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D6G Ep 53: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3.0 Detailed Review, RuneWars Detailed Review

Released Friday, 9th April 2010
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In Episode 53 the D6G Crew gets back to some games: WHFRP and Runewars!!Raef has run sesveral sessions of Warhammer Fantasy Role Play 3.0 from Fantasy Flight Games.  Will this new system revolutionize the way we play RPG's?  Or is it a tad too gimmicky?
Later the D6G team dive deep into the realm of Runewars, a new massive boxed game from Fantasy Flight Games also.  This game is loaded with theme and amazing components. 

Also, Nicole and Russ made it to PAX East.  Here their thoughts in Achievements in Gaming and Total Fan Girl.
 All that and our usual 'not too horrible' humor, with features such as:

The Hollywood Minute  

Rapid Fire

What's in the News

Total Fan Girl
& More
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==Quick Reference==
The News:  1 hr 30 min
WHFRP Detailed Review: 1 hr 36 min
Hollywood Minute: 2hr 23 min
Total Fan Girl: 2hr 28 min
Rune Wars Detailed Review: 2 hr 34 min

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