and the Amish.  Birthed from the Mennonite but soon split due to belief issues, this group is often misunderstood
Anna and Mark have come up with a few more "Culty" things in society that they share with the fam.  They tackle dentist offices, timeshares, and many more.  If you have any suggestions for the next fun size episode, send us a DM!  Hope you enjo
Anna and Mark discuss Eugene Elbert Spriggs and his 1970s religious movement called The Twelve Tribes.  An attempt to prepare for the second coming of Christ, Eugene and his group go old testament with a long list of rules to follow including n
Click the link below if you want to support our podcast.  Thanks Cult Fam!  https://anchor.fm/theculturepod/support Anna and Mark discuss Sun Myung Moon's group who originated under the name of the Unification Church in South Korea.  Moon hears
Anna and Mark discuss Gwen Shamblin Lara's Remnant Fellowship on this weeks episode.  Due to the recent tragedy, they felt it was right to skip ahead in their timeline to give the info on this current group.  Gwen's first successful endeavor, T
Anna and Mark discuss the tragic end of the Jim Jones and his Jonestown experiment in South America.  Anna breaks down daily life in Guyana with White Nights, a pet monkey named Mr. Muggs, and the ultimate sign of allegiance to the leader that
Anna and Mark discuss Father Divine and his Peace Mission Movement that took place in the United States during the 1920s & 30s.  His humanitarian approach to Christianity provided him with a lot of support during the Great Depression as many Am
Anna and Mark sit down to discuss a drug rehab facility turned cult that took place in California in the late 1950s.  The leader, Charles Dederich, a former drug abuser and classic narcissist who somehow finds himself in charge of over 1,000 pe
Anna and Mark sit down to discuss the final chapter of the Heaven's Gate saga.  This one takes a left turn real quick.  For those who aren't familiar with the history, let's just say it is out of this world.  Its all for one and one for all as
Anna and Mark introduce the cult of all cults, Heaven's Gate.  In pt. 1 Anna explains the history and the basic beliefs of Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles, the founders of Heaven's Gate.  Citing the book of Revelation, these two claim to
A 2-for-1 episode this week as Anna and Mark continue their historical look at cults by diving into the Theosophical Society.  From the symbol to the leader (Blavatsky), most aspects of this group have been borrowed from eastern tradition.  It
Anna and Mark keep it light with a Q&A episode.  Helping the listeners get to know the people behind the microphones.  Keep sending in questions on instagram and maybe it'll make our next Q&A episode.  From hobbies to post-pandemic travel plans
In Episode 7, Anna and Mark discuss the Institute in Basic Life Principles.  Started by Bill Gothard, these Christian extremists are big on disciplined behavior, modesty for women, and private academies to educate the youth of their group.  Ann
In Episode 6, Anna and Mark discuss the Aggressive Christianity Mission Training Corps.  An offset of The Salvation Army, Aggressive Christianity is exactly what it sounds like.  Hell, fire, and brimstone have these people letting you know exac
Anna and Mark discuss how prominent cult characteristics have made their way into the mainstream.  From Crossfit and veganism to tech companies and MLM's, there is a reason why they are successful and cult influence might have something to do w
Episode 5 covers the history of the FLDS church and its roots in the Mormon Church.  Anna and Mark discuss the bizarre practices they have and the fascinating history of the LDS church and its many offshoots.  Anna gets a little heated talking
This episode covers the Gnostic Mass which Thelemites celebrate as their main ritual.  Get ready to hear about some practices that may make your jaw drop and your skin crawl. Mark is stunned through most of the episode and we are hopeful he has
Episode 3 will uncover the weirdness of Thelema, a philosophical/ideological set of beliefs that focus on doing what you want!  Listen in for all the shenanigans as we start by discussing the founder, Aleister Crowley, and his spiritual awakeni
Welcome to the Bonus Ep!  The goal is to occasionally throw out bonus episodes with fan questions.  The first question asked was about the word 'cult' itself.  What does it mean, where does it come from, and why is there a negative connotation
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